Game Tries to Spark Reunion Talks With 50 Cent on Twitter

For some rappers Twitter can be used as a means to start beef, for others it can be used as a way to end it. For Game the microblogging site is a way to end old rivalries. The West Coast rapper hopped on his account yesterday (November 11) to extend an olive branch to 50 Cent.

“Aye nigga, get on twitter & let’s get this shit movin,” he wrote to Fif yesterday. “All it take is “ONE PHONE CALL” U call me, I call BUCK, tell Banks holla at Yayo & dat puts HIP HOP @ OUR MERCY! Anybody don’t like it, FUCK YALL!!! Out wit the EGO’S… we were once DOMINANT!!! It’s TIME “CURTIS”!!!

Urging the G-Unit General to pick up the phone Game continued, “RE-UNION or NO RE-UNION, a conversation couldn’t kill a fly!!!” I don’t NEED [50]! & he don’t NEED [me]! I just see fans of both caught n the middle of our “BEEF” so I spoke on how I felt. SIMPLE. [E]verybody got different opinions. [It’s] fuck [50] over here & fuck [Game] over there, But TRUTH IS, ya’ll was f#ckin wit BOTH US @ 1 TIME. LOOK: I know BUCK, he aint gone reach but he’ll RIDE WIT ME!!!

“Me & CURTIS EGO’s was 2 BIG & ya’ll got caught up n the process” he addressed the fans later writing, “CHECK IT: If the nigga [50 Cent] reaches out or not, sumn BIG was accomplished here today!”
Failing to respond directly to Game, the Queens MC eventually jumped on Twitter to comment on the chance of a reunion. “What are you guys talking about,” he typed to his followers, “I don’t talk to Game. I have had no communication whit him in years.” —Elan Mancini

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  • FRED


    • Autumn

      yeah i thought it sucked that game was kicked out b4 anger management. i really wanted to see him in concert. maybe someday

  • Bishop

    I Hear that fred g-unit would be real hot if they came back together

  • King Don GUnit

    FAIL! Buck and Game bash 50 for years yet the only commericial success they ever had or will have was with G-Unit…They were the squad to fcuk with back then shit seems like yesterday I was bumping “Stunt 101″ in my 2003 Nissan Maxima pushing that white snow in Bronx…Buck can’t get off the dope so he filing for Chapter 13 and Game tries time and time again to have commerical success going as far as that pairing up with Keisha Cole for that hot mess “Game’s Pain: FAIL FAIL FAIL!

    • Anonymous

      um not really cause game went platinum with out fifty twice

      • yoooooo

        um not really
        game went platinum once wit out fif

        Doctor’s Advocate-US: 969,000 WW- 3,000,000
        L.A.X-US: 660,100

    • Wyzard of Hip Hop since 98

      uh, whre have you been?? U right about Buck but Game has been (pound 4 pound) doin better than ALL of them put together!! Game dont need 50, he was doin this for HIp HIp. Game has enjoyed good marginal success since leaving Gunit. His last album did better than Fifths, look at the numbers nigga. Wake up. Game is doin jus fine. and as to a reunion its too late for all that. Hip hop is full of jerks and souf artists. There is no longer any room for a Gunit. If they all got their ish together and dropped a banger it would jus be recieved from they fans. That day is over and that era is over and its sad b/c its REAL hip hip. Any one doubt me jus look at the flop of the last Unit album and Fifts last album. I mean do you have eitehr one of them??

    • CHANGE

      U rite..but whatever Buck goes thru it aint gonna CHANGE nothin really. I can see him bouncin right back cuz thats what hustlas & real street niggaz dew!His new shit”Back On My Buck Shit 2″is hot as fuck!!!if you aint hear that mixtape yet dwnload it,it came out un Holloween.he got a track he did with the game its straight tho

  • No Name

    I apprecite Game’s effort, but history doesn’t exactly prove that either one of them will stay cool and stop the sneak dissing. Once that stops being a factor for a significant amount of time, then they should sit down and talk about doing a track together and what not. For now though, they oughta at least talk privately about stopping the beef.

  • wow


  • http://rapgodfathers biged

    fuck,fuck,fuck,hate,hate ,hate..all you muthafuckas do is flap ur gums. game an buck may not have the commercial success of 50 but they got the streets nigga. so stop hatin an find urself a bitch….bitch

    • gtfo

      i see it like this the only shit they got in gunit now are banks and 50 cuz yayo aint worth a fuckin shit.hes garbage and proves it time and time again.having buck and game back in the unit would be epic for atleast 1 more albumn.and if street cred is what we are talkin then game and buck together got more street cred than the unit didnt even do anything that bad.but 50 will do a song with jada?50 needs to stop being hypocritical.but 50 will answer all the chatter by throwing a few stacks in a trunk of a car and put it on his site oh ouch that hurts. lol! so what 50?…im a fan dont get me wrong.take it to wax noone gives a flying black fuck how much money u got kid.

  • EAZY-F

    fuck commercial success. fuck what people are thinkin. just do you nigga


    I cant believe this…Game, you dont need them homie..u seeling more than 50..

  • http://yahoo jason

    this is a perfect example of hindsight is 20 20. it sounds good on paper but how can they go in and re-create the chemistry they had after all the so called beefing. just one of those things that couldve been shouldve been but aint gone be. and if it does that further lets me know that 90 percent of this rap stuff is wwf.

  • KiNGPiN

    this would be good for hip hop no lie

  • yoprince

    damn. game is hurting right now.

  • butta

    50 dont do it game is juss seeing all the paper u gettin and that new movie situation u got and he knows banks and yayo is gunna eat off of that too so now he wishes he was there to get sum. fuck him you live and you learn, learn to stay loyal you fucked up game

  • pap3rchazer

    who the hell is Game to talk about “reunion”??? The came on, after the success of the group!

    without 50 n Gunit, he DEFINITELY would have been one of Dre’s Aftermath flunkies like Eve, Rakim, Raekwon, Stat Quo, Bishop Lamont, Joel Ortiz, Marsha Ambrosius, Busta n the list goes on!

    like Fif said in one of his interviews, the only reason he went along with putting Game is becuz he knew that the West Coast would have accepted something new n different!

    let it go n move on!

    • Anonymous

      quick question how many of those flunkies went platinum and got grammies

      • pap3rchazer

        went platinum n got grammies WHILE signed with Dre….ZERO! (tho Busta’s Big Bang did go gold) lol

  • that nigga

    50 still actin like a fag. I respect that GAME, real nigga shit.

  • bylaw99

    @ Anonymous…you saying alot of foul shit that makes no sense..1.Game didnt go platinum without fif more then 1, the Devils advocate went plat but L.A.X didnt buddy do your homework. 2.Only 2 flunkies got grammys Busta and Eve, no one else ever dropped an album on aftermath. @ THE TRUTH..dude you cant be serious how you say Game selling more than 50, that comment alone lets me know you’re speaking outta hate and not intelligence. FIFs third album sold over 3 million copies, Games third is barely gold if even.

  • Anonymous

    how 50 is wrong for not wanting a “reunion”? what other rapper you know sold 11 millie on their debut album n used that momentum to release a group album, then the rest of his solo artist’s albums before goin on to his 2nd album??? cmon man, Fif was a good dude to all these niggaz!

  • Don mcCaine

    This reunion ain’t gonna happen.

    G-Unit is on EMI, Game is still on Universal.

    Game must have some unreleased heatrox he want Fif to sign off on. Plus them Pharrell beats & Timberlake collabs ain’t the business.

    Shouts to the homie (don’t remember whom) who called this Game scenario months ago, when they spoke on the 1st RED album release date.

    Yayo & Danny Brown (Hawaiian Snow mixtape) are makin’ more noise than Game at this moment.

  • yeedee

    Lol The Game is always beefin with people and makin em look like faggets then chganges his mind and want to be friends with them. people dont forgive that easy Game.

  • Mitch 3k

    Game need to take his ass on to church talkin that turn the other cheek forgive and forget shit

    Dont nobody wanna hang out with a guy who wrote 100 songs about them

    Oh, and lets not forget the 2 hour movie you made dising them

    lol, I wouldnt accept an apology from this dude if he was on his death bed

  • Q461

    @ Don McCaine

    Co-sign theres no way in hell 50 reunites with Game or Buck. Theres nothing in it for him. He even said it, Game is trying to do something because he can’t get the RED album off the ground. They put out like 5 songs and nothing has caught on. Theres nothing in it for 50 but everything in it for Game. I fuck with Game but homey doesnt think before he speaks thats his problem. How genuine would a G-unit album with Buck and Game sound after all the diss songs, interviews and shit talking? Fans aresnt stupid. Besides everyone already knows 50 and Game werent homies…It was “arranged” by Jimmy Iovine and Dre to put Game in the unit.It would be different if they were boys and had a falling out then patched it up something kinda like Dipset, but they weren’t and fans know it. Buck is struggling too so of course he’d be down.

    On paper the idea was brilliant- a supergroup with 3 niggaz from NY one Southern dude and one West Coast MC. thats mass appeal nationwide. But it just didnt work out cause egos blew up.50 tried to replace Game with Spider Loc, but wised up before putting him on the second G-unit group record. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just 50 and Banks puting out records now, no need for a group album, the last one tanked. And Yayo is content with being a hypeman, occasionally rapping and gettin that tour money. He dont need a sophomore album.

    And 50s beef with Jada wasn’t really a big deal. I’m glad they squashed it.And working with Kanye is a smart move for his next record. I could see 50 squashing it with Nas and Camron too…But not with Fat Joe, Rick Ross or Ja Rule. Those beefs went deeper.Same with Game and Buck, it would just look stupid trying to be cool with them again and 50 knows it, dude aint stupid, hes got no interest.

    Sorry Game you gotta go back to the lab homey…I’d suggest tryin to cook up some shit Wayne now that hes out and Young Money.Good luck nigga.

    • soco

      ok the beef with jada was a big deal.remember sorry miss jackson?and q you bring a ton of valid points to the table.wich most i agree with.have a question though why aint 50 lettin buck outta the contract?50 is smart but also has a fucked up side to him.50 imo made the beef with buck bigger then it should have been.the dude is a trouble maker we know that by his music along with most of his actions in the past.why would anyone beleive the game or buck brought this on themselves??givin 50′s rep..i think 50 will diss loyd banks if his records get any slower.

  • Q461

    @ soco

    Yea 50 and the Unit went back and forth with D-block and some of the disses were tough, but do you remember what spawned it? Jada and Fat Joe doing the New York song with Ja…50 felt that by doing that song they were aligning with Ja. As time passed 50 prob realized it wasn’t a big deal, especially since Ja has pretty much fallen off the map. It was a stupid trivial beef, hell if Fat Joe didnt drag things out with Fif I would say even he would have a chance to squash it with 50 except for the fact that 50 prob deems him unimportant and not worth it doing any music with.

    As far as Buck, well 50′s no idiot. Same reason why Diddy kept the LOX in that contract, hes a ruthless, heartless businessman, just like 50. I dont think 50 will beef with Banks, they are true friends, and have already gone through alot shit together. Game and Buck were disloyal to G-unit, thats why 50 kicked them out. I hate to disagree but they didnt bring it on themselves, which is why Game just should have shut up about it after awhile. Hes got talent but comes off as desperate trying to put the band back together 5 years later.

  • Q461

    correction- they DID bring it on themselves..

  • Don mcCaine

    “Hes got talent but comes off as desperate trying to put the band back together 5 years later”


    especially when you wasn’t even in the band like that…

  • theycallmereal

    fux tht being cool shit me n game could never be cool after the shit he said on them diss track.

    “50 mama ill put you in the ground like dat”

    can be cool eva again after that

  • westcoastgurl1

    well game is a fake @$$ dude hes a blood and
    bloods aint chit they the fak3st dudes in the wrld they play wit ppl’s minds n try

  • westcoastgurl1

    bloods are the fakes gangstas in the wrld they aint chit game aint chit he wuz a nobody before
    he was signed to aftermath and hes a nobody kno
    hes always on twitter talkin dumb so fucc lame
    n the rest of all the slobs out there

  • swype-matic

    Well sorry Game, but the mistake was all the beefing and shit in the first place. 50, Banks, Buck, Yayo and Game could have all been runnin the game still if they would have just not been jealous and stayed down and true. You can’t build a time machine, but there IS a rewind button.



  • 50 Cents XXL Cover

    In the words of the best rapper still living in the game – Whoever let you sign off on them G-Unit tank tops is stupid, just like your dumb ass. Those are brassiere tops, whoever wore that outside was a homo.

    • swype-matic

      I always called’em g-unit training bras, but yea, you right, them shits were FOUL. It was hilarious seein guys who didn’t even have muscles wearing those, fitting like a tall tee.

  • pap3rchazer

    50 co-wrote the Documentary, gave that nigga BANGERS, gave him a direction to run in, sold 5 millie, brought the West back!

    ….50 brought the West back but puttin on Game!

  • Official Fully

    Game gonna say his account was hacked.


  • mav

    people talk alotta shit but dont act like that shit wouldnt have hip hop buzzin…gunit and games career are kinda dead right now but that would bring em back and rap beef is no longer profitable fif would never swallow his pride though….even though he would make more money off a reunion than any of the other cats


    Game & 50 had like 3 songs together. Based on the crying people are doing over 3 songs you would think these were the greatest 3 songs of all time. OF ALL TIME! In reality, its just one cat tryna sell records.

  • Magnetic

    I heard countless mixtape joints where Game went apeshit on G-Unit so I don’t blame 50 if he doesn’t want to reunite. Personally a reunion might be wack, I would say collab on a joint or two and see how that go first. My son thinks 50 is better, but I think Game is better. They both good artist and Game is right they don’t need each other but it would be good to see peace over beef for once.

  • Gtang

    i think it would be good thing cause they had beef cause they would try to out do eachother and that would make them step up there game chemistry wouldnt matter cause they would try there best to have the better verse i hope they would get back together and with mobb deep man they would be flawless

  • HipHopDoctor

    All of you people’s comments make me laugh…Fif didn’t fall off because “the game changed”….he fell off because all he raps about is money, record sales, and guns….that was cool when he was new, but common, 3 albums in and its the same thing over and over….thats why Kanye and Eminem keep selling big, they didnt change their music style (they are dropping the same type of hip as they did when they were selling in the same time period as Fif), but they either have interesting things to say, or are innovating with their music…end of story…

    As long as Fif thinks hes the shit because of how many guns he “used” to have, or how much money he “used” to make, or how many records he “used” to sell, nobody (including me) is gonna f with him, word.

  • HipHopDoctor

    And im sorry, but as soon as fif did the cover with SoljaBoy, it basically shows he is no longer interested in Hip Hop “musically”….

  • Kenny D

    Real talk HipHopDoctor! The problem with 50 is he doesn’t wanna change. He wants to be the same ol 50 and rap the same ol way. Ludacris, T.I., Jay-Z, Snoop, Em, and Kanye were from the same era as 50, but they continue to sell. In fact, Eminem hasn’t changed his style or his voice (autotune). He just raps about different shit that’s relevant. 50 cent continues to rap about shit that’s irrelevant. Even Banks changed his style and lyrics up and he’s getting a lot of buzz. As for a reunion, all these G-Unit stans need to shut their mouths and realize that this may be good for hip hop. It would prove that 50 was willing to change and that Game has finally grown up as a hip hop artist.

  • jane

    Game ’bout as pussy as that butterfly tattoo on his face. Fucking Curr