T.I.’s No Mercy Tracklist Revealed

1. Welcome to the World Featuring Kanye West and Kid Cudi
2. How Life Changed Featuring Mitchelle’l and Scarface
3. Get Back Up Featuring Chris Brown
4. I Can’t Help It Featuring Rocko
5. That’s All She Wrote Featuring Eminem
6. No Mercy Featuring The-Dream
7. Big Picture
8. Strip Featuring Young Dro and Trey Songz
9. Salute
10. Amazing Featuring Pharrell
11. Everything On Me
12. Poppin Bottles Featuring Drake
13. Lay Me Down
14. Castle Walls Featuring Christina Aguilera

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  • RedRocBoy

    It’s The KING Homie! 12/7/10 NO MERCY Bitches!!!

  • Gemz


  • T-Mac

    Where’s track I’m Back ? That song was fire. Too many features on this. Imma cop it though.

    • Trev

      you he cant put that on here…hes not back maybe a remix and call it im gone!

  • Westuh

    Too bad ive heard almost all of these songs already

  • Brian

    This album seems like its not goin to be good his albums are always up and down he drops a good album and then drops a album that is no good he dropped paper trail which was fire and u cum back with this thats why u can’t put with raps elite but umma still cop it and give it a listen

  • The187Worm

    I like T.I., but T-Rock will is the greatest Southern rapper alive..and all around…

  • anonymous

    Shit the greatest souther rapper alive is Scarface what the fuck u talkin bout

  • The187Worm

    Scarface is my dude…love him!…but on lyrically T-Rock is King…but def love my man Scarface…G-Code in the car right now

  • Sharoyce Antwan

    Damn! Mitchelle’l and Young Dro? I didnt think that he’d be trying to put his Grand Hustle team in on this one.

    Scarface is the greatest southern rapper alive
    Fuck a T-Rock

    She aint had it like this (prod. by BDB)

  • http://XXLmag.com Datboi

    Idk if it’s alotta features most if them are singers anyway…which is very similar to Paper Trail (great album)

  • boutmymoney@gmail.com

    T-rock go hard and raps his ass off dont sleep, enemy of the state 3 mixtape is track after track…

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    “Atlantic is also releasing a deluxe version of the disc for $69.99 that includes two bonus tracks, a lithograph of the art work, an vinyl copy of the record, a limited edition t-shirt, a photograph, a dog tag, an mp3 download of his single “Get Back Up” with Chris Brown and, in addition fans can download the album 72 hours before it becomes available to the public.”

    ^ * blank stare *

  • EastCoastG

    T-Rock = Beast

  • Q461

    looking forwad to hearing dude with Scarface and the joint with Kanye and Cudder. The song with Em is hot too.

  • TonyStakz!!!

    “Poppin Bottles” Again?!!! LMAO!… Featuring Drake of Course!!!…Yeah I’m a copp and take a good listen to it but before I upload it to my MP3 I’m sure I’m a have to leave some of them joints off and I think I already know which ones but a 10-12 song album it’s still Cool as long as it’s Bangin from start 2 end!!!

  • matty21

    KING. bitch fck em n fck wat dey say, aint no1 listenin anyway NO MERCY DECEMBER 7th WE HERE

  • Salvation


  • Solution

    T.I. my favorite rapper but this album doesn’t do it 4 me…It seems like he’s reaching or feeling his way through different styles or something…Big ups to the homey though, he still #1 on my list

    SN: When the f**k is Dro album dropping???

  • princeofcarolina

    i dont know what some of u been listening to for the past ten years but every t.i. album been on fire so y would this one be any different ….