50 Cent’s House Burglarized, Two Men Arrested

Robbers attempted to burglarize 50 Cent’s mansion in Connecticut this morning (December 21), but thanks to a security guard at the residence, the two suspects were apprehended and arrested.

According to the Baltimore Sun, police found Alexander Hernandez and Santos Padilla hiding in the sprawling, 50,000 square foot Farmington house, which was once owned by Mike Tyson, earlier today. Officers responded to a phone call made by Fif’s security guard at 6 a.m., after he said he saw a suspicious car in the driveway.

In addition to the robbery charges, both men were also in possession of marijuana.

Hernandez was released on $50,000 bail, while Padilla is currently being held, with bail also set at the same price.

50 has yet to comment on the incident. —Elan Mancini

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  • that nigga

    Damn they’re stupid. Parked your car in the driveway? They had to have been high off shit they got nabbed with.

  • pap3rchazer

    hmm soo 2 wasted mexicans did what many of 50′s emenies failed to do….

    wasnt it report that fif spends at least $2 mil on security a year??? lol

  • Mutada Al Sader the King

    Another example of 50 snitching, had his security guard call the cops. Fucking rat bastard will probably get on the stand and testify against them too. Damn

    Naw, just kidding lol

  • Magnetic

    Motherfuckas broke into my car a couple weeks ago. I can’t stand theives trying to rob and stealing shit that mothafuckas work hard to get. Be a man and get your own shit. I’m glad they got caught, fuck them, now they’ll be serving a bid and didn’t even get shit.

  • Don mcCaine

    these cats rolled up to the front, parked in the driveway, rummaged thru stuff, drank some wine and got caught hiding in the closet. like who would have a mansion that size and NO security around?

    AND they got bagged w/weed on them…straight harlequins…

  • ponoyi

    what is going on with my role model,first they burn his house down and now they try to rob it.

    come on man the guy was shot 9 times,got beef whit everybody and came from nothig 2 smethng,give the guy a break

    if anybody needs to be robbed its them weark cats souljaboy and guccimain couse they dont deserve what they got

  • DV

    Who brings weed with them on the way to a robbery?