Following a judge’s decision last Friday (October 15) to revoke T.I.’s probation and send him back to prison for 11 months, the Atlanta-bred rap star took to the airwaves earlier today on V-103 FM to speak out on his case. As an added bonus, Tip appeared alongside the suicidal man he talked down from the station’s roof, a few days earlier.

During the candid interview with radio personality Ryan Cameron, Tip commented on the outcome of his latest legal battle, calling his life a series of lessons learned by trial and error. “When you’re an athlete you are trained from a child on how to be a football player, how to be a basketball player, to high school, to college, there are several lessons that are learned all from a child up, so when you make it to the pros you are prepared,” he explained. “But see me…everything I’ve learned was trial and error. Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned by getting locked up and, ‘Okay, I’m not gonna do that no more,’ 'Okay, don’t buy guns from your security guard, don’t carry guns as a felon.’ My rap sheet are lessons I have learned and corrections that I have made in my life. And now I have learned the final lesson. And if you ask me I’d be a fool to tell you I think ‘I have a lil more to learn.’” [Watch below]

The ATLien’s legal battle seemed to resonate with the African-American male who contemplated jumping from the station’s roof last Wednesday, who said T.I. inspired him to work on his own problems and one day help others in need.

Tip also spoke on “Get Back Up” his new apologetic record with Chris Brown. Explaining the meaning behind the song, he said, “I believe I have been approached [by the public] in such a way that my actions are unforgivable and I think that one bad move, one bad decision, one poor sense of judgment has discredited all of the good [I’ve done], especially when all of the people that have judged me are doing as bad if not worse than me, without doing as much good as me.”

As previously reported, T.I. has been ordered to serve 11-months in prison for violating the terms of his probation for a 2009 federal gun conviction, stemming from his arrest on drug charges last month in West Hollywood.

The Associated Press reports that while in court on Friday, the rapper pleaded with Judge Charles Pannell, Jr. to not lock him up, claiming that he needed help for his addiction to drugs. “I want drugs out of my life,” he told the judge, according to U.S. attorney spokesman Patrick Crosby. “If I can get the treatment and counseling I need … I can beat this. I need help. For me, my mother, my kids, I need the court to give me mercy.”

Since being released from prison five months ago on the gun conviction, T.I. admitted to his probation officer that he used ecstasy on at least three occasions.

T.I. has been ordered to turn himself in to federal custody on November 1. —Elan Mancini