Birdman Speaks on Reuniting With Lil Wayne, Immediate Plans

After enduring eight months behind bars, Lil Wayne was freed from jail earlier this morning (November 4). Birdman called in to Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Los Angeles’ Power 106 FM to speak on the release and the team’s immediate plans.

“We let him embrace mama first,” the Cash Money co-founder said of Wayne’s interaction with his mother, Miss Cita.

Weezy expressed his plans for his first moments of freedom to Baby, as well, reportedly telling him, “I wanna go eat, I wanna go chill, I wanna see the family, and after that we gonna do what we do—we gonna pop bottles and look at these models.”

As previously reported, Lil Wayne must head to Arizona to sign paperwork with the probation department stemming from a separate 2008 drug case. “We gotta go out there for a minute,” he said. “He gotta go check in; he got a little paperwork out there. After that they’re headed to L.A. and then Miami.

According to his lawyer, James Tilson, once Wayne is in Arizona on Friday, he will sign papers to start his 36-month probation term and have the probation transferred to his residence in Florida.

Young Money president Mack Maine told that Wayne may be making his return to the stage on Saturday as a special guest at Drake’s Las Vegas concert at the ironically titled venue, The Joint.

The whole Young Money/Cash Money family will then be heading to Miami on Sunday to celebrate Weezy’s release. Going down on Sunday, November 7, there will be a party at an undisclosed location with expected guests including Drake, Birdman, Lil Twist and more. —Adam Fleischer

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    Now that he is out, hopefully he is smart enough to keep his self out. Since the release party is being made public, you know the hip hop police will be watchin waitin for him to fuck up. Especially with all the elements of temptation around.


      YAYA look at ti they get em all gucci got sent back u fuck up there on ure ass hes going back watch aint no way hes gonna pass piss test and everything u know there gonna get him they want to get lil wayne

  • Atlanta is full of Flakes

    “and after that we gonna do what we do—we gonna pop bottles and look at these models.”

    Yup, he’ll be back in in less than a year. He has to keep the rotation up. Dumb Negro.

  • Sharoyce Antwan


    co sign

    we losin alot of our important artists in the south to the system. Hopefully Wayne could extend the reign

    Sharoyce Antwan- Santa Claus prod. by Lex Luger of 1017 Brick Squad

    Sharoyce Antwan- She Aint Had It Like This (prod. by BDB)

  • y5

    i hope they all die because i dont like their music

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  • LarissaMydonick

    Weezy ♥

  • RissaBaby

    Weezy ♥

  • richard-negro313

    A y5 if you dont like the music that means that you came on this page purley to hate??? get a F N life A hole!!!! u dont have to be a fan but at the same time you to have to be a hater

  • westcoastgirl1

    after they party and what not wayne and baby
    are gna go to a private hotel room and toss each other’s salad and then wayne is gonna fucc wit shanell and nicki then go knock up sum
    random females n then go give baby sum brain

  • Sean_Izzle

    hopefully Like Father, Like Son Pt. 2 will be in the making in due time

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  • D Frank

    “I wanna go eat, I wanna go chill, I wanna see the family, and after that we gonna do what we do—we gonna pop bottles and look at these models.”

    Thats a Baby paraphrase for you.

  • Jayhard

    Pop bottles, look at these models, go to AZ, MIA, Vegas, Smoke a lil’ somethin’ somethin’, do some dumb shit and go right back to jail!!!!
    I give it 2 weeks!! I’m just sayin’