Kanye West’s Media Trainer Quits After ‘Today’ Show Interview

Kanye West might have gained a lot of headlines following his controversial interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show last week, but he lost his media trainer.

The New York Post reports that Susie Arons quit last Friday (November 12) just three days after she was hired. The executive vice president of Rubenstein Communications was brought in to help Yeezy prepare for his sit-down with Lauer, after he was invited to respond to George Bush’s comments on air about the rap star just a few days earlier.

Yet after meeting with West, Arons advised he cancel his appearance. His team agreed, but ‘Ye still showed up that Tuesday morning and called her at the last minute to prep him before going on air.

Viewers saw the results, which ended in West accusing of Lauer forcing his questions on him on Twitter and eventually cancelling his scheduled performance on the show the day after Thanksgiving.

Arons has yet to comment on the reason for her leaving, yet reps for KW say the Post’s story is “malicious and clearly manufactured.” —Elan Mancini

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  • Sha

    There was absolutely nothing the Media Trainer could have done. Nothing. You can’t teach an unpredictable person to stop being what he is. You could have lined up a million trainers. Kanye is Kanye. He is going to be Kanye. And a million scripts can’t change that. Kanye wasted his own money.

    • 6ix

      The real question is why would Kanye hire one when his attitude is, “Can’t tell me nothing!”

      @Sha you’re right!

      • media chik

        i work for a pr company here in nyc, my firm heard that kanye was supposed to back out of the interview– and we were scrambling trying to get one of our clients into that spot—at the last minute word was that he was going to go through with it but we werent sure so my colleagues were in the building with our client (as well as several other pr firms with their clients ready to go on at a moments notice)

        the story goes that everyone could hear kanye being coached loudly and aggressively behind locked doors in a small room just off set; and he came out after having crammed for an hour all set to deliver his lines on camera

        but when the audio footage was rolling in his ear, he was unable to remember or deliver his lines which lead to the outburst…

        it was the talk of the whole pr/branding scene here in nyc and there was a story in the nytimes,nymagazine etc etc

        it was crazy because my firm had been courting him for a while and was really upset they didnt land him (he supposedly spends a FORTUNE on media coaches) but after this fiasco we thought for sure wed get him once his new firm ended the contract; but my bosses bosses called a huge meeting to tell us that the firm would never pursue him because he was “too unstable and would pose a significant threat to our company’s reputation of excellence in the field”…everyone was bummed because he was the only rapper on our list, and we were all hoping to get into the awards shows etc…

        but i cant lie that situation was crazy, we have 6 and 7 year old clients that can remember and deliver their lines with all kinds of distractions/clips/audio playing…

        i honestly think hes just to arragoant, he really believes that everything should exist just for him and that hes above the responsibilities that have been placed on celebreties for decades…i’ve supporting him through all the awards shows antics, thebackstage bitchfest over not performing on the mtv main stage, the bonarooo fiasco—but this and the dik pics wear very thin on me as a woman—its hard to support a man who cant keep a simple thought in his head while some audio is running–then acts all bitchmade after the fact, and who sends dik pics to randomn myspace chicks..

        i know you fellas are mostly still ridin with him, but all my chicks and all the girls i know are waaaaaaaaayyyyy over him at this point

  • http://stores.lulu.com/NSUgezene N.S. Ugezene

    I actually think that depends on the philosophy of the media trainer. This media trainer didn’t have her heart in it. If I were Kanye’s media trainer, I would have told him to go on the show. He has a right to respond to what George W. Bush said. He wasted his money because she was trying to tell him not to speak his piece. Why the hell was she telling Ye to avoid the media? She’s incompetent. He said he was done with the media anyway because they’re assholes, douche bags and jerkoffs, but they don’t deserve a toast! Lol.

  • sealsaa

    *Hums the chorus to “All Falls Down”*

  • http://yahoo jason

    all this stuff is just a promotional tool. bush is promoting his book and ye is promoting his album. take it at face value all this stuff is just entertainment like wwf. ps men dont pout or throw tantrums they say what they have to say and move on everybody is not out to get you, in the big scheme of things you/he is not that important u just make music homey u not saving the world. everything you say is not epic. but again im just a working stiff in grad school.

  • IQ

    im so tired of hearing bout kanye west and his whole way of thinkin he can say n do watever he wants. he thinks hes smarter than every1 else but when u listen 2 him talk he jus talks about nuthin and his music is crazy overrated

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine


    good insight media chik…

    but still this is that extra sh^t that has nothing to do with whether or not the album is good enough for me to buy or not.

    this is a perfect example of media overkill

  • bk

    media chik… very nice insight. However, it’s clear that Kanye doesn’t take well to how he’s been portrayed in the media and he has a hard time presenting a media-ready “face”. In this day and age where images are hyper-manipulated and spun it’s nice to see something less polished and more honest. In fact, I like to see the cracks in the media machine, it’s too fake.

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