Saigon Talks Updated ‘Greatest Story Never Told’ Release

The greatest story will finally be told. After nearly half a decade of delays, Saigon’s official debut album, The Greatest Story Never Told, will finally be hitting shelves on February 15, 2011. Set to come out on Suburban Noize Records, the project will see Just Blaze, Sway Calloway and Rich Nice serve as executive producers.

Saigitty is also going to release an eight-track EP in the coming weeks in order to whet the listening palettes of his fans in anticipation of the release of his long-awaited LP. Beginning next week, The Yardfather and his camp plan to drop a new single and video for the next five weeks, leading up to the release of the lead single for the album.

“I got everything planned out; it ain’t no more starting and stopping,” said the former XXL Leader of the New School cover subject. He also gave a few details on the album, telling, “It’s been a long journey. We just tweaking The Greatest Story Never Told—updating it. Put a few [new] records on it. Black Thought just got added to the album.”

Sai will also embark on a 20-city tour, beginning on November 4 in Bellingham, WA. Along with Canadian group Swollen Members, he will hit much of the West Coast, including stops in Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada and Colorado. Then, in January, the Brooklyn-born spitter plans to embark on an East Coast tour to promote the album. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Colon Ceizer

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I thought dude was still signed to Turtle.

    • que rollo

      Lol. I also thought he was still signed to turtle.

  • UK Boi

    Didnt Saigon have one mild successfully air played track….Gotta believe it? From when he takes him another 2yrs to follow that….Mans a waste truss me!! Id rather listen to James Brown!!

  • ny ny

    this shit aint never comin out just like yall niggas in da closet

  • Bob Wills

    Who the fuck is “Saigon”? Crybaby never-was with jillion more excuses than brains or talent. Dude should do himself and his family a favor and go back to school and learn a trade because music ain’t his fucking bag.

  • Don mcCaine

    Word? Sai coming to the westside?

    Get ready my g’z, let’s greet the homie with our finest of green and support for the hombre like how we do it on the reg…

  • Q461

    I was just sayin how this nigga was in a class of cats that prob never droppin his album ( Papoose, Jae Millz etc) Good for him! It’s been a long time coming..

    I was fuckin with his first few joints, Pain in my life and Cmon Baby and I think dude gave Joe Buddens a run for his money on dem dis tracks. So I’ll be checkin for Sai’s debut, also anything with Black Thought on it gotta be dope, imo.

  • QU

    This shit is gonna get pushed back again. Matter fact, I bet this nigga never even made an album. He keeps saying this shit is supposed to be one of the greatest hip hop albums ever made but he knows he cant live up to that shit. Faggot.

  • freakey toney

    nyny says

    this shit aint never comin out just like yall niggas in da closet


    I can’t even comment on the article.damm you a fool

  • Capital G

    Good for Sai. It’s been a long long long time coming. His Yardfather mixtape from years ago was dope, so was Contraband 1 & 2. Hope this shit is worth the wait, fuckin punk ass label politics.

  • pshh

    your all out your minds sai is nice with the flow try listening to his shit before you go and say some bullshit.

    • pshh

      suck a dick, dickbitch

  • jay

    I love how niggas actin like sai wasnt nice warning shots was dope moral of the story was dope the best of the yardfather was dope gotta drop that album sai-giddy been waitin too long saigon is that dude

  • Sigh Gone

    You gotta be consistent and dropping the occasional solid mixtape while never putting out an album is not consistent.

  • Bears Fan For Life

    Hey honestly. This nigga is whack. He can’t sell records with his shirt off posted with the baby oil. Why is it that somebody who can actually spit a bar or two like Joell Ortiz not getting the props he deserves. That nigga is the best rapper in New York at the moment!

    • Cipher

      Sai got skills on the mic like ortiz, bet you never listenend to one of his mixtapes, ass

  • Official Fully

    Yo, touring with Swollen is a good look for him. They have a big fan base.

  • http://2 BeerGangsta

    Saigon its been a while since you been on the mic. I remember when you punch Mobb Deep P in the face. They had 2 gang you. Only way they can win. Saigon is New York Secret Weapon!! I wish you could team up with DJ Khald for a whole CD. To get your music out there more.

    • Official Fully

      LOL! Then he jumped on his homie’s back like his boy was Seabiscuit and piggy backed out the club with a swiftness!!!

      Classic ish! Fully man!

  • Dub

    It’ll get pushed back again… Nigga gon have to think about getting a day job, cause this rap shit ain’t gonna work out for em. Aye Saigon, UPS is hirin

  • teach yall how to do it way big

    this nigga is PUSSY

    straight up nigga i was workin in a restaurant and this fuck nigga came in and ordered some food

    nigga on god i swear everybody that work there farted in this niggas dinner before the waitress took it out to him

    he aint even notice it

    that means he so use to the smell of farts that nearly a dozen niggas lettin rip on his grub dont even factor in


    good look on snuffin p tho

    • pshh

      wanna know whats real pussy trying to shit on some dudes and everyone in that joint should be beat like stray you gonna call sai a pussy when ur the one behind closed doors rippin ass on food to get at a nigga.i bet your ass would be eating through a straw you tell that nigga everyone was trying to dump on his should feel like a fuckin retard for even sayin that shit on need help.

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  • Joe

    lmao @ the single for this album was Pain in my Life with TREY SONGZ!!

    LMAO…Trey songz hadnt gon thru puberty yet. Nggas was wearin hoodies n baggy jeans in the video. Oh how times have changed smh

    Im a big Sai fan, was just about to listen to ‘All in a Days Work’ just b4 readin this…

    But homey, change the album name, please…

    Also, no one sells anymore…so whats the delay for?

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  • Pearle Dolgas

    Is definitely blogengine a lot better than hubpages for some reason? Has to be because it is ever more popluar lately.