Foxy Brown Plans to Fight Neighbor Dispute in Court

Foxy Brown is headed back to court. The feisty rapstress refused a plea deal in the case with her neighbor, according to New York’s Daily News, and she plans to fight the charges that she violated a court order.

During a court appearance hearing yesterday (November 16) Fox said, “We will fight this.”

As previously reported, Brown was handcuffed back in July after getting into a dispute with Arlene Raymond, a woman who has a restraining order against her for a separate assault charge back in 2007. Raymond claimed the Don Diva screamed and then flashed her buttocks at her following an argument about the volume of FB’s car stereo.

Last September the felony charges against Brown in the case were dismissed. If convicted of this misdemeanor charge of breaking the order of protection she faces up to a year in jail.

A judge set the duo to next appear in court on February 7. —Elan Mancini

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  • Lil Bit

    This is ridiculous! My goodness!

  • Sha



    This whole play is about Foxy not wanting to go to jail. That’s it. It’s not about innocence because everyone knows she has more guilt than OJ Simpson.

    The prosecutors are handing out one year sentences for rappers like Skittles. She knows this.

    But the bigger problem for her is that she signed that new contract for her own independent label. And it’s my guess that they have a clause that will seek to nullify the deal if she doesn’t perform certain duties in a specified period of time. Translation? Work or give us our money back (but this is pure speculation on my part).

    Now she’s not Weezy. She’s not going into prison on some high level of output. She hasn’t had a memorable record in a minute. Hell… She’s not even T.I.

    So if she goes to prison for one year, her life is ruined and her plans for restructuring her career are destroyed. Foxy doesn’t have a choice. She has to fight this.

    Soup cans and heating curling irons on the stove. Back to basics Foxy. Hope you saved your loot.

    • anutha_level

      damn homie…y SO much commentary on every blog/post?

  • anutha_level

    who cares about this bird…

  • Don mcCaine

    Sha you’re incorrect about this one…

    you’ve been wrong about it. Did you click on the 1st thread to see what you said before? She ain’t even do anything.

    You drop way too much knowledge on here to NOT see the NEIGHBOR is trying to jam Foxy up.

    The system dropped the felonies, the misdemeanor was/is community service. And I presume they (Foxy/lawyers) have enough of a case to get this dismissed all the way.

  • whatever

    what a dumb bitch

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  • Da Realest

    Yaul need to jus stop with the unnecessary comments about Foxy Brown she is the baddest chick in the game and will be foreva. Jus respect her and only say positive things about her, and for sha you have no idea wat your tlkn bout so jus keep your wrds to urself boo…….rl tlk