T.I.’s Wife Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Charges

Three days after news broke that T.I,’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle was charged with a single count of possession of Ecstasy, the 35-year-old BET reality TV star plead not guilty.

According to the Beverly Hills Courier, Cottle entered the plea in Los Angeles today (November 2) through her attorney.

As previously reported, the songstress, who just married her long time boyfriend and the father of two of her children, was arrested with Tip on September 1 following a traffic stop. The incident led to the D.A. revoking the ATLien MC’s probation—stemming from a 2009 federal gun conviction—and sentencing him to an 11- month stay in Forrest City. Tip began his sentence yesterday.

Tiny’s next court date is scheduled for January 6. If convicted she faces up to a year in jail. —Elan Mancini

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  • Tha Truth

    This chick needs to serve time for being so damn UGLY…damn…at least she scored some dollars by marrying T.I…

  • MoeCheekz

    Lol…Tiny is a ugly f*cking joke…while she popping out from behind Tip in the “gotcha back” video…she should have been holding true to that statement…all she had to do was take the charge for him…all she would have done was probation and Tip would be home…and even still if they gave her the 11 months, it ain’t like she workin or anything! DUMBASS!!!!!! ( Now stepping off soapbox)

  • keith

    she had one damn pill. if they want to waste tax payer money on this, then they fucking dumb as shit!!!

    • matty21

      thats all they do, is waste tax-payer money(OUR money!) every day, 365 for 50 years and longer…dats wat dey do, spend our money…but then dont wanna follow da constitution and give us the credit that “we the people” run this fuckin country, and give us the respect and credit we deserve…they seem to forget…cops got the nerve to harass citizens over BULLSHIT, when we pay ALLLLL their bills and send their fuckin kids to college, “got some nerve horrasin us” damn, wake up… n @keith: 4real…

  • t

    Well they dumb as shit anyway! (The police that is)

  • sealsaa

    See what happens XXL, when you put Tiny’s face up in an article? What have you learned?

  • El Tico Loco

    No coppin a plea was kinda selfish considering now the kids are gonna have both parents locked up. Now Ms Piggy and Kermit are both in the Bing.

  • jigga

    She is Guilty AND she is hot!!