Rhymefest Running for Alderman of Chicago

Che “Rhymefest” Smith officially announced his campaign to run for Alderman of Chicago’s 22nd Ward this morning, reports the Chicago Sun-Times

The 33-year-old Windy City MC hopes to represent the people of South Side neighborhood in the city council. If elected, he said he hopes to help bring economic development to his hometown.

Rhymefest is confident that his background as a rapper is an asset in his campaign for office. “We can use hip-hop to engage our youth and the community,’ he said during a speech. “[Hip-hop is] often portrayed as a weapon. It’s not. It’s a tool.’’

’Fest will be facing off against current Alderman Willie Cochran. Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 2. —Elan Mancini

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  • Sha

    I have always loved it when hip-hop artists take a vested interest in their surrounding communities. If you ask me, more cats need to step up their political game. We have too many cats with chains, rims, clothes, and money. But politics can be more powerful than anything because you affect your community (although most politicians are self-indulged).

    Big ups to Rhymefest for trying. Let’s hope you have better political skills than your boy Wyclef. Wyclef was definitely the prototype for failing at the Hiphopper-to-Political Wizard conversion.

  • Face Phoenix

    Loved his first album and I believe he has the right motivations to seek being an alderman in Chicago. We as a people need to more often take charge of our communities instead of looking for someone to fix our problems for us. Heaven helps those who help themselves.

  • That nigga can’t rhyme to save his life fest

    DUMB FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billy Beans

    No, he definitely can rhyme. He is true hip hop. Go listen to SODMG or Waka you whack ass.

  • Bears Fan For Life

    @ That nigga…. you’re the reason Black people can’t come up. This dude is tryna do something for the community. If you wanna stay ignorant for the rest of your life go ahead but please do the rest of us a favor and stay your stupid, uneducated,illiterate, limp dick ass in the house and shoot yourself with your pops revolver you old fake, probably still living at home with your mama and got curfew at 8, face head ass nigga.

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