Swizz Beatz may have to face the music in court. Antwann Frost, a man who collaborated with Swizzy on the beat for Cassidy’s 2007 hit “My Drink N’ My 2 Step” is suing the producer to the tune of $1.5 million, for unpaid royalties.

According to tmz.com, Frost filed suit against the beatmaker, two days ago, claiming he is responsible for making “all of the other original musical components that shaped and defined" the track, while Swizzy only created the drums.

At the time that song was released, the man says he rejected an offer made by Swizz for $5,000 along with, 5% ownership, while Cas and the Bronx-bred producer received the rest of the profits.

Swizz has yet to comment on the suit, as he seems to have more on his mind. Just last Thursday (October 14) the Bronx-born hitmaker and his bride, Alicia Keys, welcomed a newborn baby boy into the world. —Nicki Nahmeanez