Diddy Expected to Sell 60-65K in First Week

Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris will be making it’s first stop on The Billboard 200 sales chart next week, and according to the industry insiders at hitsdailydouble.com the rap superstar is projected to sell around 60,000 to 65,000 units.

If the numbers hold up, they will be the lowest first-week sales for the rap mogul. Comparatively his last record, 2006’s Press Play, topped the charts after selling 170,000 copies, 2001’s The Saga Continues sold 186,000, 1999’s Forever did 205,000 and 1997’s No Way Out earned a whopping 561,000 in sales.

The estimates for former bad boy rapper Sheek Louch’s Def Jam debut Donnie G: Don Gorilla, is not available.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for the official Nielsen SoundScan numbers on Wednesday, December 22. —Elan Mancini

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  • Kasino

    FLOP…. Like da God said aint nobody checking for diddy why he the only 1 from bad boy that den droped more than 2 cd’s and he had sum artist with talent Suge Knight said he wanted to be the star like when G-dep had lets get it and he stole it from him

  • kedordu

    sheek louch didnt even scan . WTF!!!!!!!!!!! PROLLY DID LIKE 500 COPIES YO . NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 200

  • Sha

    I’m going to go against what everyone else is saying…..
    In the middle of a recession this really isn’t a flop. It’s all relative. Cats just aren’t buying cds the way they were because they are too broke. Witness Kanye’s numbers. Prior to the recession he would probably have broken two-milli. But it’s looking more and more like he’ll barely go platinum. Even with a majorly good reviewed album.

    I don’t like Diddy. But these numbers could have been a whole lot worse. It could’ve been Soulja Boy worse.

  • DaCardinol

    sorry Sha I can’t even agree with you on that. I saw on another site that R. Kelly is projected to sell betwee 150-165k on his album and he had no publicity or radio play. Both of these artist have been around a while it’s just that Kells has a solid fan base and diddy doesn’t. Plus who wants to hear anything diddy said when we all know he didn’t write it

  • kasino

    They talk about the recession all of the good music is still selling it’s the label’s and the artist fault making this trash the labels telling artist how to make there music it’s sad because most rappers mix tapes sound better than there tapes because the label’s had nothing to do with it look at def jam pink and rehianna said L.A Ried was a sell out and she make pop music diddy got 2 or three songs the rest is trash WE NEED TO TAKE OUR MUSIC BACK

    • http://www.xxlmag.com Peterose24

      Real shit brother I agree 100 percent when people realized that this isn’t even our music that we are listening to then we will take our music back charlemagne was right lol diddy SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ahahDAMhomie

    “Ahah! damnnnnn homie”

  • caino

    But this is Diddy, to me this is not bad numbers for diddy, he aint a serious rapper.

    tho sheek louch’s…………….ouch.

    • Kasino

      Diddy all way’s do number’s his other cd’s did numbers look how much bread he spent promoting this he somewere sick rite now and sheek cd aint hot neither yo name aint gone get you buy TRASH both of em T.I in jail and could’nt promote his cd it sold

  • HU

    Hot music promoted right will still sell. The only people buying Diddy are middle class black girls girls obsessed with material possessions but who feel they need some street credibility due to the color of their skin. They falsely believe buying the latest Diddy album will keep them up on trends and what’s popping in the streets all in one shot.

    Anyway, fuck is a Sheek Louch?, there’s no way in hell he could ever put up anything more than Soulja Boy numbers.

  • bobby

    i’m glad he flopped. maybe now xxl can get rid of that stupid ass pop up smoke ad on the main page…

  • ALmurdahJU

    who’s the tired lookin broads diddy picked to ride with him on this one