Halloween might be over but that doesn’t mean the monsters still aren’t out. Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj, rather her alter ego Roman Zolanski, released her highly anticipated collaboration with the one and only Slim Shady (aka Eminem) “Roman’s Revenge.” On the Swizz Beatz-produced track, Nicki finally fired back at her detractors. While the Young Money princess doesn’t name names Lil’ Kim and Keys are likely her primary targets. (“Look at my show footage, how these girls be spazzin’/So fuck I look like gettin’ back to a has-been?/Yeah, I said it, has-been/Hang it up, flat screen/[Ha-ha] Plasma).

With the introduction of Nicki’s new split personality and the Busta Rhymes-inspired hook (“Raar, raar, like a dungeon dragon”), it continues hip-hop’s ghoulish trend of aggressive content. After dubbing himself a monster on 808 & Heartbreaks’ “Amazing,” Kanye West took it to another with the release of the appropriately titled “Monster,” where Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki all spazzed on the track—but the crown went to Minaj.

Maybe it was Halloween fever but it seems like now everyone is on that monster shit, while keeping it all in the family. That got us to thinking about the first family of monsters, The Munsters. The 1960’s sitcom was a wholesome clan of outcasts trying to fit in the modern world. We found a correlation between some of the characters and hip-hop’s new brand of monster MCs.

Cue the theme music… —Anslem Samuel