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  • Anonymous

    If this dude had half a brain, he would have done the recon mission to find the album prior to shooting the video, so he didn’t look like such a jackass going in through the “exit” section of the store and wondering through the movies and rock music section before clueing in that his mixtape might be in the rap section.

    Guaranteed Camron has got him locked in heavy with the contract like he did Juelz, so even if he blows, he ain’t getting no money! Maybe Def Jam will buy him out the contract for 2 mil as well.

  • Anonymous


    this dumb nigga dont even realize that hes only gonna make a tiny fraction of what he paid for the shit back

    that aint hustlin nigga thats stupidity

    the fuck is a slime flu nigga

  • alderman j

    YALL NIGGAS KEEP LISTENING TO RECOVERY, Im rolling with VADO, yall either aint listened or dont understand what he be talking about./they held me back till the time is right/ now like the jackson five i get paid to play behind the mike/!! These Niggas dont listen dog, 23 year old nigga with a mid nineties flow. You clowns missing out!!!!! STOP IT SLIME!!!!

  • Antek

    Vado is really one of the nicest dudes out right now if i get a chance Imma cop the mixtape cuz u gotta support good music mane otherwise it wll dissapear… Btw why is haterz always Anonymous stand 4 ur god damn opinion if u really feel like u need to write that shit One love

  • KidPanama

    All these hatin ass niggas on here, ain’t got nothin better to say than how he looks like a Jack ass lookin for his own shit. Cmon Son who gives a fuck about all that. Vado pretty nice yo.

  • KidPanama

    All these hatin ass niggas on here, ain’t got nothin better to say than how he looks like a Jack ass lookin for his own shit. Cmon Son who gives a fuck about all that. Vado pretty nice yo. BOAB 2.5 was tuff

  • Anonymous

    shit is wack

  • Hussle’s Way

    look at this niggas on here hating on Vado for doing his thing. Come on man, are yall bitches are somethin?? HATING IS A FEMALE TRAIT…


  • Anonymous

    This nigga pussy.

  • black jesus

    slime flu was a hot mix tape/cd.

  • dat k00n nigga

    i ant gonna lie i wanted to cop diz niggaz shit

    but when day puttin da cd out at $16.88 fo a first week release (no homo)

    i would cop at $9.99 though

    i aint fuckin with it

    fuck E1 AKA (Jew nose koch records)

    diz aint da 1990′s you TI motherfuckers

    my bad vado but i need that $20.00 fo a dub of piff nigga

    • BIGNAT

      agreed come one if you shit not a double cd first week you have to have a low price. unless you got some good product i bought pilot talk full price he was indie and i knew his d would be worth it. i like vado but swine flu full price i will check to see what price amazon go it up for. or free shipping on orders over ten bucks. i mess with them to i actually buy my cd’s

    • Coolin

      Ha Ha @ dat k00n “n”: you can’t afford a cd? You are a loser and a racist. There are way too many of you out there but, at least your not alone.

  • this nigga aint from harlem

    this nigga is scared to come to the projects

  • Mpho

    man some of ya’ll nigga is haters for real. that boy Vado bring back the 90 flow. ya’ll nigga acting like ya’ll ain’t heard Vado kill the whole Boss of All Bosses 2.5. What?, ya’ll didn’t hear Fuck A Freestyle huuhh!!!, 4 5 on me/watch the eyes on me/your chick is a jumpoff, she sky dive on me/can’t touch this cat like i got 9 lives on me/this 9 is known to take lives only….

  • Anonymous


  • Coolin

    Ha Ha at people who can’t afford cd’s. Keep being pathetic and hating. There are so many of you out there. Losers!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hate Me rejects!

    • Anonymous

      nigga dont nobody hate on u nigga cuz nobody know who the fuck u is

      dumb ass white boy

      • Coolin

        @ Anonymous: You are so stupid, hating is exactly what you just did. Damn man learn something other than being a waste of sperm. HaHaHa, what a fucking Zero. Being stupid and racist at the same time is a double whammy homey. All I can say is learn something, anything other than dumb, even though you didn’t pass Dumb 101.

        • Anonymous

          your such a complete faggot hahaha

  • Coolin

    Why is the rap genre so weak in selling units? It’s because the people who listen to this type of music for the majority can’t afford it which also means they are poor.

    I feel bad for 95% of the artists in this genre because there fans are pathetic.

    • Karim

      You are a pussy! Without the hair though…. I’ll stick my dick in your hot mouth… Lmlmlmlmlmlmlmlmlmlmlmlmlml!!!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga cd should cost negative money, stores need to be payin niggas to listen to this garbage

    nigga learn to rap


  • Q

    18.50 for a mixtape, Its not the late 80s or early 90s, that shoulda been like 7.99 tops, he is just starting out, Jay zs albums aint even that high.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga smell like hallway steps

  • an actual pimp

    vado cant come to the hood no more


    Congratulations bitch you sold one copy of this sorry ass mixtape and it was to yourself so you lost money. Dont ever show your face in harlem again fag.

  • Coolin

    All you individuals above me who hate and talk shit, I hope your just kidding and aren’t this pathetic and dumb. I am not going to go out on a limb here because I know the answer in regards to wether or not you finished high school let alone 8th grade. I don’t feel the least bit bad for you because you chose to be a waste of sperm. Life is short but it is not too short to learn something and be productive with your lives as appose to being a drain on soceity and more than likely your families unless of course your mom is a hood rat and then of course you were destined for being exactly what you are and that is less than zero.

    • Anonymous

      Cry more whiteboy

  • Anonymous

    god damn this dude is pussy hahaha

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  • X-NINE

    LOL Mayne, there’s some frontin ass haters in here. If yall spotted Vado in person, yall would act like a groupie right in front of him.

    No one got any room to hate him for buying his own album when 99% of the people posting in here don’t buy shit. The same ppl who keep complaining about how album sales are low. Ironic.

    • Anonymous

      nigga dont no sorry ass mixtape nigga that nobody outside the damn internet stans heard of got any groupies

      get mad whiteboi

      • Coolin

        Good Lord you are one of the most dumb individuals I have ran across on any website. You need to take your non grammar ass back to the 3rd grade and get an education in writing. Anything is better than being dumb and racist.
        I am not getting mad, I just feel bad for anybody who has to actually know you in real life because you are a low life scum bag.
        Be mad at yourself for being a waste of sperm.

  • wa_stateofmind

    All I got out of this video is that dude is desperately hyping himself!! The vibe is that he was just kickin it and said YO lets make a vid of me buyin my own sh*t!! It’ s mixtape but priced the same as an album…no disrespect but hes talkin big like “thats how I came in the game” like hes big n all, yet he is in a video tryin to hype his own stuff. Just looks desperate, should just let the tape do the talkin in my opinion…/twocents

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  • macs finest

    mann slime flu is so hott. you need to give it a second listen and you’ll really see vado’s style is unique and the beats are hot. i just don’t think people are used to hearing his style of music, but word on the second listen through it’s a TRUe CLASSIC

  • harlemking


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  • Dee Fengucci

    Slime Flu go hard my nigga!!

  • Teddy

    Why do people gotta hate. Dude is better than a lot yall dudes talking shit. Just mad cause your career aint goin no where. There are loads of dudes who complain about but think thats mostly cause they know their music isnt gonna get their level of buzz.

    Why dont you quite your efforts, get a job, and become a fan like everybody else. Cause your not gonna make if. I mean if you were you wouldnt be commenting on this video.

    Dudes who are grindin dont have time to comment and worry about somebody else’s career.

  • mike

    the game is way to pretty full of swag and tats this dude is gonna bring that grime and nice metaphors back to hip hop i hope this dude album does well stop the hate