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    La Dolce Vita
    After a very public incident that made him entertainment’s most hated celebrity, Kanye West is back to clear up the controversy. In an exclusive story written by the man himself, ’Ye explains to fans his yearlong absence, his grand return and living the Rosewood life.
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    The Pursuit of Happiness
    Think you know Kanye’s style?
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    Monsters, Inc.
    Meet the artists of G.O.O.D. Music, a diverse collective of dopeness assembled by Kanye West himself. With a gaggle of hardcore rhyme slingers, an R&B crooner and a Brit-pop singer, the GM roster is bound by one common thread—they’re all pretty damn good.
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    Style Wars
    G.O.O.D. Music rookie extraordinaire Big Sean shows off his powerful style.
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    Blade Runner
    Since dropping his 2009 debut, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, Kid Cudi has had a hard time adjusting to life in the spotlight. Can he get it together before the release of his sophomore album? The lonely stoner tries to get his mind right.
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    Sin City
    Kanye doesn’t co-sign just anyone. That’s what makes Nikki B. so special. Not only is the NYC-born model insanely voluptuous, she’s also ’Ye’s handpicked Eye Candy of the month. See for yourselves why Mr. West thinks she’s the best.
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    Almost Famous
    It’s been a breakout year for Wiz Khalifa. With a heavily downloaded mixtape, sold-out shows across the country and a major-label deal with Atlantic Records, the Pittsburgh representative is set up to win. XXL examines the rapper’s rise to the top.
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    Beats, Rhymes & Life
    For some producers, making tracks just isn’t enough. XXL ranks the top 10 hip-hop producers who established themselves on the boards and then turned into MCs. Spit yo’ game.
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    After serving almost nine years in prison, Shyne was deported back to his native Belize where he now serves as an ambassador. In part two of our three-part series, Po talks about his love for his country, reconnecting with his father and building Belize into a global powerhouse. Now that’s gangsta!


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    Hip-hop catches Bieber fever, and Ciara silences her haters.
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    Show & Prove
    YG, Mac Miller, Stalley, Kid Daytona
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    Cam’ron and Vado spit double-barreled raps, Nelly refreshes his country grammar, and Lil Wayne’s latest heat-making producer surfaces.


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    VS sets ’em straight.
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    T.I. splits readers’ votes.
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    Doin’ Lines