Guerilla marketing was used yesterday (December 14) to promote Sean “Diddy” Combs’ new album, Last Train to Paris, by taking over the Prince and Spring Street train stations in Manhattan.

Signs were placed along the entrances of the subway lines that read “Last Train to Paris 12.14.10,” in a marketing push for the Bad Boy CEO’s latest project that was released on Tuesday. In addition there were men dressed up as train conductors walking around the stations saying "All aboard! Last Train to Paris"

While the ad campaign didn’t seem to deter many New Yorkers, tourists appeared quite confused. "It's stupid," one worker told NY's Daily News. "The signs confuse people. We have a lot of tourists. They don't know. This is just confusing people."

New York’s MTA told the paper that this wasn’t an official ad campaign, and a subway worker had all signs removed by 9 a.m. As of press time, there has been no comment from Diddy’s rep. —Amber McKynzie