What Collabo Album Do You Want to See Next?

Earlier this week, Waka Flocka Flame sent out a tweet that read: “N the studio working on [this] gucci flocka album,” complete with a twitpic of a studio board. Since then, the Internet was in a tizzy about the possibility of the two Brick Squaders joining forces for a full LP. It wouldn’t be the first time two high profile artists jumped in the studio for a full-length, as everyone from Nas and Damien Marley and Jay-Z and R. Kelly to O.C. and AG and Bow Wow and Omarion have done it. And, of course, West Coast staple Murs is the collabo king with several such discs under his belt.

Whether or not Gucci and Waka’s joint project comes to light remains to be seen, but there are a host of other rumored projects we’ve heard over the years that have yet to make it to the masses. The XXL staff ruffled through its collective memory (and Google) to compile a list of promoted, rumored or even just mentioned collabo albums that have never been heard—yet.

Let’s know which ones we forgot, but, more importantly, which one do you really want to hear now.

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  • Meg

    XXL #Failllllll i was sure drake & trey songz was gona b up there. i dnt even wana vote now. do over. lol

  • Dub

    I’d fuck wit Kanye and Jay if he’d get back to the goddamn soul samples, I have no interest in electronica Kanye…
    Niggas gonna hate this, but I wanna hear the Gucci/Waka collab, got the new 15s in the Chevy and they’d be mutilated

  • ra


    • M. Baby!

      Gangsta, Waka Flocka is gangsta now…LMAO!!! He got his chance because his Momma is big in the game and manages Gucci…now he goes and get all tatted and screaming Brick Squad, get outta here. What bricks have you sold? If people beleive Waka Flocka is gangsta rap, kill yaself, Hip-Hop is really dead.

  • John Cochran

    These projects almost never come to light. Remember the Usher,Luda,Lil Jon album. Or the Cam’ron Jahiem idea? The Gucci Waka thing isnt really a big deal, they already got so much stuff together and neither of them are any good on thier own. It would probably have some bangin beats though.

  • Anonymous

    Best collabo imo has to be Nas and AZ they’ve always been the best pair of rappers since illmatic and if u really want that gay ass Gucci and Waka buy the instrumental version cuz thats the only thing they’re good for

  • Heartbeat of 905

    Flockaveli lyrically is for the kids on the short bus.

    Sonically, nothing goes harder. If you got the right system in yo whip this shit is bumpin. they should put out a instrumental version of the album and just leave it like that. Man the subs is killin it

  • black jesus

    none of them. im trying to hear the birdman/rick ro$$ album.

  • Curtis75Black

    The funny thing about this list of possible collabos, there all Mainstream pushed !! I would love to see, as a collabo session, Eminem and Sticky Fingaz, Jean Grae and Rah Digga.

  • Peso

    GUCCI AND WAKA…hip-hop will really be DEAD like Nas said years ago if they let this shit go down and they still wouldn’t break 100,000 in week 1 lmfao

    I been wanting to hear that Game and Nas cause
    every song they do together is ill and Nas be bringing out that lyrically shit in Game when they together…

    Anything with Hov & Kanye gone kill ‘em…they could posible make a classic if done right

    AZ & Nas would probably be a lyrically slaughterhouse, them some smart dudes right there

    Juelz & Wayne been so long Im not even interested unless they say coming to a store near you next week lmao…real talk though

  • M. Baby!

    Honestly I don’t wanna hear any collabo albums from none of these new artist. They barely can make a full song by themselves. There’s a feature on almost every track from these new rappers today. But I would love to see a Jay-Z & Jeezy album. U heard As Real As It Gets. I think Jeezy will get Hov to jump back into the Reasonable Doubt mindframe if they do work together and Hov would get Jeezy to elevate his game & lyrics. Could work for the two. Besides that I wanna see a Jay-Z & Nas, Jay-Z & Kanye West, and Kanye West & The-Dream.

  • Dick B.

    I got one way better than all of those: Nas & Premo.

    Top that.

    • S DOT

      Nas and AZ with Premo production

  • bk


  • swype-matic

    Ghost & Doom, Nas & AZ, Jay-Z & Kanye…without repeating any others that were mentioned, these really are the only ones I wanna hear. Some of them I never even knew of (Kanye & Dream, that would be trash). As for Waka Flocka and Gucci, just like a guy said above, make it an instrumental, and keep it at that. An album like that would shake the shit outta my factory speakers!

  • GIFT

    they didn’t mention BIG K.R.I.T. and Yelawolf collabo album. I would like to hear Ghost and RAE do a full length together (an official one), and I personally think that Fab and Juelz would make a bangin project together too.

  • El Tico Loco

    50 Tyson & Eli Porter LP = or > Gucci & Flaka LP

  • Q461

    Curren$y and Wiz should make that Americas Most Blunted album (no blunts though, not allowed in the cut, Spitta!!!) like Meth and Red did Blackout. The only other one I’d really check for is Nas and AZ. Rumor was that Em and 50 were going to do an album and call it Ebony and Ivory lol.

    Waka and Gucci album= complete and utter wackness.

  • SeanSwedenRepresent

    def that Nas and AZ if you ask me, Ludacris and Shawnna album was the Battle Of The Sexes album, but Shawnna backed up off it, so that album did come to see the light of day

  • shanehirtle@gmail.com

    WERE THA FUC IZ EMINEM AND JAY Z COLLABO that album would be historic

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Nas & Mos Def

    Killa Priest & Jay Electronica

  • ra


  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    I voted Ghostface & Doom but I would love to hear something from Necro and R.A. the Rugged Man & Raekwon. I think that would be bananas.

  • Jerm

    i wouldve thought eminem and jay-z would be on there, but anything nas related is good too.

  • DC

    WOW FLOCKA AND GUCCI shouldnt be in the same sentence as the other artist you named in this article, Maybe Gucci but Flocka is no where close to high profile…

  • Smashone a.k.a The God

    I know my dude Styles P the Ghost a.k.a Paneiro and Jim Jones was supposed to do one together. Not too sure about that though. I’d much rather see a Styles and Hell Rell joint or a Styles and M.O.P. joint. But what I would literally kill for is a full length joint from Paneiro & Al Queda. THAT right there would be stupid and straight kill any collabo you can think of.

  • merlin Travis


  • Mario

    I didn’t even vote what about Lil’ Wayne and Drake or 50Cent and the PLK BANK$

  • reed

    nas ice cube scarface

  • http://followyourfantasy shadowmar hunter

    ooh!! flacka baby u is so sexy keep doind what ya do best BOO!!!!!

  • Pintglass

    What about that Bad Meets Evil, Em and Royce… that woulda been amazing. Hopefully now they fucking with eachother again then they will get around to it !

  • Anonymous

    Eminem and Jay Z, Best of Both Worlds.

  • cece renee

    i wanna hear Lil’ Wayne && Wiz Khalifa or Waka Flocka && Wiz Khalifa..or all 3 of dem lol
    && put Drake on there too.!