International Quincy: Diddy’s Son Grabs the Mic [Family Ties]

Most aspiring rappers would kill to be down with Sean “Diddy” Combs. But having been raised by the legendary Bad Boy Records mogul for the majority of his 19 years, Quincy Brown, a.k.a. International Quincy, is instead trying to step out of Mr. Combs’s shadow and into a spotlight all his own.

The biological son of 1980s R&B star Al B. Sure! and supermodel Kim Porter, Quincy has called his mom’s on-off boyfriend Puff “daddy” since he was three. While growing up with his mother in Columbus, Georgia, the Southern stunna dreamed of a career as an actor. Quincy got his first taste of the spotlight on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, when he debuted his first record “Da Fly Way,” a collabo with then Bad Boy artist Yung Joc, at his extravagant birthday party. “I went in there [having] never really laid nothin’ professionally down in an actual studio before,” says Quincy of the track. “That gave me a little tease of what this is all about.”

Soon after, rap aspirations replaced Hollywood ones. Q spent the next two years working to perfect his craft, before releasing his first mixtape, Nothing Special, online earlier this year to mixed reviews. “Some people loved it; some people [didn’t],” Q says of the response to his collection of synthesizer-backed rhymes and Auto-Tuned harmonies. “Of course, a lot of people say, ‘You only doin’ this ’cause you Puffy’s son.’ But that’s just my whole journey right now.”

That journey is to disprove those who may consider IQ’s success a by-product of nepotism. To his credit, though, Quincy isn’t trying to use their relationship as a shortcut to the top. “I don’t really ask him for much help, because I know how much of an easy outlet that is,” says the Los Angeles–based MC. “I’m just pretty much doin’ everything on my own.”

For now, that means releasing songs and videos on his website ( and mastering the art of storytelling with a very important fan watching his every move. “[Diddy] don’t want nothin’ but the best of the best bein’ done, so I got a lot of pressure,” says Quincy. “But pressure’s a great thing.”

Daddy didn’t raise no fool. —Calvin Stovall




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  • Sha

    I don’t know…. His lyrical flow. His movements. He is strongly reminiscent of DRAKE. Where I’m from we call this STYLE JACKIN’. Somebody would give him a deal because of his father. But I doubt anyone will cop his music.

    • render

      exactly what i thought the minute I put that vid on….flagrant swaggerjacking…even down to the hand movements

  • pharoethegreatest

    The flow and beat is tight, but yeah the reason for that is its Drakes style doppleganged to a t.

  • Buff Bagwell

    Al B. Sure lookin motherfucker… with a hint of Ginuwine


  • js

    since when was diddy good on the mic?

  • Donte

    his delivery is so fucking week i swear thats one of the most underrated factors when rhyming

  • HellNaw

    Do we really need a Drake imitation?

  • Anonymous

    Int’l Quincy huh? To be truthful, I think you should keep the expertise of Diddy’s production sense and consult your biological for honing in on those vocals and becoming the next big R&B sensation. Damn! You look like yo Daddy! (Al B. Sure – That is)



  • Tricia

    I kind of dig it though. He’s still young. There’s room for his style to grow. I give him credit for not asking for Diddy’s help. That would’ve been so easy. He’s trying to earn his. That’s great.

  • Karen E. Quinones Miller

    I agree with Tricia. I like the fact that he’s not leaning on either Al B. or Diddy to give that leg up.
    And, man! I certainly agree with whoever it was that said that he looks like his pops!

    Craig Stovall, thanks for this interesting article!

  • One Love

    Overall I would say he’s an intelligent young man who seems to have his head on his shoulders. Somewhere down the line all artists/rappers or whoever have been inspired by someone–Like it or not.

    Oh yeah, there’s no way Al B. could deny him. But that other guy calling himself “Lil B. Sure”, I’m not so Sure about that. I’m just saying…..

    1 Love!

  • Kelly Kell M

    Got the mixtape and all the other joints and you know what, I’m loving his music. I respect him for not relying on his dad for help and I really hope he keeps making music regardless of the hate some people are dishing out to him. It takes talent and determination to do what he’s doing and he definetly has those so I guess all that’s left for me to say is that I wish him all the best!!