Soulja Boy Concert Canceled Due to Fighting

Before Soulja Boy even had a chance to “Crank That” in the nation’s capital, cops cancelled his concert at the Ibiza nightclub on Saturday night (October 30).

According to, police shut down the show after several fights broke out in the audience. Yet that wasn’t all, SB initially had an altercation with promoters over his bill for the performance.

“I’m so sorry to disappoint my DC fans but the promoters did not have all the money I still tried to perform but I couldn’t even get inside,” he wrote on his Twitter account this morning.

Adding, “I tried to perform for free! But it was so many fights at the side door that the police shut it down! My apologies I will be back!

Soulja appears on XXL’s November cover alongside 50 Cent. The issue hits newstands nationwide tomorrow. —Elan Mancini

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  • HU

    I could write an entire dissertation here right now about this but it’s become tiring. Things will never change and the group of “retarded, poverty-stricken blacks” will continue to grow. The people who fit into this group are fans of Soulja Boy, Boosie and Wacka, those who wear white tees and have neck and wrist tattoos, and so on. They have extremely low self-esteem and try to compensate through a tough, I got swagger facade.

    • Gemz

      I have a tattoo on my neck, I wear a gold grill, I like Soulja Boy, Boosie & Wacka. Oh, and I made the deans merit list of honor 4 times at my college, so am I “retarded & poverty stricken”? Oh, and I’m black by the way.

  • Dub

    Speaks more about the Soulja Boy listening demographic more than anything

  • James

    Stupid ass niggas. Just another reason why I like abortion.

  • Anonymous

    just as stupid as all the niggas that go to wu tang concerts n shit

    • Anonymous

      u made no sense whatsoever

      • Anonymous

        niggas fight at shows regardles of who the rapper is and i seen mad niggas get into fights at wu tang shows

  • Don mcCaine

    Respect to Soulja for still wanting to perform even when the promoters fUxed up the bread.

    And FYI, people BEEN fighting @ shows for YEARS. People have been killed at Rakim shows, so let’s not point fingers at the artists. Not cool.

  • Barack Obama

    Thank god that awefull young mathafaka wit titty in his mouth ddnt perfom…No talent fuckers plz stay gay n perfom at gay clubs not place were grown ups go 2…peace of shit…dnt reply to my shit, if u do fuck u 2…

    • michelle obama

      “plz stay gay”

      wow u promotin gayness

      bitch kill yoself