T.I.’s Wife Charged With Possession of Ecstasy

Five days after the Los Angeles District Attorney dropped the drug charges against her husband, T.I.’s wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris, has been charged for possession of ecstasy.

According to tmz.com, Tiny can face up to one year behind bars if convicted of the crime.

The songstress, who just married her long time boyfriend and father of two of her children, was arrested with Tip on September 1 following a traffic stop. The incident led to the D.A. revoking the ATLien MC’s probation—stemming from a 2009 federal gun conviction—and sentencing him to an 11- month stay in Forrest City.

T.I. is expected to report to the Arkansas federal jail on Monday, November 1. —Elan Mancini

Read the XXL moderated T.I. Debate, where industry insiders discuss the King’s fall from grace here.

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  • Silky Johnston

    Who needs a weed carrier when you have a wife?

  • sealsaa

    Notice, they don’t dare put Tiny’s picture above the article. They know what’s up.

  • zayzkidd

    The nigga made his mother of his kids take the charge? Like 2Pac once said “look inside the hearts of men.” If you look inside this nigga shiit, it’ll be empty.

  • John Cochran

    First niggas said he snitched, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, cause Tip still my nigga, but if he get off and let his wife take the charge Im through yall. Thats some fuckboy shit there.

  • Tre

    Dudes wife aint taking the fall idiot. I wonder if niggas like you actually read or just skim through. They were both charged seperately for the same shit.

    TI isn’t facing charges because he’s already doing fed time. No need for state charges at that point.

    Tiny on the other hand did not have probation on a federal case.

    Dumb niggas stop skimming and read the whole thing


    • http://yahoo Tre

      Tre – you sound like you’ve done some time in prison yourself bro.

  • Tre

    @John Cochran, do you actually read the articles or do you just skim and pick what you want to?

    Dude isn’t making his wife take the charge. They both had pills and shit on them. Thats two people being charged with the same thing. He has violated federal probation, meaning he was doing jail time regardless. Thats why there dropped the charges. Cause nothing trumps fed time.

    She on the other hand was not on probation.

    I wish dumb niggas would read first

  • John Cochran

    Ok smart guy, but if you got lawyers beast enough to get you just a year for fed charges that should’ve had you doing at least 10, how can’t you get your wife off for some fuckin pills? Besides that, when you get pulled over whoever got the shit on them is the one with the charges, so why wouldnt he take it from her, like you said he doing time either way. I’m sure your a fan but you probably never been on either side of the law to know basics. If I get pulled over with my chick I put the weed and shit in my pocket so she can’t get pinned for nothing but being high.

    • matty21

      they probably had the shit hid, or tried to hide it… come on..maybe he tried wat ya’ll r saying, but they pinned it on her neway, maybe she down like that, mayb since it was found in da car, dey pinned it on BOTH of them, how it goes, especially if their trying to get 2 u in anyway… and for ya’ll to jump to conclusions anyway, like: “he makin his wife take the fall” that sum hater shit n sum fuck shit right there, 4real, 2 even say sum shit like that…dats not even in him, n dats sumthing he’s obviously not in control of, c’mon ya’ll wake up, think he want his wife 2 go 2 prison? while he gotta go on top of dat? away from da kids? think he dont love his kids? lol cmon wit dat bs againn..or just b fuckin haterz, keep tellin urself wat u wanna n thinkin wat u wanna, guess it cant be changed neway, u gon’ think wat u wanna…

  • Jordan

    @John Cochran, That Just Makes You A Cock Then :L

    • John Cochran

      Making sure my wife and the mother of my kids don’t get booked makes me a cock?, ok… I don’t know, maybe thats some down south shit, we don’t do that up here. If I know I’m doing time either way, way put someone else in ahrms way. Better yet, he shouldnt have had her in that position either way, but Im sure yall gone defend that too.

  • Tre

    My point exactly. They both had shit on em so they both face charges.

    His lawyers didn’t get em a year, the courts tried an experiment on him that didn’t work cause now he’s going back to jail for some more dumb shit.

    I’ve been on that side so I’m fully aware of who’s getting in trouble for what, and more important, how the law don’t give a shit

  • Tre

    Furthermore, Tiny’s grown ass was in the car doing the same shit. It’s not like the broad was forced to get in the car and pop pills with her husband

    Sounds to me like that’s some shit they were both doing annually. They just didn’t think they’d get caught

    • John Cochran


  • cdjbasel

    I know whatchu thinkin about, “Where’s KRS?”
    Eighty percent of these rappers fake they {shit}
    The other twenty percent they goin upstate and {shit}
    There’s no way out except knowledge and wisdom
    I got it so I spit ‘em you ain’t got it you gotta get ‘em
    Who was the first to produce mix and write
    at the same time up in the club rockin the mic?
    Who was the first to have a DJ and a side man?
    The first to say what is hip-hop? “I AM!”

    Fresh!! for 2010…you suckers!!!!
    T.I. is whack!!

  • matty21

    and as tip said himself: OBVIOUSLY, and OF COURSE, there would be a million things he would have done differently that night..that goes without saying..use some integrity, look at da situation from a man standpoint, look at him as a man like he is, dont look at da situation like some big cartoon n shit, or if its something u dont know about u should probably leave it alone..its real life, he make mistakes, we make mistakes, we human, and we cant go back on things once they happen, just how it goes..and u know da state is trying to get SOMETHING out of this situation for the bust, and to get “tip and tiny” da media coverage, plus tip just having a big spotlight and bounty on his head right now, certain ones will do watever 2 get to him and hurt him, and they got tiny, guess dats what dey got out da situation, aint cool but? …i would bet tip aint too happy bout it either, at all… fan or no fan…

  • Nitty

    …modern day Bonnie and Clyde situation..just goes to show you that no matter who you are or who you know, you’re not untouchable.

  • Emily aka Beauty

    All of ya’ll assholes arguing need to STFU.
    Tiny caught the charge because of her own stupidity. Not Tip’s. Tip caught a charge because he was caught with his own drugs. Tiny caught a separate charge that had nothing to do with that.
    Why would Tip worry about extra time when his wife going to jail to? If he could of he would have taken the wrap for her drugs. Now who knows whats gonna happen with they kids.

  • http://www.iap-tv.com A-Town Stay down

    Tiny mothers gonna watch them kids if it goes down ugly…., she the one wth the drug problem he tried to take the charges it didnt work ..i live in atlanta, you got to knw the whole story…tiny damn near on some three strike shit….you niccas funny need to find out the facts….!

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