XXcLusive: Nas Talks Lost Tapes 2, Influence & Future Projects [VIDEO]

XXLMag.com recently got the chance to catch up with Nas at Heineken’s Encore event in New York City over the weekend and when asked about his thoughts on his legacy in the game, God’s Son revealed he had even larger plans to share with his fans.

After acknowledging his influence over Kanye West, Jay Electronica, Drake and J. Cole—“[There] my babies,” he said—Nasir Jones shared this: “There’s something in the air right now that’s calling me to do something bigger than I’ve ever done before and I’m excited about it.” [Watch below]

Nas recently made headlines when an angry email of his addressed to Def Jam Recordings leaked onto the Internet, blasting the label for refusing to release a sequel to his 2002 compilation, Lost Tapes. Giving insight into the problem, the Queensbridge MC told XXL that he feels like Def Jam is singling him out.

“You record a lot of records, and things that don’t make the album, they get put to the side and you don’t know what to do with them,” he explained. “They sit around and they start taking on a form of their own and it belongs in an album. That’s what I’d like to do. So of course my new album is priority for the record company people and even me, but just trying to find time to put Lost Tapes and then this out—’cause everybody drops mixtapes and stuff like that and they don’t have a problem with it, but my shit comes and it’s like they’re holdin’ it with gloves…I’m like, come on, guys, I just wanna go out and play with the rest of ’em; with the niggas out their putting their shit out.” [Watch below]

While he says they have yet to resolve the issue, Nas offered, “We’re working that out.” Hopefully for fans Lost Tapes 2 will make its way to store shelves soon. —Elan Mancini with reporting by Nicki Nahmeanez

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    • swabes1

      We love Nas, he’s a bonafide rapper and everyone should remember regardless of our opinions there hasn’t been many of these around
      I hope def jam does the right thing, respect to all righteous Americans from your peeps in England

  • youngjedifresh

    the G-O-D emcee…. Nasir Jones

  • gaddic


  • BeerGangsta

    First lost tape had me lost!! Real shit!! I have been threw the same things that was on CD!! Hurry up and bring the 2nd lost CD out!! Fuck LA Reid!!

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    at least they didn’t release it during write-off season…

    just don’t understand how/why DJ is sleeping on LT2. son is coming off a 2 year tour w/D Marley, keep fans interested and build-up anticipation for the next solo project.

  • Q461

    @ Don mcCaine

    Co-sign nigga. Nas is my fav rapper and Def Jam is doin dude dirty. Somebody wake me up when Lost Tapes 2 is in stores.

    Distant Relatives= one of the best hip-hop albums of the year. Real talk.

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  • iamlegend100

    How da fuck are u gonna play a legend like that, it makes no sense i could see if nas was an artist who didnt have a fan base or following but he is 1 of the few greats we got left in this shitty rap game and they gonna play games with my man all of those responsible up at def jam need their azz beat!!!!

  • Will Schmidt

    Nas needs to go back in the studio with Large Professor, Pete Rock and Premier otherwise I’m not interested.

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