An Open Letter to Rappers: Please, Stay Away from “6’7′”

Dear Talented Rappers,

Now, we’re going to start by pointing out how we’ve addressed this letter. “Talented,” it says. So what we’re about to request has less to do with you than with, well, circumstance. We’re here to nip a trend in the bud before it even has the chance to evolve into a full-fledged trend.

Please do not rap over “6’7′.”

That’s all we’re asking. It’s not that much, is it?

When Lil Wayne release his long-awaited, Cory Gunz-assisted lead single off Tha Carter IV last week, the streets, the internet and just about everyone else went nuts. And rightfully so. Not only had the world been waiting for an entire post-jail Weezy song an entire, painstakingly long month, but Wayne and Cory killed it, and the beat was pure fire.

The first time “6’7′” was placed in our collective consciousness, it was described by Mack Maine as “‘A Milli’ on steroids.” Weezy soon clarified that the Bangladesh-produced cut was more like “A Milli” on HGH, but that’s really besides the point.

We all remember what happened with “A Milli.”

About a year and a half ago, we heard the thumping anthem and, before long, everyone and their mother put out an “A Milli Freestyle” or “A Milli Remix.” You remember. It was everyone. Seriously. Rappers. R&B singers. Jay-Z. Chris Brown. French rapper Teki Latex. That kid in his bedroom in Oklahoma. They all wanted to see what would happen when they made the Bangladesh banger their own. We’ll admit: it was a fun thing to watch for a while. Soon, though, everything about it just got played out.

We don’t need the same thing to happen to “6’7′.” Yes, the beat is killer and we don’t blame you for wanting to get on it. And this is certainly #noshots at Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Grafh, all of whom have already done their thing on the track.

But as Royce Da 5’9”—a lyrical monster in his own right—tweeted on December 17, just three days after the track dropped, “Everybody keeps asking me to do that 6’7 beat… Smh No way.. I ain’t going nowhere near that shit.. #AlreadyBeenBodied.”

Ain’t that’s the truth.

So, please, rappers, just leave it alone.


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  • jim

    funny article. im an engineer at a studio so i definitly can relate.

  • trenton watts

    I beg to differ XXL. The Boy lOS murdered the joint something crazy(West baltimore). And would murder Wayne on anything dude trys to spit on!

  • M. Baby!

    #GTFOH, is this still Hip-Hop? Hip-Hop is dead man, asking people to not rap over a track. If rappers didn’t want others to rap over their tracks, a lot of our fav MC’s would be here, ie Fab, Cass….

  • T

    Wayne and Cory bodied that? I DEFINITELY disagree. But the beat was fire.

  • swype-matic

    I haven’t listened to 6’7″ yet, but let me guess, Wayne whines over a really good beat, not saying much at all, then beats that truncated metaphor thing to death, with his fans thinking they just heard the greatest lyrcis of all time. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

    • David

      i couldnt have said it better myself, amen.

    • T

      Amen brother.

    • allhiphop>xxlmag


      • DarkmanX

        That lil wayne is great is plain BS.
        He spits over the track, just the way you thought he did, whining and saying metaphors that only really stupid people could feel like it’s good lyrics.


        Interviewer: How about lil wayne, is he one of the best today?
        X: He aint no god damn way near being the best!

    • deleted33nc

      That’s real as fuck… and that nigga wayne is gay as fuck. Kisses niggas and this pussy stole a whole verse from Aaliyah!!!!

  • Suga Mama

    Agree. May I add that all talented rappers and singers please stop making there own Pretty Boy Swag remix. 2011 around the corner. Move on.

  • http://google vahorhay

    xxl wak! get off wayne dick I heard wayne jump on so many tracks the original artist already killed Y niggaz kant rap on hiz shit

  • fff

    True. I thought i was the only one who felt this way..(no homo for the wat that sounds smfh) BUT yeah its bodied already. R.I.P to 6’7, thanks to Wayne.

  • Escobar9300

    Man, I will agree that Wayne went hard on the beat. BUT that beat is utter trash. Straight up garbage. Glad to see Wayne still has the flow, but dude needs a new producer because Bangladesh is flat out toilet water.

    • T

      Lol you got it backwards homie. Good beat, garbage rapper.

      • that nigga

        Yup. I would like Fab to put the nail in that coffin.
        Fabolous>>>>>>>>>>(insert your fav rapper right now)

        • deleted33nc

          Fab is garbage too, nigga aint go no excitmen, swag, fire in his voice. The nigga sounds like an old fuckin narrorator for PBS or someshit.

  • Durbey E Macon

    Too Late.




  • darelle

    Wayne sucks as a rapper so how could he body anything. Wayne please die today!

  • Leawood2

    Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q bodied this beatmore den anyone even better than los

  • Jay

    Wayne rapped a whole lot of nothing on dat track..i dont get why hes getting praise for such a bullshit song… need to step ur game up wayne u got da potential but for now ill take some “Table and chest stress”

  • L

    this guy is funny! You know the game and how people gonna rap over a beat they like….c’mon with that hold it to myself and being a greedy MF. Just like Little guy wayne (kisser of the century) used all of everybody beats, the same gonna happen with this one. Show more love for the game and dont be a lil bitch!

  • wilson

    didn’t ‘a milli’ come out TWO and a half years ago?

  • the beat f@kin sucks


  • http://www., Don mcCaine

    Ha! U know Joell Ortiz is coming out with his version in 5,4,3…

    but I agree with the posting too…it ain’t like a cypher freestyle or a radio freestyle…I don’t wanna see another 1000 user submitted vids or comment link freestyles ova the beat…errbody & they mama gonna try to get on it to try and get a deal and it looks more like an act of desperation than a display of talent…for really real…word to ‘BMF’, ‘Hard In The Paint’, & ‘Black & Yellow’.

  • Smooth

    GTFOH with this bullshit Lil Wayne made a career over spitting over someone else’s beat, now other rappers can’t do it.

  • The187Worm

    Fuck You XXL…and fuck Wayne…..If Crooked I hopped on this beat himself now thats a muthufucka who will kill anybeat…and has done in the past….so again Fuck You!…..commercial dickridin faggots…all yall need to lose ur jobs

  • Nuttyboy

    It’s not over until my boy Funeral fab aka Loso says so.

    • deleted33nc

      fuck that garbage ass nigga fab, lil wayn suck too but fab is just boreing as fuck and sounds the same way all the time. That nigga sound like he high off sleeping pills all the damn time ole faggot ass bitch. Loso in case u aint no so, lol. faggot ass nigga. worse than that over praised faggot Gucci.

  • Mitch 3K

    Songs Over-rated already, go figure its wayne

  • DaltonAV

    Sorry but the man Los, or @SwaggaboyLOS, already cremated the beat. Ripped it through and through and proceeded to cremate it. So, wrong article XXL, now there is no need to take it on, the beat has been one…. or maybe ten-upped by Los. (Once again, as his “A Milli” remix was voted the #1 best in the world) Now, no improvements are possible.

  • Don mcCaine

    YOOOOOOOOO! My man Pannysdrop4me BEEN killed this beat! he should have BEEN signed! Click the name and here son featurin’ Lilpapergettinbig renegade wayne on his on ish! Def jam shouldve BEEN signed them! they got next!

  • Dick B.

    Whole song sucks in my opinion.
    Wayne has a junior high rhyme level (Based on reading lyrics)
    Cory Gunz sucks a** (Again based on lyrics)
    Beat isn’t what it is made out to be. Beat really is not all that great. Really? Sample is dumb; took it off the Beetlejuice movie.

  • Don mcCaine



  • Don mcCaine

    Word on da streets iz wayn took dat beat from dude Paepa da Swag Guru he wen ham on dis:

  • Don mcCaine

    and most of y’all know if you even attempt to click on them links the 16′s be straight horrid…they come off as more annoying than honest promotion of talent…be careful of what you wish for or allow…we don’t need…

    Donnis-’6’7′ freestyle’
    Rocko-’6’7′ freestyle’
    Gunplay-’6’7′ freestyle’
    Fred Da Godson-’6’7′ freestyle’
    Game-’6’7′ freestyle’
    Thursday on WSHH: 50 user submitted videos freestyling over ’6’7′…

    and stop pushing your adolescent kids out there to get a deal…grown ass people can’t even handle the rap game, how you put your seeds out there like that?

    ALL of them should be worried about production to produce and create their OWN sound, not the next man’s jumpoff…even Lil B raps ova original picked production…


    * kush klouds *

  • smh

    Please never use the terms “Lil Wayne” and “collective consciousness” in an article ever again.


  • Silen_Nyte

    Sorry totally disagree if people can rap over “My Abitions Az a Ridah” which was great and tupac killed it also then that can be rapped over to that beat is just too hot for rappers not to

  • Ricky

    wayne sucks someone should just put a bullet in his head, 6′ 7′ was gay as fuck even the beat sucked, someone should remix it and show that faggot he aint shit

  • alderman j

    Most of you cats posting dont know what hip hop is….PERIOD!! Hip hop is being affected by the fools buying it, not the people making it!! Yall need to take a class or something because yall dont know what the hell yall are talking about. The shit yall are saying doesnt really even make sense, get somebody to proof read before you post..

  • rob

    interesting take XXL


    Stopping the Freestyles also limits Weezy’s influence. Weezy got huge BECAUSE of the reaction to A Milli, not in spite of it.

    Let the rappers come at him. Let them do what they do – “rap.”

    If they fail, then Weezy remains is a success, if they succeed he is a success. If they dont try at all – Weezy seems a little less important.

  • Tech

    But Wayne can STILL continue too jack lines from the best ever too lay it down? Bullshit! It is a FREE Country. . . And we have the God given right too rap over any beat we want!

  • Tech

    What is the meaning of 6’7? . . I HONESTLY would LOVE too know. . . Anybody want too tell me?

  • Gdope

    I see how its been seen, but when a beat is dat good and everbody wants some of it. I see it as competition(not that im in this competition). The fact is that Lil Wayne had the best verses out of every verse that got put out for A millie. I want to see if anyone can top Lil Wayne and CorryGunz, colab. Thats what I want to see.


    Then why do wayne jump on others beats? Dont do what you dont want done to yah, Sucka!

  • KingBluto

    man lil wayne dun went too mainstream too long ago to even be makin up new shit. all his new shit is just to make munny not to make music. GARBAGE.

  • KingBluto


  • fluff daddy

    mane gone somewhere with this bullshit article! i rap on whatever the fuck i wanna rap on. i’ll fuckin rap to rain falling on a 3 count beat if i want to. what u scared someone might make wayne look bad?