Kanye West’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ By The Numbers

It won’t be for almost another two weeks until we can officially pick up Kanye West’s latest offering, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, in stores and online. However, as is the case with nearly all albums in this current stormy music industry climate, the project leaked prematurely to the Internet yesterday (for more on album leaks, check out Thomas Golianopoulos’ feature on the phenomenon in the latest issue of XXL).

Some of the tracks we had heard before via G.O.O.D. Fridays and the Runaway short, and others we hadn’t. Even the ones that had been previously released featured some sort of tweaking. What else would you expect from Yeezy, though?

As one of the most anticipated albums of the year (if not the most—in hip-hop and beyond), we’re certain that MBDTF will get plenty of coverage across the board. Reviews, critiques, covers…it’s all bound to happen. But here, we break down our October 2010 cover subject’s fifth solo disc—by the numbers.

Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

(Just don’t tell that to my 12th grade statistics teacher…What up, Mr. Bunker.) —Adam Fleischer

Tracks: 14 (including the bonus track)

Length: Roughly an hour and 15 minutes

Tracks with only Kanye on the Vocals: 1 (“Hell of a Life”)

Tracks without Kanye on the Vocals: 2 (“All of the Lights Interlude” and “Who Will Survive in America”…“My Way Home,” anyone?)

Tracks with Other Artists (Features or Backup): 12

Time Kanye Raps: 19 minutes and 59 seconds

Time Kanye Sings: 5 minutes and 16 seconds

Time Featured Guests Rap/Talk: 11 minutes and 3 seconds

Tracks that Appeared (in some form) as G.O.O.D. Fridays: 4 (“Monster;” “So Appalled;” “Devil in a New Dress;” and “Runaway” “See Me Now”—the unofficial kick off)

Artists on “All of the Lights”: 14 (Rihanna, John Legend, Drake, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Tony Williams, Charlie Wilson, Elly Jackson, Alicia Keys, Fergie, KiD CuDi, Elton John, Alvin Fields and Ken Lewis)

Featured Artists on Album: at least 24 (possibly more at this point)

Featured Guests on Rick Ross’ Teflon Don: 15 (and you thought that had a lotta features?)

Artists on Album who Are Dropping a Project in November: 3 (Kanye, Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj)

iTunes Price: $14.99

Amazon.com Price: $11.99

Torrent Price: We don’t condone illegal downloading of music. That being said, to quote Kanye in “Breathe In, Breathe Out,” it’ll cost you “Free 99.”

Years on Earth: Elton John, 63; Big Sean, Kid Cudi and Nicki Minaj, 73 (Combined)

Grammy Awards: Well over 50 (Kanye, 12; Jay-Z, 10; Elton John, 5; Beyonce, 16; Alicia Keys, 13; Kid Cudi and Big Sean, None yet, but they’re on the way—XXL Freshmen stand up!)

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  • Sandman

    Power also appeared as a G.O.O.D friday track

    • ShdwDrake

      The Power (Remix) was a good friday track. The original Power was out before GOOD Fridays as a single.

  • gaddic

    Is the online leak of good quality?

    • Anonymous

      i heard it is, but support hip hop. nov 22.

  • wayne

    All of the Lights is seriously one of the greatest songs in pop music history.

  • M. Baby

    I don’t wanna hear any leaks…go out and support some real music ya’ll. Nov. 22

    • Kam

      How bout you stop being holier than thou?

      A real fan cops the leak because he CANT wait to hear it.

      Then the real fan cops it when it drops.

      How does holding out till the 22nd make you any more of a fan? I copped the leak, and im gonna go cop the god damn CD too.

      • JDeelie

        Hell Yeah, da fuck I’m Sayin!!!

      • BULLETS


  • Jon Dog

    You’ve heard all the songs. There isn’t one new tune on it. All the GOOD Friday tracks, and other leaks pretty much make up the album. Still a classic cd, none the less. The leak is a clean version. Just go out and buy it. And XXL, you fuckin’ people have too much time on your hands. First that RETARDED 50 and Soulja Boy cover, now your breaking Kanye’s album down into POINTLESS figures. WTF? Has anyone looked back at the bullshit you guys have been doing in the past couple years. C’mon, what the hell hapened? Ms. Saten, that’s what. STEP YOUR GAME UP!!! Thank god for the internet, cause I wouldn’t spend a penny on this bullsit ass mag.

  • Ruga Ron

    Kanye West Best Rapper Alive Let that be known Nov. 22

  • Fail

    Runaway was not a GOOD Friday song. Also, you guys wrote in the Rosewood issue that Kanye made a pair of “laceless sneakers” with Nike. MAJOR FAIL. Having trouble taking XXL seriously these days with such glaring errors.

  • Jonjo

    well i cant wait for this one

  • jonny bizness

    Where do i start? first off the best album since the Blueprint I think with all the controversy regarding bush and laeur will push this past plat in the first wk.PLEASE XXL REVIEW THIS WE ONLY SEE SOMETHING LIKE THIS EVERY 10 YRS OR SO

  • rukka

    album is bananas. I bootleged it but im gonna cop it legit when it releases(no leak has the bonus track and half are the clean version)

    For the last 3 years i been all up on conscious hip hip, NW and seattle area scene, backpack shit and anything pro-revolutionary. I havent listend to the radio in years, dont even have mtv or bet on my cable plan and was a firm proponent of the Hip Hop is dead movement….yea call me a hater.

    Then my boy put me up on this leak and goddamn. This album is fuckin spectacular.

  • black jesus

    i heard the album, its alright. nothing more, nothing less.

    shout out to rick ro$$ for having the album of the year.

  • Guillaume

    But Kanye doesn’t sings / raps on So Appalled either!

    • Guillaume

      Sorry I said bs…

      But the album is just an already-classic! Gonna be on the 2012 Grammy for sure, album of the year, rap album of the year, many tracks gon’ be too, etc.

      5 stars, 10/10, crazy artistic album.