Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Tracklist Leaks

Days after her Lil Kim diss song with Eminem and Swizz Beatz, “Roman’s Revenge,” leaked onto the ‘Net, iTunes released the official tracklisting to Nicki Minaj’s highly anticipated debut LP, Pink Friday.

Along with Em, the 13-track CD will feature cameos from Rihanna, Drake,, Kanye West and Natasha Bedingfield [see full tracklisting below]. Itunes also posted the bonus songs for the deluxe version of the album, which will include: “Super Bass,” “Blow Ya Mind,” “Muny” and “Girls Like Dominoes.”

Pink Friday hits shelves on November 22. —Elan Mancini

1. I’m The Best

2. Roman’s Revenge (feat. Eminem)

3. Did It On ‘em

4. Right Thru Me

5. Fly (feat. Rihanna)

6. Save Me

7. Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake)

8. Check it Out (feat.

9. Blazin’ (feat. Kanye West)

10. Here I Am

11. Dear Old Nicki

12. Your Love

13. Last Chance (feat. Natasha Bedingfeild)

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  • http://yahoo jason

    nicki got potential to be one of the biggest female stars out there not just rap. she should stay away from that beefing tho thats kind of lame for females. and i still want to know why playboy hasnt offered her a spread yet? come on hef i know you 97 over there but your eyes still work bruh bruh.

  • BeerGangsta

    Song with Kayne will be the best song on the CD!! I am a grown man!! I don’t listen to music like this. It will go Platium. Can’t believe you don’t have a song with your Fuck Buddy Drake!!

    • IQ

      look at number 7 lol

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  • @jason

    Hef is a racist thats why

  • j

    Is it really ‘A LEAK’ when it’s the f#$king tracklist…SMDH


    who cares..what happend to real hiphop..damn I miss the 90′s…

    • T

      Amen brother. Why do people like this bitch?

      • TANSA

        Who eva the hell yu is I LIKE NIKKI MANIJ U NEED THE SHOT THE HELL UP

        • HaHa

          I believe the word you’re looking for is “shut” as in “Shut up!” LOL, you’re a lame just like her so of course you would like and follow her. I hope you both go kill yourselves together. She’s not a lady figure. YOUNG girls, such as yourself, shouldn’t follow her to the bottomless pit of bad entertainment that she’s created with that horrible style of hers.

  • Tre

    @ THA TRUTH,

    Go buy 90′s music then


      TRE u a hater…I kewep it real BRO..u fake

  • http://yahoo jason

    “Go buy 90’s music then” realest shit ive read on here in a long time! lol everything about growth if the sound stayed the same forever and everybody made similar music how can you consider it art? what if everybody painted similar pics? no way hef is a racist he wants to see that cat just like we do


    Tre & Jason (morons), I did not literally mean I miss 90’s music, I meant I miss REALL HIPHOP…Off course I like it when the Music evolves, as long as it stays TRUE to HIP HOP..I can’t believe I’m replying to uneducated children…

  • Tre

    @THA TRUTH, I’m a hater for responding to your comment which was hating? Wow ok.

    As good as 90′s music was, times have changed. If everything still sounded like the 90′s, hip hop would have died in 99.

    Q-Tip is a great example. His new shit doesn’t sound like his shit in the 90′s but it’s still good.

    If I’m a hater, you’re a cry baby


    TRE, BOY read carefully, forget 90′s music, I’m just saying that the music back in the day was a commercial success while keeping it TRUE to HIP HOP (on a lyrical & street level). The “hip hop” that’s out now that reaches the masses is straight POP, no rhymes, no descent lyrics, no flow and no Depth, TRE, HOW MUCH MORE DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN FOR U TO GET WHERE IM COMING FROM..

  • Tre

    I’m a moron for disagreeing with your statement? And uneducated for not agrreing with you? Isn’t that where the debate holds place? If so, you are contradicting the very exact statements you make which makes you look quite “uneducated”

    Just for further inquiry, what is “Real Hip Hop” to you? Are you one of those guys who hate Nelly for making “Air Force Ones” but love Run DMC for “My Adidas”, even though they’re based on the same concept? Yeah I bet you are lol


    Alright TRE, Im done with this, like my man JAY says, “Don’t argue with a fool cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who”…SO peace be with you BROTHA…

  • Tre

    To correct a word up there, agreeing

    You have the freedom to chose what you listen to. If you don’t like it, don’t listen. There are lots of “real hip hop” type artist if you must categorize the individuals in the genre. All you have to do is search. I’m a fan of a shitload of artist in that “category”

  • Tre

    Jay also said “Niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums”

  • Don mcCaine

    Times HAVE changed. Doesn’t mean it is BETTER. Growth is needed if we want this Hip Hop thing to last, but at least there has to be a quality about it.

    Yet in the same breath, growth is not everyone rappin’ over ‘BMF’. Make your own. Growth is not getting a hot artist collab. Make a hotter song than that hot artist.

    Puffy’s donation to Hip Hop growth was recycling the 70′s & ’80′s soul and R & B samples. Wu had RZA’s dusted chopping of all genres of music. Realize that this “growth” is reflected in the sales, then and now.

    There should be more Senegalese drums, Arabic tones, Latin orchestra & Asian influence in the sound of Hip Hop music (i.e. Ross going the Philharmonic way), and less repetitive coke & trap music, then we can speak on growth. Real spit. Cats don’t crate dig, they pay the “hot” producer. That’s not growth, that’s coat-tailing and laziness. Especially when there are plenty of producers out there that could help grow this art form.

    Just saying. Good luck Minaj.

  • Q461

    @ Don McCaine Co-sign

    As far as Nicki goes…I’m warmin up to her flow. Shes got lyrics and stage presence and that multi-personality shit is pretty original. Lil Kim’s lane when she first came out was mostly just talk about her pussy and bein the baddest mobster bitch. Nicki’s got a different lane. Not like shes just another female mc talkin bout sex or another nigga talkin bout trappin…

    Some of these tracks def sound worth checkin out though, but I prob won’t cop an album called Pink Friday lol. Especially not when Banks, Kanye, Currensy and Cudi all droppin around the same time. Good luck to Nicki though.

    • Don mcCaine

      Q what it do…

      In the genesis, Minaj was gimmicky trash. Slowly they have been working her into a lane. ‘Massive Attack’ was a doo-doo noodle.

      I ain’t gonna buy her material, I knew they were gonna move away from that Barbie crap. But her forte is that multiple personality thing. Hollywood.

      It be these comment cats who get caught up in the hype and be bussin’ shots in the crowd…

  • John Cochran

    I’ve never bought a female rappers album, besides Lauryn Hill, and some consider that a r&b album. Not hating, they just don’t do anything for me. Niki is very creative, she’ll be around for awhile, but it’s more pop than hiphop, although she can spit when she wants to. There will never be a second coming of a Queen, Lyte, etc. Lil Kim broke the mold and built a new one, just like R. Kelly did with R&B. His style is so influencial that it’s hard for new artists to create thier own style.

  • Don mcCaine

    “There will never be a second coming of a Queen, Lyte, etc”

    ^ no-sign

    they exist. Recognize the power of the people yo.

    These lunchroom table, corner snapping comments take away from our power here.

    All of you, including the lurkers need to realize this. Go look @ Nah, then come back.

    If we said we like, they would post. We said get guest bloggers, done. Been hella features ’bout all flavors. Unsigned, popular demand and payola bangers get posted.

    My issue is how you don’t post r/a/p/e but display boldly the n-word in disrespectful form?

    Especially when you know it be posers using the word safely behind their keyboard. Quite annoying, bottom line.

    AND I STILL fUx wit y’all.

    A true purveyor and Hip Hop fan,

    The $ykotic Don mcCaine

  • King Joffy Joe

    @ Don mcCaine, you should really be one of the guest bloggers, and see how everybody reacts to those razor-sharp words you be kickin’!

    • Don mcCaine

      lurkers already done hit the site & emaily. Roll over the name, plenty of jewels over there for months.

      I refuse to let someone tell me what I can speak upon. Real spizzit KJJ…


      * pours the LIQ out for Billy X Sunday and Ron Mexico *

  • E-Man

    damn where wayne at?

    an I refuse to buy this album cause I know ima waist $12 but I do salute the ones doing something an she is. There aint a female rapper out there right now making noise like she is right now, I dont like her honestly but she doing her thing she making money an I never knock that

    she making songs wit Em Jay an Kanye???? when Trina been out for how long?? has she ever done a song with them?? has she even been on another rappers song an they happen to be on there??? lmao

  • adrian smith birmingham

    pink friday should do well first wekk sales 1million if not 500.000 if not record company fuck up that eminem joint sick drake touring england january 2011 jay z in england today

  • kedordu

    times have changed yea because the quality has gone down the shit hole . look at kanyes collabos and then go and listen to… i dunno the deathrow catalogue . for posse cuts . there is no spirit in these kanye tracks . none. not just kanye . all these new niggas out . nothing . they are doing their best with whats infront of em . they arent using all their resources and doing their best . its an investment .theres really good music out there tho .pilot talk etc indie shit is where its at . im not saying that to be some mainstream outcast . its just what it is .

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