Young Chris Speaks on New Label Deal, Preps ‘The Reintroduction’ Mixtape

Earlier this morning (October 11), it was revealed that Young Chris was no longer a free agent. The Young Gunna announced that he signed on a joint venture with Division 1 and Universal/Motown; the first artist signed to the newly formed Division 1, a company owned by singer/songwriter/producer Rico Love. The former Roc-A-Fella rep spoke to this afternoon all about his new label deal.

“A month or two ago, Rico reached out,” he said. “He had seen some of the viral videos that I had shot. One of the first things he said to me was like, ‘Yo, I almost forgot how nice you was! What’s the [label] situation? What’s going on? I told him, ‘I’m free.’ I had two [other] deals on the table at the time.”

Love then began to lay down a game plan with Chris. “He said, ‘I’m confident, just gimme a little time. I’m ready to get a deal over at Universal—a 50/50 joint venture [with] Division 1.’ I told him [I was on board], and he flew out the next day,” he continued. “The following day, we drove up to New York to meet with [Motown President and Universal Executive VP] Sylvia Rhone. Two days after that I was out in Miami recording records. The chemistry [between me and Rico] kicked in right away.”

Chris thanks the Internet for helping him to not fall through the cracks in between deals as a casualty of the Roc-A-Fella break up. “The Internet was a blessing for me from day one. Some people say it’s a gift and a curse—in my case, it was a gift,” he insists. “That’s what kept me relevant over the years since the Roc-a-Fella break up.”

He added that it was just about a year ago that he almost signed with another major. We came with [the mixtape] The Network, me and [Don] Cannon. And I was ready to do the deal with Allido/Interscope at the end of ’09. I went on a tour with Wale; did the whole Attention Deficit Tour with him. We had the contracts on the table, we just agreed to disagree. They still family, though.”

Now, with a new deal and a fresh start, Young Chris is getting ready to drop new material. He recently released “Philly Shit,” which he says has seen support “from [Funkmaster] Flex even down to the [Philadelphia] Phillies’ DJ playing it at the stadium.”

Next will be the mixtape, The Reintroduction, due out November 20. Chris also says expect to hear a single for the album by early next year. —Adam Fleischer

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  • alderman j

    YALL GONE BLAST ME FOR THIS ONE…………if you listen to YOUNG CHRIS and SAUCE MONEY, JAY Z jacked both these men for there FLOWS, now he took it where they couldnt but i swear everytime i hear JAY, i think YOUNG CHRIS, SAUCE MONEY!!!!! If you think im tripping just listen to several songs from different periods from both these dudes then check back with me!

    • twoholla

      alderman j, you may be RIGHT but looking at the bigger picture of music..we all get influenced, slightly or moreso, but the artists & music around us. Lyrically, Sauce Money is a BEAST & a GREAT GHOST-WRITER but that doesn’t mean he has that ‘X-FACTOR’ to push him waaaayyyy over the top like JAY-Z.
      In regards to Young Chris…the dude just gets better & better in time & only time will tell…how far he can far outside of the underground.
      Another example of this…when Gillie Da Kid came over to Cash Money & Ghost-wrote just a couple of songs from Lil Wayne’s The Carter 1″ For the first time in his career, Lil Wayne was introduced to similies, punchlines, metaphors, etc. & then changed up his whole style to reflect that…as much as I like Gillie, he doesn’t stand out enough on his own or hit us with a unique, fresh, or even just a different angle to make more people take notice to him and at the end of the day who knows what ‘X-FACTOR’ or attributes an artist has will make them blow up (ex. Kid Cudi…WTF, Justin Bieber…WTF???

      • swype-matic

        I fully agree. As far as Gillie though, maybe he should get back to writing for Wayne again, cause since it was exposed as Wayne’s ghostwriter, all Wayne has been able to come up with are “shit”, “poop”, and “potty” metaphors. And yea, don’t know why people like Kid Cudi, I don’t find monotone unenthusiastic “singing” appealing.

  • TT

    Philly stand up!

  • Don mcCaine

    “if you listen to YOUNG CHRIS and SAUCE MONEY, JAY Z jacked both these men for there FLOWS”

    ^ gotta co-sign alderman j…

    LF: Anslem/moderators…there’s phishing/spyware sh^t on here…laundry time…

  • yacine_

    Good for Chris. Him & Freeway stayed active & relevant over the years by doing shows, mixtapes, videos…. Beanie Sigel should take notice instead of Blaming Jay-Z for everything.

  • True Talkage

    I am really rooting for Chris. He’s always been one of the most talented spitters out the roc and If he finds the right producers I’d gladly cop anything he drops. Word to Yacine_ Chris and Free are genuinely talented and are both grinding with good results. Beans is an amazing lyricist and could do the same thing if he focused more on putting out quality content and not playing the blame game.

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  • oskamadison

    Everything real, I remember a Funkmaster Flex freestyle from like ’05 with Hov, Bleek and Young Chris. Hov let Bleek and Chris go in for like a good 10-15 minutes straight and Chris was KILLING Bleek. We all know what happened with Chris’ flow so let’s just move on from that. I hope this turns out to be a good move for dude. BTW, whatever happened to Neef Buck?