REPS: Houston, TX, by way of Cuba

STATS: 32D-27-40

CAREEER HIGHLIGHT: "I've been modeling for two years. Within that time my grind has got me featured in a cover of a novel, hosting events, [and placed me in] music videos, car shows, and fashion shows! This past summer, I was chosen to shoot with celebrity photographer, Nick Saglimbeni, and The Slick Force Team in Hollywood, California. My first ‘sexy’ spread [will be] featured in SHOW Magazine [in] early 2011.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Being a pianist myself, I have a strong love for music. There are a lot of rappers and artists I respect because of their grind. They never give up on their love for music or dreams. One of my favorite rappers of all time is Paul Wall. He stays consistent always representing where he's from. [He] keeps making music his fans love, and manages to keep it 100% with his family! You just can't hate on his hustle!”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “My favorite video has to be Aaliyah, ‘More Than a Woman.’ The video reminds me a lot of myself. Ever since I was a little girl, my grandmother always reminded me that you have to be more than a woman at whatever you do. Til’ this day she stands beside me, and supports what I do...R.I.P. Aaliyah!”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “My dream job would be acting in a Martin Scorsese film. I see myself playing a role as a young Cuban-American woman, falling in love with a ‘Wise Guy,’ lol.”

SEX APPEAL: “The fact that I'm always on top of my mind, body, and soul is what makes me sexy, inside and out. From head to toe I try to stay flawless. The truth is staying healthy is sexy! There are three parts of my body that people compliment the most: my face, waist, and butt. I've been called ‘Sirena,’ which means mermaid in Spanish, and Coke bottle.”

TURN-ON: “My ultimate fantasy would be going on a romantic getaway in tropical Hawaii, and making love all night on the beach – enjoying the sounds of waves splashing around us. I find that I'm extremely turned on by a man who is intelligent, low-key, business-minded, and loyal.”

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