The L.A. County District Attorney dropped the drug charges stemming from T.I.’s arrest last September, reports

"The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office's decision to reject T.I.'s case was the right thing to do under the circumstances,” Tip’s lawyer Steve Sadow told in a statement. “Both his Los Angeles defense attorney Blair Berk and myself commend the LADAO for exercising its discretion to reject prosecution in light of the legal and factual issues involved."

As previously reported, Tip and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were both cuffed on September 1, after authorities busted the couple with ecstasy pils, following a traffic stop for an illegal u-turn in West Hollywood.

Although he tested positive for opiates, the D.A. will not charge him with possession of a controlled substance because he will already be serving time behind bars for the crime. In addition sources told the site that there are problems surrounding authorities's methods of arrest.  On October 15, the ATLien was sentenced to an 11-month stay in jail because he was found in violation of his probation following his 2009 federal gun conviction.

Tip is expected to turn himself in to authorities and begin his sentence on November 1. —Jesse Gissen