8 Subliminal Diss Records That No One Claims

The battle has been a staple of hip-hop since the inception of the genre and the diss record has been one of the most celebrated by-products of rap (What up, KRS?). But what happens when an artist, releases a record that doesn’t name names but includes enough specifics to be declared a sneak attack by the greater hip-hop populous only to later recant the beef? We here at XXL were all excited about Nicki’s perceived Lil’ Kim diss on “Roman’s Revenge” only to have the YM princess deny dissing Kim earlier this week.

Nicki isn’t the only rapper to take the wind out of our fanatic sails, so XXLMag.com takes a look at a few examples when rappers don’t own up to their ether. —Rob Markman & Jesse Gissen

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  • Rockcity

    Subliminals is for scary bitches lol You know damn well you directing a diss at a particualar person so why lie and say you not??? Dats pussy shit scary shit

    • BIBBS

      TRUE….What im trying to figure out is why everyone voted niki number 2????? Is her cd even considered rap?!? As far as im concerned her first 2 singles are R&B, maybe xxl should do this same report for r&b singers. drake, niki, trey songz, even r kelly!!!

  • that nigga

    I coulds swore I heard Jeezy was from a “Cleveland”, and there was a Cleveland in ATL?

  • Nunya

    There’s a free over Mickey Factz “Paradise” that a lot of cats are calling a diss record to :

    Wiz Khalifa
    Gucci Mane
    Asher Roth & Wale
    Lil Wayne & Birdman
    Drake & Nicki Minaj
    Diggy Simmons
    MC Chris
    Ice Cube’s son
    J. Cole and Kanye West

    It’s a dope verse, never says anyone’s name though. Can’t remember who or where though.

  • Sha


    “Hiding your hands” is a good business approach. After all, the artist you’re beefin’ with has fans. And maybe their fans are in the millions. Do you really want millions of fans bad-mouthin’ you before your album drops? It’s not like a Nas/Jay-Z beef. Those two have “Permanent” fan-bases. But I kinda see why most artists play this role.



    As a true fan of hip-hop, the moves are PUSSY MOVES. From Roxanne to Krs, if emcees wanna battle? Battle!!! If I have a problem with ANYONE, I was taught to let that person know. So, this is a straight f**k move.


    The best way to ice someone is from a position of prominence. Keep your mouth closed. Say nothing. Close your mouth. Take time. Kill the anger. Emotions equal bad decisions and bad moves. If you REALLY want to get at someone, stack your chips. Build your Army. And then once you have gained power and clout, you attack. Subtly. Slowly chip away until they are so weak, or that their position becomes so weak that their is no recovery.

    Most people mix all of these and end of failing miserably. But in my opinion you only have 3 choices.

  • No Name

    “Roman’s Revenge” was without a doubt targeted at Kim. Unless there’s another Brooklyn female rap “has-been” who has a gripe with Nicki for “taking the spot.” Plus, the T.I. song was blown way outta proportion by fans, columnist and magazines. I don’t think he was targeting anyone in particular. Hip-hop is a very, very competitive field and everyone is “the best”, so in hindsight everyone’s talking to everyone else, lol.

  • T

    Nicki Minaj has no identity. She combined Lil Kim and Lady Gaga to make her image.

    • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

      co-sign brother

  • Dub

    Damn, War With God by Luda didn’t make the list… That joint was fire and it gave a number of people he potentially dissed. If you ain’t heard it look that joint up on youtube

  • BeerGangsta

    Beef is a candy bar!! Big Booty dissing each others!! Shit won’t last long. Kim is a Hater!! Heffer has beef with everybody. Who she use to hang with. Nikki don’t worry about it. Just get hook up with BeerGangsta LOL!!

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  • Q461

    Romans Revenge is def going at Kim, No doubt about it.I dont think theres anything wrong with subliminals they been around since hip hop beefs started. Keeps the fans interested and speculating. Not every track can be a No Vaseline or Ether. I don’t consider the Ghost Writer song to be a subliminal track just cause the names were censored, thats more of just a controversial track like 50′s How to Rob and Maino’s Rumors.

    Biggie was def goin at Pac on Who Shot ya? and Long Kiss Goodnight. Just as Mobb Deep fired back at Pac on Drop a Gem on em, but didnt mention names.

    @ Dub

    Pretty sure Luda was goin at Chingy and T.I on War with God. Dope track though!

  • Enlightened


    That wasn’t recorded before Pac was dead.

    The whole song is basically saying, “ha ha ha nigga you talked all that shit now look at you, you’re dead”

    For him to talk all that “we don’t want beef shit” and then dis a dead man was some hoe ass shit

    And I always felt like T.I.’s “I’m Talking To You” was for Lil’ Wayne.

    He didn’t mention Wayne when he said the niggas he wasn’t talking to, but he mentioned Juvenile, B.G. and Mannie Fresh

  • Fireforreal

    Enlightened How the fuck do you know for sure that record was made after Pac died ? Just in case you don’t know. Most albums that come out have songs that were recorded sometimes a year prior to the release. Big died in early march and the album dropped in march so it was mixed,edited,mastered maybe january at the latest. So the last track was maybe recorded around October,November at the latest. He could have done it April,May or right after hit em up came out. He says slugs MISSED ya I ain’t mad at ya. He didn’t say sluggs hit ya and you died. We all know how scared puff is. He wouldn’t have said all that shit talking about we coming for you and all that if pac died before the recorded the song. Puff doesn’t have the balls.

  • Chris

    Anybody that does not put “Long Kiss Goodnight” as the best disrecord ever is in poor taste. Clearly nobody topped that and to go even futher it the best dis track all of time.

  • Omegasun73

    eminem’s verse on tha drake track was aimed at lil wayne.Jay-z’s rock boys was aimed at camrom.

    • Mr. Uda

      Please tell me how “Roc Boys” was aimed at Killa Cam

      • Omegasun73

        Thanks to the lame niggas with bad aim thanks to a little change(50cent)i tore you out the game.Bullet wounds’ll stop your bufoonery(when cam got shot in D.C.)thanks to the Paster(mase)rapping at your eulogy

  • Chris

    Where do you guys come up with this!

  • http://illstreetgrooves.com RBi

    Who Shot Ya was made BEFORE Pac got shot, i heard it at least a month before … yall gotta stop putting misinformation out here, the youth are eating this bullshit up!

  • Slick Vic

    Jay-Z is the king of subliminal disses, Nas was definitely his target throughout the 90′s. 50 cent took some shots from HOV on that Laser In Ya Ear freestyle “no rap, u rat, u wack, u bore me/ i wanna end ur career but u gon do it for me”. Jay aimed at Ja Rule on “The Watcher 2″ he said “All of these RAP SINGERS claimin they’re bangers/ doin all sorts of twisted shit with their fingers” (Ja Rule=rap singer, and he always threw that M that stood for Murder Inc. with his fingers) Also, DMX DEFENITELY aimed at HOV on that Jadakiss joint “uh huh” where he said “I only gave u the crown so i can knock it off ur fuckin head”.. I always thought Nas’ “hate me now” was aimed at the whole WEST COAST for hatin on New York hard. subliminal shots are interesting cuz they keep us thinkin, The BEST subliminal (but obvious) shots in hip-hop history were between RAKIM and BIG DADDY KANE “the RAP SOLOIST? u dont want none of this” and Rakim- “a SMOOTH OPERATOR operate incorrectly” but when the battle is on… great records happen like LL’s “Jack the Ripper”, Canibus “2nd round KO”, “The Takeover”, “Ether”, “Nail in the coffin”, “Hit’em Up”, 50′s “back down” amongst others i cant remember… Know ur history kids!!

  • mav

    how did nicki getthe number 3 spot? yall crazy and i always thought im talkin to u was still goin at flip but i dont really know

    • q-babe

      I always thought that talkin to was for lil flip too.

  • sajib

    how yall not gonna put nas’s “the message” and biggie’s “kick in the door”? weren’t they both subliminal shots at each other? and i have to agree that jay-z is the king of subliminals. no one has thrown more sneak disses in their music than he has.

  • richie rich

    Im talkin to u was for flip cuz flip got a new deal about that time

  • Anonymous

    Yo that T.i. joint I personally think was aimed at 50, do the math.

  • f baby

    en tout cas Nicki Minaj toy na hep !

  • Santa

    How the hell is Kick in the Door not here? Thats plain silly to be honest, in my opinion THAT is BIG’s best song, and ranks up there with who shot ya n long kiss goodnight as his best diss tracks.

  • Anonymous

    That T.i. Joint was bout lil flip you idiots he already squashd beef wth ross cause ross was mad he wrote the hook fo’ the kanye joint on Trap muzik! do your research! song was calld just doin my job…They made admends ayear before that joint droppd…and flip them just finish jumpn t.i. down in houston!

  • http://xxlmag.com Wyzard of Hip Hop since 98

    LKGNight goes so hard!! I think he was mainly venting. and of course it was about Pac but it was more a of a ‘venting’ record than a straight up diss. Besides in a straight up diss You HAVE to say the persons name, c’mon now. And Big would have had to do a lot more detailed work if he was replying to the most vindictive hardest diss record of all time Hit em Up. And believe me I’m a Big fan, BIGger than Pac ANY day. I think Pac overrated up against Big but not in general. he was more personality and activist than anything but thats JUS ME. BUT if BIG (and even JMafia for that matter) were to diss Pac while he was alive they should have/would have had to bring up his movies, the humpdy hump, DEF the rape case, talk about how he got his dick shot off (rumored) his Mom on crack (y not?) You see all Pac could ever say about Frank White was ‘you fat’ and ‘you fake’ and ‘i did your wife’ but Big would have had books and books of info, dirt and public knowledge and rumor on Pac, he could have had a field day, that was the greatest diss record to NEVER happen. Think about it; put Biggie’s way with words/east coast boast story tellin/and all around rap supremcy in a lyrical brain storming blender with ALL the info that was out on Pac and ways to twist it and make him look bad. Pac life – if you look back – was actually EXTREMELY vulnerable to diss attack by the pen. The right guy could have destroyed him (Nas/Jay-Z/Big ect basically ALL the east side niggas Pac was runnin his hoe ass mouth too)

    • Skywalker2332

      Wyzard …..I dont get it lol B.I.G, nas and Jay all had the chance (with the so called East Coast/West Coast)2 diss Pac using their wordplay and Pac’s life being open 2 attack (as you put it)…so the question remains,why didnt they?

      The whole of “Hit Em Up”
      “It was hiphop til 2pac fucked Biggies Bitch”
      “Biggie the fat dick”
      “Ima badboy killa Jay Z die 2, looking out for Mobb Deep nigga when i find u”
      “Fuck Jay Z”
      “Nigga Nas think he live like me, talkin bou he left the hospital took 5 like me”
      “I murder you then I run a train on Mobb Deep”
      “Next time grown folks talking nigga close ur mouth”
      “LL! ill rock ur motherfuckin bells”

      Plenty more disses

      Pac dissed BIG/Nas/Jay/Mobb Deep/LL/Dre and no1 properly responded! Im not hatin on them artists or sayin Pac was better than them or watever, Im jus sayin 2 u that these artists had chances 2 aim at pac but didnt so it wasnt the gr8test diss track that never happened cuz its not like Big died the day after hit em up cme out… he only referenced pac subliminally, aint the sme as full on hardcore name calling beef lol

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  • Kilo Korleone

    What about Mobb Deep’s “Drop a Gem On Em” or Biggie’s “Kick in the Door” ?!

  • B

    2nd verse of Krayzie Bone’s Ain’t Said No Names is going at RZA/Wu Tang