T.I.’s ‘No Mercy’ Hitting Stores on December 7

T.I. might not be getting out of jail any time soon, but as promised, his new album, No Mercy, will be released next month.

According to a press release from Atlantic Records, Tip’s seventh solo album will be hitting shelves on December 7. The long delayed disc will feature the lead single “Get Back Up” with Chris Brown.

Earlier this week the ATLien began an 11-month sentence for a probation violation stemming from an arrest on drug charges in September. —Elan Mancini

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  • John Cochran

    Too soon. He dont even have a single out.

    • xaaaa

      you are the dumbest fucker i have ever seen

  • Tha Truth

    T.I keep making his money, getting locked up, using drugs, making good music, and still look like he got it all together, now thats that GRAND HUSTLE he talking bout..

  • Tre

    I think this bid is gonna hurt the sales. The public has a short attention span these days and TI is really playing with that span by staying locked up and doing dumb shit

    • CHANGE

      I think it acually helped him because nobody was fuckin with that “King Uncaged” ya feel me?”Gangster rappers” have an image to be “hard”in their music/personal life and when they debut with a hardcore rap album n continue with their sophomore album and happend to keep sellin mills off of that image then the fans arnt gonna want somethin different frm you cuz thats what they know..?wasnt king uncaged suppose to be released like a month ago?what happend to it?Anticipation was too low..he kno what his fans wnt,they wnted more hard/street material so what he do?Get locked up again and changed his album name to”No Mercy”doesnt that sound more harder than “kind uncaged”? its all about marketing

  • yoprince

    no buzz.

  • LdNSE15

    Shit will flop. HARD.

    No buzz, no single.

    Bad move.

  • Tyrannical T

    He’s got a month. Relax. Hip-Hop is gonna blast off this month with all these talented artists releasing LPs (Cudi, Banks, Kanye etc.) T.I.’s gonna have a number one album. And you know he’s gonna pull something in jail to gain hype.

    • Yep.

      “And you know he’s gonna pull something in jail to gain hype”

      Suck some dick?

  • jburg

    This is the the first of his albums that I probably won’t buy. Just not really interested in hearing from him anymore. His wow factor has died down a bit.

  • kayla

    Ti is is so amazing! all his albums are good! HOLLER


      Shut up cunt

      • matty21

        shut up dilldo’reilly… fckin lameo… ITS DA KING BITCH… no mercy, mannnnnnnnnnnnn u haterz gonna be mad

  • http://methbeats.com Beats

    That shit is going to suck! Do he even have a damn song on the radio doing good right now

  • Chuck D

    Literally everything TI has put out in terms of music, i fuck with. Fuck A Mixtape still gets regular play in my car and on my ipod. I guarantee that this album will the same high quality that i have come to expect from TI. With or without a hit single, i’m going to be buying this album. Just like Em’s recovery, i’ll probably end up hitting next whenever the singles come around anyway.

    We all know that all TIP needs to do is put out a song with Rihanna name attached to it, and he will move 250K, simple as that. TI’s name still has some power to move units, get that Rihanna cosign and that shit will be #1 for sure.


      ^^^Classic example of dick ridin.

  • Adamsville Mafia

    No way TI flops A-Town will buy 150K units easy…

  • http://yahoo jason

    tip got a crazy fan base plus he make good music.


    And to stay on topic about rappers hard images,50 cent is a prime example,He was like the most feared rapper in raps history,with the 9 bullets and bulletproof vests at the record company’s office,It payed off at the end it got him 500 million dollaz,record deals,movie deals and all AND even though he plays different characters like in the movie(Blood in the streets)or whateva,he’s never gonna look right as a serious actor,he’s always gonna be looked at as that nigga from the movie get rich or die tryin or before i self destruct cuz he made himself to be sooo tough it dnt look right for him to play a doctor or sumptin,Same with Young jeezy he’s anotha one of thoes rappers like 50..


  • LarissaMydonick

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  • Pingback: T.I. Says ‘No Mercy’ Will Be “Best Work Yet” | XXL

  • http://xxl lovethewayyoulie

    get the fuck out of here , plenty of others have put rhianna on they album and they didnt go triple platinum in5 months ? people cant just give em his props.