T.I. & Tiny Host Alzheimer’s Benefit

Rapper, T.I. and wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris will come together this weekend to fight against Alzheimer’s, a disease that affects both of the Georgia natives personally.

The late Clifford Smith, Sr., father of T.I. battled with the elderly disease, while Charles Pope, Tiny’s dad continues to battle the ailment. In honor of both their parents struggle a private lunch will be held on Sunday, October 3 at Luckie Lounge. Reservations are $100, which serves as a pledge to fight Alzheimer’s.

Amongst those expected to attend are: Community Alzheimer’s Advocate, Tena Walker, Dr. Patrick Griffith, the Division of Neurology Chief at the Morehouse School of Medicine and Jamie Foster, Founder of Sister 2 Sister magazine. There will also be performances by the OMG Girlz and QT Jazz.

But Alzheimer’s isn’t the only thing Mr. and Mrs. Harris is fighting these days. The couple was recently arrested for possession of marijuana and ecstasy. Tip who is still on probation from a federal gun conviction is currently awaiting a date to meet with a judge regarding the violation.

For more information on the lucheon visit fortheloveofourfathers.org. —Nicki Nahmeanez

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  • Joe

    ‘But Alzheimer’s isn’t the only thing Mr. and Mrs. Harris is fighting these days’


  • the kid frankie

    damn. tiny actually looking good in that pic.

    • supadupa_interlude

      no she doesnt. Tiny is busted.

      but this is a good cause. Alzheimer’s aint no joke. Good look for TIP…but damn nigga cant stay off those papers for shit

  • Sha

    This is a good look for the Alzheimer’s cause. But I have to be honest……

    T.I. and Tiny have just started their PR campaign to remain out of jail. What better way to plead your case than to tell the judge you raised thousands for a charity?

    Now before cats jump on me, let me say this…..

    I am aware both of their fams are dealing with Alzheimer’s. I am aware that this charity previously existed.

    But all I’m saying is, I never saw them out promoting it in public. Not to this level. I can’t even remember the last time I saw both of those two without sunglasses hiding their bloodshot eyes.

    I don’t wish failure or pain on anyone. But if T.I. is using this shit to stay free, his stain just got a little bigger with me (not that he cares).

    To be fair, he’s not the only one who has suddenly found tranquility (what up Mike Vick, Chris Brown, Whitney Houston, El Debarge etc). But Telling kids one thing and going out and doing another is exactly the type of dual stupidity that ruins countless lives. I wonder how their kids will be?

    • El Tico Loco

      co sign,

      The irony is using an alzheimer’s charity to get people to forget what they did.

  • J.6oo

    What are they hosting? I musta forgot… ^^