T.I. Talks Man Down From Building Rooftop

It’s T.I. to the rescue. The rap superstar reportedly helped police this afternoon (October 13) in stopping a man from jumping off the roof of a building in midtown Atlanta.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, a young African-American male went to the roof of 1201 Peachtree St.—better known as the 400 Colony Square Building, which houses radio station V-103—shortly before 4 p.m and threatened to jump.

Tip apparently heard about the incident on the radio on his way to a video shoot and called in to let them know he was on his way down to help. Once he arrived at the scene he met with law enforcement officers and, with their assistance, aided in bringing the man down safely.

“He came to the scene and offered to talk to him, we told the young man that, and he came down,” Officer James Polite told the AJC. “When the man came down, T.I. spoke to him for a few minutes. He was then taken to a hospital for treatment.

The entire incident was apparently captured on Ryan Cameron’s show on V-103.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as more details on this story become available. —Amber Mckynzie

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  • T.I.

    Naw shawty I was tellin’ that sucka nigga to jump! Don’t misquote me.

    • ssbb88


      • Anonymous

        u dumb fuck

        who the hell would wanna go back to jail?

        of course the nigga dont wanna go back in

      • T.I.

        Nigga it wasn’t no set up. Fuck nigga I keep it all the way real. Pimp Squad Click nigga, Atlanta Georgia nigga. Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay! Real niggas do real hings and you ain’t never did nothing real in yo life sucka nigga.

        • G.Dope

          as if they let some bitch like you put your name as T.I

        • T.I.

          Nigga I’m da king of da South sucka nigga. You just a hoe. Nigga you a fraud, yo whole family fraud nigga. AND I FUCKED YO MAMA NIGGA. Hahahahahaha. Pimp Squad Click fuck nigga.

  • EReal

    So what you sayin Tip?

  • Heavy

    Probably rapped a verse off of Dead and Gone.

  • http://www.myspace.com/shasheriashirika SHA EMPERESS


    SHA E

  • Just_Ice777

    Tip,you aint slick shawty! Good set up. How much you pay him to fake that stunt? Good publicity before that court date. Perfect timing. lol

    • http://thisis50.com PM

      second that, don’t think its gonna help his case any. Got all that money and still f-nup, its a shame.

    • jburg

      I was thinking the same fucking thing! Ever seen that movie, “talk to me” with Don Cheadle?

      • jonny bizness

        Petey green on the mutha*ucking scene lol

  • http://XXL.com CaesarDuke Da TMH

    Yall need to stop with this snitch shit okay it ain’t cool to snitch but still T.I. just helped a man from killing himself and yall consider that a snitch stop it and I second that comment Sha Emperess if your not SPEAKING WITH A PURPOSE THAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

  • Just_Ice777

    @Ceasar…who said anything bout snitchin’?

  • ra


  • matty21

    damn, wow… DA KING! dats all i got to say about that… dats y he da king, n dats y we and da people call him da king… its more den music man, its deeper den da timeless, real music…

    n tip: da thank u n da comment u made 2 da people, n 2 da fans, n u even addressing that and da situation about us being let down, thank YOU man 4real! thanx for even addressing that as far as we go, n i know dats just in you and dats real, n dats just who u r, but u didnt even have to do that, nor explain yourself, n just dats appreciated greatly…n its all good mane, “this too shall pass” n we know it gonna be aight…thank you for dat homie 4real, dat means a lot u even saying that

    …and i said it before n it aint gon change 4real: we witchu homie, thru it all til’ da wheels fall off no matter what, we riding witchu homie, know dat n dont 4get it… its til’ da end, and aint nothin gonna change dat… its da king bitch GRAND HUSTLE

    lookin forward to da fire comin

  • matty21

    da game needs dat shit, n aint NOTHIN like it in dis game… KING UNCAGED

  • Calasoo

    hahaha T.I set that shit up… he heard it on the radio and called in he was on his way… what the hell his cool ass wanna be caption save a hoe

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  • power up

    Look. I’m gonna post this all over this site. We got an election nov 2nd and the republicans is voting to eliminate the mutha fucking minimum wage! They also voting to end all public college scholarships cause they rich and greedy. Last but not least, they plan to make anybody caught with so much as a joint do federal time. Who you think they wanna fuck with these laws? Like your minimum wage paycheck too generous and your employer need a break?! Are you kidding me!

    You got less than 5 days to register to vote up DEMOCRATS and beat the bigots in the republican and tea party back. You can register to vote at the DMV and you can also do a search on google for voter registration in yo state. We aint beat yet and Obama can’t do shit if we don’t vote up his allies on nov 2. DEMOCRATS NOW! Fuck the bigots in the tea party and slimy ass republicans.

  • El Tico Loco

    He set that shit up. He goes to court tomorrow morning, c’mon son. What are the odds that it turned out to be a TI fan? What if it was a Jonas bros fan? SPLAAAAT! What if Waka woulda showed up? SPLAAAAT!

  • The_Truth

    **I could careless what he has done previously–this is an amazing deed.

    I cant imagine Jay-Z/ Beyonce, Diddy, 50, etc doing something like this–they could give a sh*t if some “idiot” chooses to kill themselves, because they’re good. For an A-List celeb to do something of this nature deserves honorable mention.

    I’ve been a T.I. critic on different issues, but if you cant credit someone for saving a life—-you’re mind is made up no matter what they do.

  • allison

    how coincidental…..yet convenient at that

  • Atlanta is full of fruit cakes

    nuff said.

    • Anonymous

      better get used to those “fruit cakes” being ON TOP, suprized u aint used to it yet already, dey been runnin shit for a minute now? damn, feel bad for u and da other lame that said “fuck da souf” ya’ll must really be unhappy, cuz da “souf” and dem “fruitcakes” are really running shit, and killing shit, and it aint gonna stop lol so kill yourself? just so your not unhappy n full of hate all da time? just a thought, it aint gonna stop! get used to it lameos n haterz :)

  • Anonymous

    fuck da souf

    • Anonymous

      fuck you, ya ho…

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