It’s T.I. to the rescue. The rap superstar reportedly helped police this afternoon (October 13) in stopping a man from jumping off the roof of a building in midtown Atlanta.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, a young African-American male went to the roof of 1201 Peachtree St.—better known as the 400 Colony Square Building, which houses radio station V-103—shortly before 4 p.m and threatened to jump.

Tip apparently heard about the incident on the radio on his way to a video shoot and called in to let them know he was on his way down to help. Once he arrived at the scene he met with law enforcement officers and, with their assistance, aided in bringing the man down safely.

"He came to the scene and offered to talk to him, we told the young man that, and he came down," Officer James Polite told the AJC. "When the man came down, T.I. spoke to him for a few minutes. He was then taken to a hospital for treatment.

The entire incident was apparently captured on Ryan Cameron’s show on V-103.

Stay tuned to as more details on this story become available. —Amber Mckynzie