Both Slim Thug and Bow Wow are known for being outspoken, whether on the mic or behind the scenes. had the chance to chop it up with Thugga about his new album, Tha Thug Show, and during the candid Q&A, the H-Town rep shared his feelings on the Young Money MC’s recent suicidal comments on his Twitter account.

Bow is no stranger to the spotlight. Since releasing his debut album Beware Of Dog at the young age of 11, he’s been busy working on a slew of films and music most recently starting in the film Lottery Ticket. Unfortunately, fame and fortune is often accompanied with stress and the added pressures of dealing with the harsh glare of the media.

On Saturday November 6, after a particularly rough month, including rumors of alleged molestation of members of the R&B group B2K, the Ohio-born entertainer took to his Twitter account to express what seemed like thoughts of ending his life. “I swear I be wishing I was dead sometimes because I feel like that’s the only way I’ll get peace,” @BowWow, born Shad Moss, posted. “People don’t know me, man. Y’all don’t. Start looking at Shad, not Bow Wow. Fuck Bow. I go through shit daily. I’m just like y’all. I sacrificed my life for this hip-hop shit. I put my ‘REAL’ life on hold. If I could do it over, I would’ve went to school and got me a regular job.”

Slim (who went through his own stressful period while dealing with a criminal case) expressed his thoughts and well wishes for the 23-year-old. “I'm nowhere near Lil' Wayne or T.I. with success but I feel so blessed and successful to be where I'm at," he told XXL. "So I never felt like I wish I was dead. Bow Wow is trippin’ and he need to shake whatever that is off and understand he blessed. He got a lot of success. At the end of the day this nigga made hits and he got songs I like. He need to be proud of whatever the fuck he did and shake that shit and don¹t ever say no shit like that again. For real that's real shit right there.”

Ultimately, Bow Wow deleted the suicidal tweets from his page but he has no shortage of support from the hip-hop community, one of Houston’s finest included. –Nicole LoPresti