Kanye West Projected to Sell 525-575K, Nicki Minaj 375-425K

Next weeks sales projections are in, and Kanye West is on track to top the charts once again. According to the industry insiders at hitsdailydouble.com, Mr. West’s critically-acclaimed new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is estimated to sell around 525,000 to 575,000 copies in its first week on shelves, based off the one-day sales figures. If true, these numbers will surpass Yeezy’s last disc, 808s and Heartbreak—which sold about 450,100.

Nicki Minaj and Lloyd Banks are also set to impact The Billboard Top 200 next Wednesday (December 1). The Young Money Princess’s debut Pink Friday is projected to sell in the area of 375,000 to 425,000 while the G-Unit soldier’s The Hunger for More 2 is believed to move about 40,000 to 50,000 units.

Jay-Z’s The Hits Collection, Vol. 1 will also make it’s way onto to the charts with an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 in sales.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com on Wednesday morning for the official Nielsen SoundScan numbers. —Elan Mancini

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  • pap3rchazer

    yo real talk, if banks moves less than 100K, I’m givin up on hip hop!

    • East

      If you realy given up on hip hop because of some sales figures you were never a fan in the first place.

      • Anonymous

        If your gonna give on hip hop just because one person aint selling then u really should give up on hip hop because u dont like hip hop at least hip hop is gonna dominate the billboard charts but if all u care is one person is hip hop then u aint a hip hop fan u like hip hop but not the culture just an artist.

        • pap3rchazer

          naa man, you got me all wrong. I know all these artist worked their asses off but it just seems a lil unfair how the mainsteam/industry wont even a talented pure artist a shot

          • http://www.nuanalog.com WWW.NUANALOG.COM

            Nah man u wrong, it shouldn’t matter how many people buy into an artist, or how many people diggin this dude or that dude… as long as you like the music and its speaking to you, and you enjoying it, then none of that other $hit should matter… and if it does, then it sounds like you letting the mainstream media control what you like, and what you don’t like.. have your own opinion on what you think is good and F$&* everything else, you can turn all that other stuff off whenever you want to

    • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

      Plus u gotta remember Banks is on EMI. A independent basically. Of course he’s not gonna do big numbers. If he does 200,000 for them that would be considered a success for them.

    • madvillainy23

      Hip hop gives up on you for liking Lloyd banks

  • Tru Talk

    Damn………. Banks only sellin 40-50?????? Im giving up on hip hop too…. I mean, I was expectin Kanye to be #1 and Nicki #2 but they are both pop artists while Banks is a str8 beast on the mic… Hip Hop dies more and more every year

    • http://www.nuanalog.com WWW.NUANALOG.COM

      Nah G, do your research… there is more and more new hip hop coming out everyday… with a lot of support coming with it as well… People are just gettin’ lazy wit’ findin it, and if you base your opinion on what the popular opinion is on “hip hop” right now, that’s probably why you thinkin that hip hop is dyin… do a little diggin and you’ll see that there’s a lot of support for new innovative hip hop music

  • fuck jayz

    wtf common guys cop HFM2
    support real hiphop

  • fuck jayz

    wtf common guys cop HFM2
    support real hiphop
    kanye album fiire but how can nicki sell like dat

  • Ace

    Hip-hop isn’t just lyrics, which is basically all Lloyd Banks is. Hip-hop is creativity, expression, uniqueness, etc. Nicki might not be be better lyrically, but she’s better in everything else, especially in appeal to today’s current buying public. There are many elements to hip-hop & she covers more than he does, so she appeals more. Banks is great but he’s all lyrics.. flow is groggy.. style is used (Fabolous), etc

    • jburg

      Though you are right about hip hop not being all about lyrics, I have to say that the only think Nicki has on Banks is the fact that she is a female and her sex appeal sells. He has no lyrics, and none of her singles would be considered “hip hop”. And as far as style? He whole image is “used” The accents? Used alot in late 80′s R&B. The outlandish style? Madonna, early TLC, Lady GaGa, Salt & Peppa, Lil Kim, etc. Nothing about her is original. NOTHING.

    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

      “Nicki might not be be better lyrically, but she’s better in everything else, especially in appeal to today’s current buying public. There are many elements to hip-hop & she covers more than he does, so she appeals more”

      ^ so her personality, which is what you’re talking about, is the reason to buy her music instead of the actual music/lyrical content? Think about that before you reply.

      Because I have yet to see her dance, DJ or things like that to say she covers all the elements of Hip Hop. But she’s great for mainstream Rap, she’s a media darling.

      But I want to throw out there, what will her #’s mean for the other rap chicks? Will they have to emulate Minaj for a buck or do they get some long awaited shine?

      @ Mitch

      “Shame about Banks but he’s Independant now,those are actually decent Independant numbers”

      ^ EMI is NOT an indie label, it’s the 4th largest label on the planet.

  • Mitch 3K

    I wish I knew where all the people who said Kanye was goin Platinum in a week lived so I could smack them and say “I told ya so”

    SMH, un-realistic clowns, I love Banks but I wasnt on the internet screamin “BANKS DOINA MILLI YOOOOOO”

    Props to Ye tho, solid numbers, gotta resect that, same to nicki

    Shame about Banks but he’s Independant now,those are actually decent Independant numbers, remember other indy cats like Fat Joe are sellin 5K in a week, lol

    • TonyStakz!!!

      LMAO!!! Just because the Lame Unit got dropped from Interscope does not make ‘em Independent EMI is a Major record label and Banks still did Underground numbers LOL now that’s a damn shame and you got the nerve to clown Fat Joe hahaha Is not that I fuck with Joey like that I haven’t heard any of his shit since Make It Rain and That White but I’ve read some really good reviews about his latest shit and it’s some what acclaimed believe it or not Don’t be mad cause the only ones supporting that Banks album are the left over g Unit fans!!!

      • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

        EMI is NOT a major label. Who lied to who?????? There a step above Koch but $ wise they can’t compete with the Def Jams or Interscopes. They are like the Baltimore Orioles. Def Jam and Interscope are the Yankees and Red Sox. EMI the same label that dropped Only Built For Cuban Linx II to similar sales.

        • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

          did you even bother to Google EMI…to see you’re wrong?

          EMI is a MAJOR LABEL…not like a Koch

          • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

            I don’t have to google. Not all independent label are small like Koch which is why I compared the labels to baseball teams. EMI doesnt have the funds to compete or promote like Def Jam or Universal. That’s a fact. And for the proof Raekwon and always called Only Built For Cuban Linx II a independent project. Obviously Rae doesn’t consider EMI a major.

  • King Joffy Joe

    @ Ace, Co-Sign. Really big co-sign.

  • !!!!


    WHAT IS THIS.. BANKS 40-50 K??


  • jigga

    this is wack how lloyd banks gona sell that much when his album is official certified platinum i got west in nicky in both of then aint compare with banks album let support hiphop stop listening that fag music pop crap ya supose to be hip hop pop only is for michael jackson in other i can’t this people are saying this i hope is b.s

  • jigga

    this is wack how lloyd banks gona sell that much when his album is official certified platinum i got west in nicky in both of then aint compare with banks album let support hiphop stop listening that fag music pop crap ya supose to be hip hop pop only is for michael jackson in other i can’t this people are saying this i hope is b.s

  • T-Mac

    Banks – only 50k ? God damn…. I thought he was gonna sell at least 150-160k. Even irrelevant Nelly sold about 60k. Hip hop is DEAD! I can’t believe that 400 000 people bought album of this fake ugly barbie wanna-be Lil’Kim. I’m givin’ up …

    • trannylova

      I feel ya. I dont hate nicki it’s just she aint bringing nothing and playing people with a crappy gimmick n shlt…..on a side note nicki looks like she has a dlck so I wouldnt be surprised if that info leaks…….I’d prob suck her real goood too and lick all around it

  • itopia

    Does anybody else think that Kanye will probably be a bit disappointed with those numbers? I mean he created a very solid album (slightly different but very new and creative) and I thought he would do closer to a milli than this. I would have been expecting him to get somewhere between 650-800 thousand considering the budget of the album and how much publicity it has had. It’s still solid numbers and I dont expect he will admit it publicly but I bet deep down he thought he could push more than 550,000

    • Mitch 3K

      Oh, it will be public, trust me, he’ll throw a temper tantrum like he always does, until someone gives the baby his bottle

  • tony yayo

    50 is gonna fire Banks

  • Dean

    How you gonna say hip hop is dead just because a 1 dimensional rapper like Banks Ain’t selling albums?Kanyes album is pure music genuis and nicki spits some real heavy rhymes while being unique.Banks never could sell alot of albums cause he never wants to step out of his element,And hes not independent but even if he was thats not an excuse.Look at Tech N9ne for example.Congrats to all of them though for just speaking their mind and letting us hear it!

  • real nigguh

    End of the day DRIZZY ran 10′ 450 k first week, huge 2 international smash hits, apperances on everything and anything, summer touring, he kept his name out there. I mean this is coming from a guy who thinks em is a top 5 DOA but after TES, 8 MILE OST i think he fell off. All his success is great but building a suburban fan base since the new millinuem amd MAKING POP HITS with rihanna( same guy who belived pop was corny and repititive around the time MMLP dropped). Im proud of nicki, shes farrrrrrr from repping queens, ny and yeezy been nice kudos to him., But banks is one of the hottest rappers out. I find it funny because he went from selling 450 k first week for HFM back in 04′ to 40 K now. Some bullshit

  • Tray

    G-Unit has run it course. Banks’ album isn’t bad but extremely shallow. His voice has become a liability as well. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time now. It is what it is.

  • real nigguh

    BTW taylor swift did not deseverd doing a mill, I MEAN i never heard such all her fans bought that shit for sympthaty. To be honest, kanye did it at the worst time but he is right, he can voice his own opinion. i never seen such pop shit all repitition no club hits, no messages, no storytelling, JUST love break my heart nana nana shit .

  • real nigguh

    MAN its wierd man i cant take it. I was bumping no fear no mercy all his mxitapes from 02′ the way they made him to be was a prophecy, I mean dude did 872 k a week, 2 US hits, and 4 huge hits, gunit album scanned mad albums. Massacre did a mill first week 2nd best selling album of the year. HIT AFTER HIT AFTER HIT, up until last year he lost his star power. Why did Curtis take the money route? He could of been a great, a REAL great biggie pac as nieghbours

  • banks50dam

    Banks doing 50,000? I dunno I think these predictions will be off. I’ll say 90,000. but still that’s crappy. Just when I was about to start listening to the radio/get back into BET’s list of music but NOPE. I’ll just stick to finding the artist I like via web or word of mouth…………I would say just wait like 4 months and she’ll be nobody then but hell I’m sure Drake or Wayne will come back out with something to keep the light on their little crew and keep the attention for her……bla

  • Scott

    If Banks had put out a “Start It Up” video a month ago he’d be 100k+ for sure. It’s clearly the hottest track on the album, but for some reason they chose to go with that Lloyd R&B track. Which is a fine song, but nowhere near Start it Up.

  • render

    in these comments you are witnessing banks dickriders confronting reality for the first time in a long time

    what the fuck did yall expect? banks to change the game? I fuck with Banks too, but he is what he is…nothing more and nothing less…if folks weren’t listening to him in 05, they aint gonna start now

  • http://Facebook will

    Where are the people who swore Nicki was going to flop. I`m not a big fan of hers but i just find this funny

  • Shawty J

    How can anyone be surprised Banks isn’t doing that well. Hip-Hop as a whole has had dismal sales over the past couple of years. If you don’t have crossover appeal, you can’t expect to sell much in the first place. Lack of press/promotion isn’t helping either.


    surpised about banks…but he got the SAME flow on every song, dude can spit, great lyrics, but the FLOW man, always the same..thats what the problem is

  • DumBAsses

    IF yOUR sO PisSed HE DiDn’T SeLL mORe, Go BUy IT.. HOw maNy of YOU bouGHT iT.. PeOPLE whINE buT doN’T SuPPoRT.. The “noN hiPHoPers” buY muSic whicH is WHy ThEY RULE The MEdIA and AirWAves.. SIMPLE

  • tumi

    wow kanye cant sell a milli in first week

  • sik

    damn smh at this..this what happens when you put bullshit producers on an album (HFM2, BISD). listen to the beat on “father time”. straight garbage. these niggas need to start selectin beats better b4 its lights out for the unit

  • Zuluboy Wanda

    It’ll be really underwhelming if Ye doesn’t surpass these predictions after the amount of work he put in – ‘the kid that made that, deserves that Maybac..’
    Nicki’s ones, on the other hand, are fittingly… Lloyd Banks? speechless, really…

  • Sha

    I told cats.

    Kanye’s first week? Certified Gold.

    Lloyd Banks’s first week? Certified Mold.

    And with Nicki? She’d better enjoy her few numbers because that sophomore is a beast. Her career will probably be short lived.

    And Kanye? I’m a bit surprised that he didn’t go closer to Platinum the first week. But with the majority of White/Taylor Swift America boycotting him, this is DAMN IMPRESSIVE!

    And Rhianna? Looks like that whole Chris Brown thing is affecting her just as it is with him. Her numbers are set to drop substantially. She’s selling singles, but not moving major units.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jre7j6A3xE&feature=related Holla Mann

    why in hip-hop do we categorize or split up our genre?? if it makes our communtiy a profit and further pushes us up in the elite in terms of music why hate? damn willy lynch was a genuis….#hiphopfail. click the name for mo’ realness..out>>>

  • August Martian

    Kayne West to his credit (knowing that the taylor swift situation jeapordized his crossover pop audience) went on furious ‘i have returned back to my hip hop roots, lets work with all artists and show love to the ones i dont work with’ campaign and totally saturated the marketplace in terms of relentless music output and visibility to be able to put up his current first week numbers. He’s not the best rapper but in terms of pushing the creative/out-the-box envelope from the album artwork to Good Fridays, the Power video, the short film, etc…no other artist was close to competiting with him. In short he created a ‘movie’

    Minaj also created a ‘movie’ out of her album project by taping into the VAST VOID being a female rapper that appealed to the homosexual agenda (its a known fact they will purchase your music if you support them) while at the same time had the sex appeal (sorry missy elliot) to attract the male music fan and lyrical skills (sorry trina) to be credible enough to the hip hop ‘heads’. She had absolutely no competition and was able to sweep into position off of the Cash Money/Young Money run at the top.

  • David Husslesoft

    Are these sales projections just the physical copies or do they include the albums downloaded off of itunes?

  • skillz

    dont stress bout banks, he got big paper from g-units heyday, so he straight, da album my fav of the year by the way.

  • Bears Fan For Life

    Once again niggas in neon orange suits n hoes in neon green wigs are not hip hop. They make rap music a joke and y’all just sit back and listen to the garbage. Kanyes first three albums? classics. 808 and Heartbreaks? Gay. Lose the skinny jeans and the autotune. The only thing Nikki is good for is to look at. No skill. Her and Drake are just Lil Wayne Clones…. That’s a damn shame.

  • sf

    the gunit era is officially over stick a fork in it they had a great run but in 2010 it is over

  • David Husslesoft

    Am I the only one that is interested in how Curren$ys album is going to do?

  • TomJules

    Man, if banks would made more of an effort to promote and generate interest in this album he would be doin better numbers. Kanye n Nicki have kept their names in ppls mouths consistently, meanwhile anyone who doesn’t check allhiphop and the other sites like that is like Lloyd who? I was gonna cop Banks album but when it came time to part with my dollars I reconsidered. But I absolutely had to go cop Ye’s the first day it came out cuz he made me interested in it. Banks album from what I hear has a couple heaters on it but its not a consistently great album. In other words its an average dedcent album which is gonna do average numbers.
    I get the impression that he shows up to work and thinks that’s enough. Any successful entertainer will tell you that its a lot more to it than what you lay down in the booth. What has Banks done to generate interest in this project? What has he done to gain fans? Don’t worry I’ll wait. BTW I’m a fan of Banks and love grimey lyrical hip hop but I don’t expect the general public to. To them that was a fad that’s long passed.

  • Jaydizzle

    BANKS WACK FUCK THAT WACK NIGGA nigga got good punch line but banks sounds like hes sleeping can barly hear nigga sounds like hes got depression. His droopy face looks like eeyore you guys sayin banks hip hop u fucked N banks got what one album plat Hahaha only 1x


    What everybody so mad at???…40k-50k is actually GOOD for an INDEPENDENT artist!!!…he’s not on a major label anymore to market his album and he STILL managed to sell almost as much as NELLY (63k) in his 1st week, and Nelly’s on a major. Trust me when I tell u that banks ain’t too mad about them numbers, because that sounds about right for an independent situation…

    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

      ^ SmDh

      “EMI Group (Electric & Musical Industries Ltd.) is a British music company. It is the fourth-largest business group and family of record labels in the recording industry, making it one of the “big four” record companies and a member of the RIAA. EMI Group also has a major publishing arm – EMI Music Publishing – based in New York City. The company was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but is now wholly owned by Terra Firma Capital Partners.”

  • flavorblade

    Nikki is the first female artist to master the Buster Rhymes type style; using various voices, cadences and energy levels on one track. Currently Eminen does that style the best. Her swag is Lil King dashed with Lady Gaga. Lyrics by anybody with a pen. There are other females with unique voices out there. Nikki’s shizo-airhead eye rolling frivolous materialistic pursuit persona is not really a good look for young females. I thought Lil Kim and Trina where over the top sexually but there was/ is also an air of empowerment and equality in their swagger Nikki doesn’t have that. Her stance is more like gimme me. I’m surprised Universal didn’t or won’t at least by her gold the first week.

    Banks is like an independent artist now.

    Kanye is taking the music into new ground, his stuff doesn’t sound like anybody else’s. I’m a hardcore type hip-hop fan, but I think i might cop his new music. Kanye has the type of music that if you have to put something up against the other genre’s like rock and country you would have to choose his for the song writing, concepts, and musical density. Drake is laughable to the rock world.

  • needmorePEOPLE

    This is kinda good for NICKI but more bad than good. I wasn’t the few that was saying she would sell less than 100,000 BUT the predictions are still low since she suppose to be the next big thing for female entertainers. IF…IF she goes platinum it will be like 5 months from now and by then it will be written as a fail so it wouldn’t really count. So yeah this is “new artist on the block”trend, after that new feeling go away she’s be one of the 150,000 and below debut type of artist. Smile.

  • htownchica

    For Nicki to do almost as well as Kanye speaks volumes..How many STRAIGHT men do you know who will actually go out and buy a Nicki Minaj cd? But men and women will go out and purchase a Kanye cd…

  • Joey G

    Are people realy trying to knock KanYe right now? Ya’ll ignorant peeps need to realize how much this man has contributed and changed hip hop. Yeezy is the greatest artist of this generation. Yeezy is the next generation of hip hop….get with it or get left behind.

  • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

    I actually expected Nicki to do what Kanye did. Young Money/Cash Money dropped the ball on both her and Drake albums. With they popularity the should do more numbers. I copped Kanye’s album only. Glad to see he back rapping and doing numbers.

  • Chicago Rob

    I give props to Nicki Minaj and Kanye West if they live up to those numbers.. thats hard to do in this day and age.. I would say lyrically Banks is more talented than both Kanye and Nicki but because their styles are more appealing to the general mainstream public then their going to sell more.. and EMI is an independent label so you cant expect big numbers from Banks.. but no one this year has yet to top Eminem.. triple platinum.. none of these emcees will top that

  • Justin R

    Im in the record industry and EMI is banks distributor not his record label. He is indie on g-unit all emi does is provide the cd to stores they dont spend a dime on promotion or anything there only job is 2 press up albums and get them 2 the stores and they take a small percentage. If u dont know the difference between the label and the distributor go do your homework. N its a damn shame i expected banks to do 80-100 but now 40-50 thats just disappointing i guess he just doesnt appeal to 13 yr old girls like nikki cus idk 1 person tht likes her im 21 and out of all the ppl i know not 1 person can even stand her

    • David Husslesoft

      I have been trying to explain that Bank$ is pretty much independent since before the album dropped but no understands or believes it.

      • swype-matic

        I don’t see how people don’t see that either. When Banks dropped “Beamer Benz or Bentley”, that was PURELY independent, as he was no where near Interscope with that. It wasn’t until the G-Unit/EMI deal that an official album even had a release date.

  • swype-matic

    When I think of rap/hip hop, lyrics, beats, and creativity come to mind, I could care less about the global/mass appeal. That’s way Kanye and Banks will be getting copped, cause based from the songs I’ve heard from there, they are at least actually RAP songs, and not the “obligatory step outside the box for (some kind) of acceptance” record, which Pink Friday basically is. When I wanna hear rap, that’s what I want to hear, if I wanted to hear RnB, I’d listen to Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, or Mariah Carey. So you can take your Pink Friday/Kid Cudi fusions and go somewhere with that shit.

  • J Bug

    Come on now? Is Banks really the topic of conversation here? No one gives a fuck about Lloyd Banks. Kanye West is one of the largest musical icons in America and is king of the rap Grammys. West’s album is that new sound that’s different that is nearly impossible not to like including hot verses from everybody featured on the album! If you think Banks is better than Kanye in any sense, then you are a fucking moron trying to be more “street” than listening to the damn music. Kanye is the best producer right now and better lyricist than most anybody in the game right now. Banks? Ha! Fuck outta here! No one wants to buy that shit.

  • http://www.twitter.com/madeforthegrind R. Dollaz

    Banks Album Is RAW !

    Nicki Album Is Str8 Trash Pop &

    Kanye Album Is HEAT ! But Banks Deserve 100,000 His 1st Week His Album Is 2nd Best After Kanye

  • umad

    Banks don’t appeal to the gay community like Nicki and Kayne. You look at the artist that are out workshipping Nicki, it’s either a guy that’s fruity or some girl that’s been misguided growing up so it’s easy to get their love to buy albums. Her album isn’t selling off her lyrics, it’s selling because she “supports” the gays and trick people about liking women n other shlt……Kayne? he prob. got 200,000 hardcore fans from when he first came out, the rest are the fruity fans that will fall for you if you support the gay community…………….So look at banks you never see him hanging with fruity artist that have gay like styles. he just keeps to his crew and do tours in the same city.

  • BeerGangsta

    Kayne will go Platium in 1 week!! Nikki will take 2 months to go Platium!!

  • RIGZ


  • Max

    Don’t worry about Banks, he always got that Curtis money

  • yungsoprano

    kanye and nicki’s albums are both way better and way more creative and inovative than hfm2.. its an okay album.. not that great ya’ll cmon now admit it.. hfm1 was a classic.. u can barely hear what banks says.. his beats are alrite.. kanye bodies lloyd on his own song.. so does fabolous.. for real you cant tell me they dont.. i give hfm2 like 3 outta five stars.. kanye’s album is 4 41/2 maybe 5.. thats an amazing album.. i expected sumthing different from nicki.. albums pop not rap.. but still good and inovative… YUNG

  • adrian smith

    so kanye wst will go gold next week nicki minaj pink friday will sell around 450.000 same as drake thank me later thats a good luck 4 hip hop jay z the hits i have all em song already waste of time buying greatests hits record company rip off

  • http://xxlmag.com ProdiGy

    Banks’ lyrics are mad, but his flow sound like a man on life support. Kanye is mad, all round! I’ve grew on Nicki though, I used to think she was just some new YM artist that’s full of rubbish, but she was pretty mad on Monster and Roman’s Revenge.

  • http://@YAHOO.COM VIKTOR


  • http://YAHOO.COM VIKTOR414


  • http://www.yahoo.com dr@$t-iQ Alkoholik

    Banks,hahahahaha and the nigga was acting heroic when Game hollad at him for a g-unit reunion , 40k 1st week, damn homey! in 03 -05 u was the man homey what the fuck happened to you

  • Joe

    I feel like im stuck in 1999 readin these comments

    Where the f### yall been? Who pays attention to record sales??!?!?

    That $hyt is for like 6 or 7 rappers, tops (Kanye, TI, 50, JayZ, Eminem…)

    Otherwise, cats aint NEVER sellin records like that no more. CONCERTS people. They eatin, trust me.

    You think Wiz Khalifa, Currensy, etc. give damn what they album sold/will sell

    They eat off tours. Record sales mean jack.

  • T DOG

    HFM2 is da best fukin ablum released. Nikki Minaj ablum mite sell more but dat shit is deffintly not better den HFM2. N many ppl say kanye ablum isnt all dat. HFM2 give u 17 Songs dat u can bump all day long. HAs somethin for da ladies, for da niggasz n da hood, Club bangers. PayBAck ps and qs ft. 50 cent is on some B.I.G lyrically shit. HFM2 is da ill coped it first day n im still bumpin it. G-Unit puttin n work. GGGGGGGGG G-Unit