Cage Talks Kid Cudi/Shia LaBeouf Film

Kid Cudi is about to follow in mentor Kanye West’s footsteps and he’s getting a little help from one of Hollywood’s biggest up-and-coming stars. On the heels of Yeezy’s 35-minute video for “Runaway,” the Cleveland rapper is planning on releasing a short film of his own to be directed by actor Shia LaBeouf and feature underground rapper Cage. recently chopped it up with the former Def Jux MC to find out their plans for the project.

According to Cage, the video will center around “Maniac,” their haunting collaboration from Cudi’s new album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. A close friend of both LaBeouf and Cudder, Cage says the idea for the partnership came about recently when the Transformers star expressed he was a fan of the XXL Freshman alum’s music.

“Out of nowhere, Shia LaBeouf goes you motherfuckers are having too much fun without me,” Cage explained. “ [Then] he throws his hat in and goes I’ma do the video.”

“We all talked about it over Halloween actually,” he continued, “and we decided well let’s make a movie; let’s make a short film. Fuck just doing a little three-minute video, let’s do something big. Let’s do something that hasn’t been done.”

While he wouldn’t reveal any specific details about what fans should expect to see on the screen, he promised, true to the film’s title, to anticipate plenty of “mania.”

Cage added that the crew already has several scripts written for the movie and plan on shooting very soon.

This isn’t LaBeouf’s first foray in the director’s chair either. He was responsible for Cage’s “ I Never Knew You” video, and over the last few years has been developing the rapper’s biopic.

Cudi, on the other hand, enlisted the talents of actor Josh Hartnet for his “Pursuit of Happiness” clip in 2009. —Jesse Gissen

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  • SutterKane

    Its really sad what happened to cage man, use to be a fan

    Worst part is as bad as he sold out, he still didnt blow up…… He went from hjardcore underground rapper with no airplay, to Emo-Sissy rapper who follows the transformers kid around like a puppy dog, and sold the exact same amount of records (more or less)


  • Nakiia

    Well..Whin Iht Com Owt, I Hope Its Epicc. I Love Kid Cudi!!

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  • Blue

    @ sutter
    nah dude cage hasn’t sold out shia is the one followin him around and kudi came to him, he’s just doin whatever he wants

  • lytt

    you dont know what the fuck your talking about. Get a real musical perspective and maybe a musical taste if your lucky

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  • Toto



    Cage is on a different level. You’re livin in the past kid.