T.I. Begins 11-Month Sentence

Today (November 1) marks the beginning of T.I.’s 11-month stay at Arkansas’ Forrest City federal jail facility.

According to tmz.com the rap superstar checked himself in to authorities earlier this afternoon.

As previously reported, Tip’s probation was revoked last month after he was arrested in September on drug charges and ordered to return to behind bars for breaking the terms of his 2009 federal gun conviction.

The ATLien took to his Twitter account over the weekend to thank his fans for sticking with him. “Hey yall #teamTI will be holding me down on this front with updates until I return,” he wrote. “Thx for your continued support. In a minute….#NoMercy”

The Grand Hustle General’s newly titled album, No Mercy, is expected to hit stores before the end of the year. —Elan Mancini

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  • Tre

    Good luck homie

  • #FreeWeezy

    This Thirstday…………

  • Buff Bagwell

    11 months to get your mind right… do it right this time homie

  • MidwestPIFF

    King Re-Caged—- What the fuck is with these million dollar mothafuckaz( T.I., Micheal Vick, DMX, O.J. Simpson, Foxy Brown, Suge Knight, C-Murder, and so on and so on) that are hellbent on relieving themselves of their wealth?!?! And then they got people like Cocka Flocka Lame out here Gettin money… WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!?

    • Anonymous

      money don’t make u smart & fame is a helluva drug

  • Gemz

    Aye, shout out to T.I. I hope he uses this time to reflect and properly evaluate the situation. I’ll be first on itunes to copp No Mercy! Peace homie.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga recognize I’m baaaack!

  • Anon

    Don’t drop the soap nuccka!

  • smashin

    when i was on probation i didnt even piss in the street,mans an idiot.

    • RUFIO

      Probation’s a trap… You one of the smart ones that got out. They give you a “sweet deal” where you get probo but they’re just waitin for you to fuck up and become STATE PROPERTY.

  • T.I.

    I’m da King niggas.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    On da real, Tip just be safe and come home for your family.

    You ain’t gonna see this, but positive energy is positive energy. I don’t know you from Adam, but a plus is better than a minus.

    100 brethren

  • http://XXLmag.com Datboi

    How many times are niggas gone call the man dumb? We get it, he get’s it, everybody get’s it by now

  • T.I.

    It’s the King patna! Yall shutup and buy my album while I’m in jail ya heard. Support us inmates, see you when I see you patna!


    As much as I think T.I deserves it for being straight stupid, the system got him trapped, its clear of that…

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  • fyhfdy

    and we all thaught this nigga had changed

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  • matty21

    we waitin for u big homie! it’s da king bitch FOREVER…long live em’ GRAND HUSTLE

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    You can take the man out the hood but you can’t take the hood out the man.

    If this dude wasn’t a real G, we wouldn’t even be listening to his music anyways. He’d be just another dude from ATL. His new “Look at me, I’ve changed” music is a lil weak anyways. Only the old shit gets play in my ride. Not defending him. I can understand protecting yourself on the gun charge but this last one was dumb as shit. And this is comin from a guy that just violated my felony probation. Just sayin…

    Stay up TI!!! And all the inmates out there (cept for the SO’s)! Do your thing and get back to your fam… I know that’s what I’ma be doin…

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