T.I. Probation Guidelines Revealed

Once T.I. is released from Forrest City federal jail, the ATLien won’t be able to fly as freely around the country as fellow ex-con Lil Wayne. TMZ.com obtained Tip’s year-long probation stipulations and it doesn’t look like the rap star will be going to any exotic locations in 11-months to celebrate.

According to the court documents obtained by the gossip site, the rap star will not be allowed to leave the Northern District of Georgia without consent from the probation office. In order to travel at all he would need to prove that it is related to his career and it could only be in the U.S., not outside of the country. If he is granted permission to leave Atlanta he will be prohibited from being gone for over seven days a month.

In addition he won’t be allowed to drive a vehicle, own any dangerous weapons including a firearm and he must participate in a drug and alcohol testing and treatment program.

As previously reported, T.I. began an 11-month sentence on November 1 for a probation violation stemming from a drug arrest in September.

While behind bars, his new album, No Mercy, is set to hit shelves on December 7. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Son gonna need a hobby, like some ship in a bottle type of sh^t

    • http://yahoo rich

      yall give de hommy som break. he deserve som luv frm alla ya

  • D.O.

    DAMN, what’s with the no alcohol. When you can’t have a drink, it’s serious. Probation is CRAZY!!!!!

  • Shawty J

    Damn, with those travel limitations, promoting his albums and touring is gonna be a bitch.

  • MKOK

    With all the crap that he has gotten off for, he’s lucky that he can take a piss w/o them knowing. Its crazy how strict they set up the law so its so easy for you to break it.

  • Keyeh

    and to think, it all could’ve been avoided if he had sat in the back of the maybach, and had one of his weed carriers do the driving.

  • westcoastgurl1

    he got kids he need to stay home wit them and
    help them wit their homework teach the yungster
    his abc’s teach the youngest how to ride his bike and swim around in his bigg pool wit the kids thats wut he needs to do he should think of his kids after he heads out the door n gets stupid every night lol

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