50 Cent Vouches for Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame

When it comes to being real, every artist claims authenticity but few live up to the title. During our interview with 50 Cent for the November 2010 issue of XXL, the G-Unit general—never known for not having any issues when it comes to street-credibility—co-signed 1017 Brick Squad’s own, Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame for their believability on the mic.

“When I offer aggression, I offer it from an author, a real place,” Fif explained to XXL co-deputy editor Rondell Conway. “It’s who I am; it’s who I had to be. Not even by choice, but to survive where I came from. So a lot of actual artists don’t have it. They don’t have that thing. Waka Flocka, ‘Hard in the Paint,’ Gucci [Mane], those guys have that.”

“It’s just a lot of the other artists, I don’t believe them,” he continued. “I believe hip-hop is in a struggle of being artistic or [having] authenticity—which one matters? Because a lot of them that write music that has a street-life theme to it haven’t actually been exposed to very much of that. It’s starting to feel like it doesn’t matter. I’m watching it, and I’m like, Okay, it sounded great, but ya lyin’.”

XXL’s November 2010 issue, which features 50 Cent and Soulja Boy on the cover, is currently on newsstands nationwide. —XXL Staff

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  • marcus bordeaux

    yo that ssome bitch shit

  • flavorblade

    I don’t know about 50′s comments. As a music consumer I’m interested in buying the product not the person. However, in today’s climate since image sells an M.C before the music does, I guess the closer an M.C comes to having an authentic past that matches his industry image becomes a plus to be people who look up to that sort of thing. For me I don’t hold a drug dealer or shooter in no higher esteem than a janitor or a cook. In most cases to be a thug is an easier decision.

  • T

    50 has officially lost all my respect.

    • joe p

      co-sign T …. 50 just tryin to get some of coochi and wacka flacka lame’s “fans” so he can sell again lol

    • swype-matic

      Is 2010 50 Cent’s ‘Year of Desperation’ tour of somethin??? It’s pretty sad.

  • 305reprezentah!

    i agree fiddy! tooooooo many gangsta imposters in this game! Dick sauwsce-tha bauwsce, red cafe, lil wayne, the game………….tha list goes on…and on…….and on….. 50 is, and always will be one of the realist. only 1 complaint about fiff: with all those HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that you truely have, why dont you buy real good music/beats? U should invest 1-2 million dollars on the best fucking beats and come out wit the ILLEST fucking record/album! WORD UP! tha fans miss good records from 50!

  • sealsaa

    That homoerotic Ninja Gaiden XXL cover is about as “real” as it gets.

    • Edjoodelky

      Homey Your right…
      Wow !!!!!
      50 cent felt big on that dick ridding waggon
      this crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      “That homoerotic Ninja Gaiden XXL cover is about as “real” as it gets.”

      funny shit ever

  • T-Mac

    Where’s 50 from year 2003 ? Back in the days he would bite these niggas head off. But he co signed these clowns ? God damn… 50 is desperate! And i have no comment for issue with Soulja Bitch.

    • pap3rchazer

      he cosigned their creditability not their music

      • stfu

        he cosigned them period.i liked 50 man but jesus.this is going to far.that photo looks like some trenton state wedding pics.50….wtf im gonna go listen to that new heat ja bringing lately.

        • Change

          Ya’ll mad at the wrong shit,Gucci mane is real, regaurdless. He acually sold drugs(which he raps about 99 percent of the time.lol)the guy acually been in the projects,been to prison,got a LITTLE famous(“So Icy”),got “murdered” by young jeezy(Stay strapped)Everybody even myself at the time thought Gucci was over,the nigga bounced back released a billion & 1 mixtapes,started outshining young jeezy,and in 08 he just blew the fuck up.lol on everybodys song,you damn near never heard of jeezy in them years cuz Gucci had the streets on lock..And he shot/killed one of young jeezys boys,That just topped it off and put him in the public eye for sure,that was like the beginning of his rap career.lol i got the XXL magazine with that Gucci/Jeezy beef and the story behind it it has The Game on the cover.lol


  • bk

    50 finds plenty of other ways to lie… the dude is selling a lifestyle that he doesn’t even live anymore. How real is that?

    He’s a calculating capitalist businessman crunching numbers, web hits, fretting over his brand, etc..

    My favorite face of 50 is the comedian because then I can be sure that the jokes are intentional.

    • bigboii

      herer we go ok BK so the way u makin it sound 2 me is that the whole rap game is a lie none of the big rappers are still living the same lifestyle just cuz u ant livin it dont mean u ant go through it.

  • Shut the fuck p hatin bitch niggas

    You fux are haters and bitches. I cosign Flocka and Gucci. Im from new york and I like Wu tang, Notorious, Pun, G-Unit, Krs, Lox, Diplomats,J Ortiz MOP, Black Rob, Fat Joe and all that official NY Muzik. Im from the bronx u Bitch so hate fuk boy. Im sayin good muzik is good muzik. Im not a hater like Many other NY niggas kuld b, but Fif is the don u ass wipes. Flocka and Gucci is offical son. Their style is different but is legit. Lyrical is cool but these niggas are good. Calm down u fukin jerkoffs.

  • Q461

    I don’t like an artist for their realness or street cred. I like an artist for the quality and consistency of their music output.I didn’t like 50 cause he sold drugs or got shot…I liked his charisma, business sense, fearlessness and the quality of his music. Just as I dont care that Ross was a CO. His last album is hot so that should be all that matters, although I do admit he shoulda been straight up about it when he was exposed. Bottom line is imo Gucci and Waka Flocka are wack mc’s whose music is garbage. It has no bearing on me if they been in jail or were trappin.I understand the Soulja Boy co-sign cause 50 respects dude’s grind and work ethic…but vouching for Gucci and Waka doesn’t make much sense.

    • fuck yall

      how the fuck u goin say 50 respect soulja boy grind and not guccis gucci been in the game for as long kanye he wasnt no instant success it took him til 08 til get national fame he worked hard to get where he at

  • Edjoodelky

    Yo ??? Really this XXL cover for real ?
    This weird as it get.
    the poster look like child molestation case.
    Ewwww Homey…
    I am not feeling 50 on that one…
    whatever stunt maybe … This is an Epic failure From The G-unit general.
    This is wack… Wack very wack

  • http://xxlmag.cm colonel h. stinkmeaner

    whats my name nukkah!!!! u better have insurance nukkah ass whooping insurance and u bout to pay a deductible nukkah…oh hell no granddadwe bout to whoop this nukkahs ass rite now lmfao!!!! thought yall mite need one

  • Zac

    These niggaz aint nothin but DOLLA signs to 50 money move for the 400million dollar man keep gettin paid fif!

  • T DOG

    look at all da haters. talkin bout u lost respect for 50. yall hadnt had respect for dis many for years. stop trynna find another excuse just to hate on him. my god man yall be callin 50 a snitch n shit but when lil wayne kisses boys its alrite rite? a bunch of hypocrites. Young Money is all fake. Wayne didnt have it dat rough he has birdman takin care of him. Drake comes from a fake 90210 show “Degressi” where he actually plays n a wheel chair. BTW Drake also comes from a rich family n canada so I dont no wtf dat song “successful” wit trey songz is about cuz dat nigga had a wealthy family n he got paid off degressi way back n da day. I get wat 50 is sayin. he neva said dat dey r da best rappers. he just sayin dey r real niggasz. which i do respect. Honestly i think dere bums if u ask me. but at least dey aint lyin n dere songs like most of deys rappers now days. Espcially OFFICER RICKY.

  • mav

    gucci seems like a real nigga waka flocka though i dont know about and hes makes gucci sound like b.i.g seiously u gotta turn yo brain off when u hear this dude

  • mav

    oh yeah and 50s interviews/opinions r way more entertainin than his music…the niggas hilarious

  • Official Fully

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    50 could hand yall a 100 dollar bill and you would find some way to turn it into hate. lol.

    Get a life you hatin ass clowns.


  • well well

    Well the title for the magazine was “a haters worst nightmare” lol it worked! 50 is still the man hate it or love it the underdog stays on top.

  • richryne

    yea waka flaka is as industry as it gets his musics catchy like explicitive pop music. 50s real i wont lie his first album is a classic no lie. 50 is waaack. wack as shit. hip hops not about being real wtf is real who can gimmie the definition of real? someone who talks what they live? well then that leaves no1 in the game. maybe people who dont talk about killing. like andre 3000 drake (drakes wack) i could go on but no1s gon read this fuck off

  • Tre


    Honestly homes, I stopped paying attention to the wack music. You’ll only get irritated as time goes by.

    I use to argue with niggas all the time about how terrible most of the No Limit rappers were. The excuse was always “them niggas is getting money”. Even then, my arguement was “If thats what we basing good rappers on, Bill Gates is my favorite rapper”.

    50 has become very repetitive and thats why his sales keep decreasing. He’s very predictable these days in every thing he does


    This has got to be the gayest “Mo HoMo” cover shot in the history of XXL. This has got to be a joke right? These two niggas look like they just finished fucking. Wow, never in a million years would I have thought Fif would stoop so low. This is one enourmous turd that wont go down the toilet. This is the state of hip hop right now unbelievable.

  • D/S

    Thats not even fifty on the cover, fifty has tattoos all down his arms. that fake on the cover has no tattoos :S

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  • ruk

    look 50,commin from a dude who aint welcome in his own hood shouldnt open his mouth on a subject like this one. first of all how the hell does fif know wat life is like for these artists. where i live isnt a dangerous place but you still dont mess wit nobody,but u still cant get it twisted even though people respect the LIFE of others out here, we do the same things as dudes in the city or where ever. i keep it real in my music so what you here u can relate to, its not up to mr. 50 cent to call the bluff, the fans of the artist will catch it, just up to them to choose if the artist makes good music or not…good music is the real subject we should be talkin about.

  • that nigga

    Wow, how can to of the wackest rappers out right now get the cover of XXL? Easy, by TWEETING!! Rap is fuckin gay, I swear. An I dont mean happy.

  • http://www.aaaai.org/patients/publicedmat/tips/foodallergy.stm Jon Trumbley

    I’d have to recognize with you on this. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

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  • 11KAP

    50 suckin them niggas…………lol. I guarantee u they don’t give a fuck about him.

  • musicguru6

    50 Cent is making nice with alot of rappers so that they will work with him to ensure that he has a successful comeback from the terrible sale Before I Self-Destruct had. On his new album Kanye West will be featured on the album along with pplenty of other artist that his fans wouldnt expect him working with. He’s even throwing out alot of his Dr. Dre beats and getting new producers for the album because he realized we arent feeling the dre beats like we used to. He’ll even let young buck and the game rejoin g-unit if they both get some solo success first to ensure him that the project will be a huge success. 50 cent is a businessman and at the end of the day he’d work with lil wayne, rick ross, or ja rule if he felt it would make him more money. Just like if you havent noticed hes gotten most of his tattoo’s removed so that he can get more movie roles. 50 Cent will always be hood in his heart but he doesnt live nor give a shit about the hood anymore…He pledges alligance to benjamin franklin

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