Lloyd Banks Documentary to Air on UStream

GGGGGG-Unit. In celebration of the release of Lloyd Bank’s The Hunger for More 2, the G-Unit rapper will be airing a documentary on UStream about the making about the album later this month.

Titled, On the Road to HFM2, the flick features footage of Banks in the studio with 50 Cent, Fabolous, Swizz Beatz, and Ryan Leslie, among others as they recorded the album as well as onstage while on tour overseas.

The film will premiere on Banks’s UStream page on November 24 at 7 p.m. EST, two days after the disc hits shelves. —Elan Mancini

Check out a preview for the movie below

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  • http://www.whychicken.net Ricky Retardo

    why is this not on BET or MTV? promo is alil too reliant on the internet. still need network television for the ones that aren’t constantly on the web.

    Still gonna watch it though.

    • Hatorii_Hanzo

      this isn’t for tweens and kids,fucka BET and MTV

  • http://www.newtracksdaily.com noles506

    ^ my guess is because it cuts through the red tape…editing & stuff like that…when something is on a network they control the message….when it’s done this way, the artist can say it how they want……..I agree though,not everyone is on the web everyday.

  • http://xxlmag.com Wyzard of Hip Hop since 98

    this joint sound hot. ANd I LOVE studio foottage Im a huge fan of the creative process especialy of artist that I’m a fan of and that I follow so I’m all over this!! If You are a fan of an artists why wounldn’t you want to watch how they create what you consume from them. its very interseting. And the beats are KNOCCIN. the ony problem with this project is that its LONG over due. AND I don’t mean period (all tho thats true too) I mean since the FIRST single dropped. I mean Beamer Benze or Bentley is what(?) like a YEAR old by now?? its riDIC. I mean can some one pls explain to me why artist push bac their albums so far from the release of a first single/vid in the digital/itunes/bootleg download age? it seems like you would want to RUSH Your project out in proximity to the release of the initial promo material. WHo don’t got B.B.or B on CD or they ipod by now?? Get that project out!!!

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