Master P. is furious over a woman claiming to be affiliated with him while allegedly using his name to scam people who believed they were donating to a charitable cause.

According to Tennessee news network WMCTV, state officials are investigating Alisha Harris, a woman they have evidence to believe used the rapper and his brother C-Murder’s name in an effort to make a profit for herself.

Living in a boarding house in Memphis, while operating the Corey Miller Food Foundation, Harris took the name “Corey Miller” from Master P’s brother, Corey “C-Murder” Miller. Action News in TN interviewed the mogul who said, "This is crazy. She needs to be stopped." Supposedly, through hiring ex-cons and welfare recipients, the Corey Miller Food Foundation solicits money for underprivileged families. The ex-felons were hired for $10 an hour and were instructive to cold-call people for donations. Yet, Action News found tax records that showed Harris did not have a license to solicit in her state despite her tax returns revealing an income of $150,000 from donations.

Both Master P. and a rep for his family deny any affiliation with the foundation and Harris telling WMCTV, “I have never met her. Don’t know who she is…just to have somebody use your name and don’t even know you, it’s not fair.” However, Master P. is not the first person to have his named misused by Harris. Action News obtained consistent reports from other people Harris claimed to work with denying any involvement. –Nicole LoPresti