Jay-Z to Host Book Signing; Appear on Oprah

The book blitz doesn’t stop. In celebration of today’s release of his book, Decoded, Jay-Z will be at Barnes and Noble in Midtown Manhattan tomorrow afternoon (November 17) for a signing open to the public. Located at 555 Fifth Avenue, the event will go down at 1 p.m.

In related news, Jay will also be making an appearance on Oprah next month when the show heads to Australia, according to Chicago Now. Winfrey and 300 fans of the show will be taking an all-expenses paid, eight-day trip to the “land down under” and Hov will now be joining the team, which also includes Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Jay will give a live performance on the show on December 14.

As previously reported, the Roc Nation founder will be touring with U2 in Australia next month, as well. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Peso

    I can’t see how anyone can hate on Jay-Z BUT they seem to always find a way…

    no matter what the boy is a natural, bonifide, grade A hustler

  • Sha

    No disrespect to Jigga but…..

    Remember when Jigga was boycotting the Grammys for their failure to recognize hip-hop as a true art form (they still haven’t gotten it right to me)?

    If I were him I would be BOYCOTTING THE HELL OUT OF OPRAH!

    Oprah has not made it a secret that she doesn’t like rappers. The only reason she “rides” with Jay is because his dough and influence is loooong (although not as long as her dough). Plus he has Barack and Beyonce co-signing him.

    But let’s keep it real. Oprah dissed the shit out of Luda when he went on that show to promote his movie. She brought Common on and damn near had him groveling and accepting responsibility for ALL OF THE RAPPERS THAT DEGRADE WOMEN IN HIP-HOP (Common did it because he’s always been a little progressive. Then he went and released “The People” right after that interview and used bitch in that song. lol).

    Now Oprah recently banned use of the word “Bitch” on her network. Like that shit will stop anyone from using it.

    I can’t front and say that she’s NEVER done anything for Blacks. That would be a lie. But I can’t stand when our people get that IVORY TOWER mentality and think it’s cool to judge and shit on us all because THEY made successful gains.

    But it’s not only Hip-Hop in general that she attacks. I truly believe she doesn’t love being Black any more. If she could dye her skin she’d be Caucasian today.

    Answer this. Why would you go to Africa to start a “Girl’s” school for underprivaledged kids when America is filled with “hoods” and poverty??? That shit was so disrespectful to me.

    I can’t be mad at Jigga for going. He does do good for the hood. But damn! Is there anyone that will call out this borderline lesbian (yeah I said it) for what she is. A Hostess Cake (black on the outside, white on the inside).

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    The ONLY reason he’s on there is to get them book sales from her book club following.

    • Worley

      He’s a damn fool if he thinks white housewives and their imitators – Oprah’s following – will be interested in him or that book.

  • it is what it is…

    not a borderline lesbian…an actual lesbian who aint foolin any damn body

    also she has been a disgrace in her quest to belittle and show hatred towards the black community and black men in general… tiger,mj,luda,common all RAPED (unexpectedly) on her show…

    and just recently having mark fukin firman on the show to further belittle and talk shit about oj.. she actaully let mark furman say that the black community and all black juries are “morally bankrupt” and oj should have been tried by whites then oprah suggested how she wished she and furman can double team oj to make him confess it was un-fukin-believable..furman then when on to say “see what ou haave to understand about blacks is…” followed b some of the most discusting hateful shit ive ever heard ever– oh and did you hear his explaination for using the word “nigger”?? WOW..all while oprha’s just smiling

    now she (for the second time) ROYALLY FUCKED MJ by having a pedophile episode the day b4 she had his kids on… she did this b4 when she aired a pedopophile episode the day b4 the jury verdict in the mj court case—the family is now officially out to kill her ass

    nd lets not forget the movie precious–yup she bankroleld that shit–notice how the only black characters who werent vomit inducingl vile were lenny kravitz and mariah carey??? YUP light skin (and im fukin mixed and i admit that) do u hve an idea of how blacks/black men were portraed in that film???

    jigga IS part of the gay black tyler perry, oprah, etc illuminati– he is…im sorry to say it but he is…dont know how he got involved but he fukin is.

  • tumi

    @sha cosign