Gucci Mane Charges Dropped

All of the charges against Gucci Mane, stemming from his arrest yesterday (November 2) have been dropped today, reports the Associated Press.

As previously reported, Gooch was picked up on Tuesday in Atlanta for driving on the wrong side of the road, running a red light or stop sign, damage to government property, obstruction, no license, no proof of insurance and other traffic charges.

The AP says the prosecution decided to drop the charges but a judge warned they can be reinstated.

Stay tuned to as more information becomes available. —Elan Mancini

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  • the kid frankie


  • Da Young Rebel

    Well Damn!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jayhard

    Don’t worry REAL HIP HOP heads!!!!! His dumbass will fuck up again and go back in! Then we won’t have to listen to that bullshit he puts out and tries to pass off as HIP HOP!!! Usually once a dumbass always a dumbass!!!!!!!!! Let the Pucci Mane and Wocka Flocka Fag dickriders hating begin!!!!!!!!!!!!\


    • dmkldfn

      fuck u nerd ass nigga you’ll get murdered down hear ya bitch

    • nknlhn

      fuck u nerd ass nigga, you’d get murdered down here ya bitch



  • http://yahoo jason

    back to the money!

    • Black Republican

      Black folk always counting other folks money, that why black folk don’t have money.

  • aaron

    he should be in jail for not being able to stay out of trouble.He has been blessed to do what others dream of doing and he is not even talented….Wake up and embrace your blessing and stop doing dum stuff!

  • Gucci Mane


  • El Tico Loco

    No proof of insurance? Fail

    Unacceptable when your watch is worth at least 3 years of premiums, and you can still buy some w/o an L.

  • og bobby j


  • Sharoyce Antwan

    Thats what’s up, Radric! Imma have to call that nigga tonight! 1017 run this bitch

    Rich Nigga Shit!

    Sharoyce Antwan- Santa Clause (prod. by Lex Luger of 1017 Brick Squad)

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  • Anonymous

    who the FUCK….rides down the WRONG WAY of a street, runs a stop sign or red light in a WHITE HUMMER with no license OR insurance???

    how many times can this EMPHATICALLY DUMB ass nicca get a pass before it’s all over??? how many times is it gonna take?

  • yoprince

    off duty police officers are following rappers around doing their damnedest to catch them doing anything that could put them back in jail, and it’s disgusting.

    • anutha_level

      my dude…if niggas keep they head str8 and don’t be doin no OVERLY obvious dumb shyt to get them caught there wouldn’t be no issues. u feel me? no trace – no case my nigga! that’s on his dumb ass

      • klrsgfl

        i feel u but im gettin tired of these fake ass new york niggas talkin that “real hip hop” shit cus they dont have no street shit happenin in new york no more. if u dont wanna hear trap shit then listen to nerd shit. i think new york niggas get mad when they hear a nigga from the south talkin bout gangsta shit. stop bein a fuckin hater bruh, i noticed yall east coast niggas (excluding jersey,dc, and baltimore) tolerate hating. if u dont like it dont listen to it, guccie, flocka, boosie aint for nerd niggas,go listen to wyclef or sum shit

  • Dee

    Gucci Mane is BULLSHYT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dont Go Hardeah Den Boosie

  • Hooop

    that´s my Nigga! Nobody can stop a real Hood-Hero like Gucci!!

  • VADA

    gucci might not be the hottest rapper out but what yall call bullshit nigga makin bank off of. stop hatin on that nigga. you’d make “bullshit” ass music if you was gettin paid too
    besides easportscenter is still that shit

  • rene’ williams

    the real boss