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  • Sha

    Nice try XXL. I am thoroughly disappointed in your magazine’s effort as it relates to politics. You get an “F” from me.

    Here we are. The first African American presidency. One of the true great moments for us, the hip-hop generation, to chronicle this President’s successes and failures and how it relates to the movement of hip-hop. And from XXL we get…… some Twit pics.

    The election of President Obama was a tremendously important event. This was a teaching moment for hip-hop in general. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian….. We have a President, who not only is an admitted hip-hop fan, but who is the nation’s first African American President.

    The Tea Party. The Healthcare Bill. The Racist Rhetoric. Bill Clinton. Al Sharpton. Hannity. Rush Limbaugh. Sarah Palin. Young vs Old. Old vs Young. Afghanistan. Iraq. Michelle Obama. George Bush…..

    I could go on and on. There were numerous topics and numerous opportunities to engage our fellow hip-hoppers in dialog about our future as a nation. And what did XXL do? Nothing. Kat Stacks had more play than our voters did.

    Beginning in 2011, I have a recommendation for XXL. Hire a competent journalist to bring dialog and a fresh hip-hop political perspective to your magazine. Chronicle President Obama. Chronicle all events surrounding our first hip-hop President. And here’s the important part. DO IT WEEKLY.

    The political landscape is not created in one day, nor should your magazine be a stereotypical ass-wipe for the flavor of the day news. Teach us. Hip-hoppers want to learn and become involved in their government.

    XXL, you dropped the ball on this one. Big time!!! But I am hopeful someone in your office does more than just checks figures to see how many new subscribers you have. I am hopeful someone is really interested in this moment in time.

    • Anslem

      Dude, I totally hear ya.BUT, this was an organic thing, man. I was on the Twitter account yesterday morning and reminded the 50K followers to remember to vote. Then, in a stream of consciousness I thought, hey, why don’t I/we celebrate young people voting so hey, y’all send some pics for proof that you’re at the polls actually voting. Then, stayed up last night late to collect the flicks. I’m actually disappointed it was so few pics submitted but a million and a half we love Bow Wow tweets WTH!

      That’s not to discount anything you said, but politics isn’t traditionally XXL’s lane, admittedly, so if it starts slowly with twitpics or whatever can’t a brother get some credit for that at least? Sheesh!

      Always respect your commentary, though, Sha…


      • Sha

        Thanks for responding. I hear what you’re saying. But I stand by my original comments.

        “That’s not to discount anything you said, but politics isn’t traditionally XXL’s lane…”

        True. But it wouldn’t take a whole helluva lot. What could hurt to write a paragraph about the week’s political events? You can’t tell me that Kat Stacks deserves more press. Maybe you should address this issue with whoever makes those types of decisions.

        Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate your contribution. Every little bit helps. You did more than most cats would. But this isn’t a personal attack. This is a judgment of XXL as a whole. Their contribution to the political education of the hip-hop nation sucks. Bottom line. You would be surprised at how many people would agree with me on this one.

        • Anslem

          All good, homie. There were plenty of traditional goals etc that were set up long before most of us got here and set forth as the blueprint and it takes time to add new rooms onto a house that’s already built or even moving furniture around if that analogy makes any sense.

          While it may seem simple to post a graph on political events etc., that may not fit the editorial blueprint without a direct hip-hop/rap connections. It’s an issue of things fitting into the overall flow of things.

          As for Kat Stacks, a staff opinion-based blog post is different than actual press (Although she did get some press a few issues back.) #KanyeShrug

          i hear ya, though…

          In a min

  • http://yahoo jason

    i salute the fact that you even put politics out there when you could have turned a blind eye to it like most. but i agree with sha too its more important things in life things just rap music my beautiful people (not just black people either hiphop is a life style not a color) voting and politics are just a couple things we need to put into our daily convo not just around election time.

  • hiphopdoc

    Voting is an illusion! Aint nobody changing shit! Its all rigged up.

  • John Cochran

    This aint a political site my man. Shit, do they play videos on CNN. No. And just cause the man said he likes OutKast don’t make him a hiphop president. Don’t you think he was trying to get votes just like the rest of these assholes? I’m up on the news from the radio, internet,tv, and I actually READ. I dont need it here. There’s plenty politics everywhwere else.



  • Don mcCaine

    “bring dialog and a fresh hip-hop political perspective”

    “Maybe you should address this issue with whoever …”

    ^ Sha had that caffeine shot this morning…

    “that may not fit the editorial blueprint without a direct hip-hop/rap connections.”

    ^ that “look at what I just said about Bow Wow” answer.

    Perhaps when/if KRIT drops in a few months, we can have the music provide the forum. Right now it’s holiday time and projects are hitting the “shelves” left & right.