For some rappers Twitter can be used as a means to start beef, for others it can be used as a way to end it. For Game the microblogging site is a way to end old rivalries. The West Coast rapper hopped on his account yesterday (November 11) to extend an olive branch to 50 Cent.

“Aye nigga, get on twitter & let’s get this shit movin,” he wrote to Fif yesterday. “All it take is “ONE PHONE CALL” U call me, I call BUCK, tell Banks holla at Yayo & dat puts HIP HOP @ OUR MERCY! Anybody don’t like it, FUCK YALL!!! Out wit the EGO’S… we were once DOMINANT!!! It’s TIME “CURTIS"!!!

Urging the G-Unit General to pick up the phone Game continued, “RE-UNION or NO RE-UNION, a conversation couldn’t kill a fly!!!” I don’t NEED [50]! & he don’t NEED [me]! I just see fans of both caught n the middle of our “BEEF” so I spoke on how I felt. SIMPLE. [E]verybody got different opinions. [It’s] fuck [50] over here & fuck [Game] over there, But TRUTH IS, ya'll was f#ckin wit BOTH US @ 1 TIME. LOOK: I know BUCK, he aint gone reach but he’ll RIDE WIT ME!!!

“Me & CURTIS EGO’s was 2 BIG & ya’ll got caught up n the process” he addressed the fans later writing, “CHECK IT: If the nigga [50 Cent] reaches out or not, sumn BIG was accomplished here today!”
Failing to respond directly to Game, the Queens MC eventually jumped on Twitter to comment on the chance of a reunion. “What are you guys talking about,” he typed to his followers, “I don’t talk to Game. I have had no communication whit him in years.” —Elan Mancini