DMX Sentenced to Year in Jail for Probation Violation

DMX will be spending the New Year behind bars. In a court appearance earlier today (December 16) in Arizona, a judge sentenced the troubled rapper to one year in jail for violating his probation last month, reports the Phoenix New Times.

As previously reported, X was brought into custody on November 18, after he reportedly failed to submit a drug test to his probation officer and was caught driving on a suspended license.

The Ruff Ryder denied the charges during his last court date on November 24, but he changed his tune today, pleading guilty. “I did make the effort that I could, and I appreciate any help you can give me,” he said.

Under a strict supervision since getting out of jail in July for an assault conviction, X reportedly tested positive five times for cocaine. “Substance abuse issues are at the root of this problem,” the judge told the Yonkers MC. —Elan Mancini

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  • Don mcCaine

    bad part is X needs to leave AZ…and he can’t. But…

    Cops Raid Waka Flocka’s House, Gucci Mane Cuffed

    12/16/2010 9:22 AM PST by TMZ Staff

    TMZ has learned … a gaggle of cops raided rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s Georgia home this AM — and Waka’s mom tells us, fellow rapper Gucci Mane is in cuffs and prostitution may be involved.


  • Antek

    Actually this saddens me alot… I actually thought the dog of all dawgs had cleaned himself up and then he tests positive 5 fucking times… Didn’t he just talk bout how he found god again?… mane cocaine is becoming the new weed to Hip-Hop shyt is fucked up … I hope he gets out early, One love D

  • Kid Pistol

    Yup, DMX is definitely done.

  • Hatez

    Don’t drop the soap. Arf arf arf!!!!

  • Sha

    I said it once and I’ll say it again….


    There comes a moment in everyone’s life when you have to look at yourself in the mirror and make the proper adjustments to live. Every man goes through this adjustment. Most handle it with ease. And then there are those that handle it like DMX…..

    Hip-Hop is a tremendous problem for a recovering addict. Outside of the obvious partying and fame that come with being a hip-hop superstar, you have to deal with the “Yes Men”. These people will do whatever you say just because you are their meal ticket. And I hate to say it, but they are probably some of your boys from back in the day who you should’ve cut loose a long time ago. They will blow your head up so big that you will truly believe you’re God. An addict can’t handle that.

    And then there’s the pussy and money. Shit… A clean and sober cat has a hard enough time dealing with those two issues. And a drug addict???? He can’t handle it.


    As my man Al Pachino said in Carlito’s Way….

    “When you can’t see the angles no more, You in trouble, baby. You in trouble.”

  • Escobar9300

    Man this is really disappointing to hear. I just saw DMX do a surprise performance at the end of the Nas/Damian Marley concert back in October, and met him after the show. Dude was looking healthy and genuinely excited to be around hip hop and back on the stage ripping a crowd. Then a month later this happens. Its a shame to see someone with so much talent fall so hard.

  • js

    he loves going to jail….i cant imagine why lol

  • Q461

    DMX has to be hip-hop’s biggest fall from success story ever. Yall realize his first 5 records debuted at # 1 on Billboard? He was a multi-platinum selling artist that never compromised is sound. He had longevity in the game too and a certified classic ( It’s Dark and Hell is hot). Damn shame how his life has turned out. Crack kills. I just hope I dont end up reading in the news one day that dude is dead.

    Ironic that both X and Ja are being sent to prison this week when them niggaz had crazy beef

  • Don mcCaine

    I’ma keep it 100…

    DMX=Keith Richards w/o the charges…



  • Shawty J

    Damn, X is finally gonna do some time. Not to sound grim, but I’m surprised this didn’t happen much sooner.

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    Good for him….

  • Sean Izzle

    This saddens me, man, i was just listening to Its Dark And Hell Is Hot and And Then There Was X… good music for the day. I was just thinking wow DETOX might come soon and new music from the Dark Man…………fuck this get it straight hes too good to be fucking up on some coke shit, i also thought he found God not long ago

  • The Dog

    This site is definitely not as ghetto as SOHH.
    Thats great, we all need to have a a little class sometimes. For real.