Kanye West Says He “Contemplated Suicide,” Recruits Elton John for New Single

Yesterday (October 18), during an Los Angeles screening for “Runaway,” Kanye West told audience members that he had thoughts of ending his life, reports the Associated Press.

“There were times that I contemplated suicide,” Mr. West told theater goers on Monday, before adding, “I will not give up on life again.”

“There’s so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard,” he continued. “I do it for them.”

That wasn’t the only shocker the Louie Vuitton Don dropped on the crowd last night, he also revealed that “All of the Lights” will be the next single from his upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, hitting stores on November 22. An unfinished version of the song recently leaked, but the finished track will include vocals from such big name pop stars as Elton John, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Fergie, John Legend, The-Dream, Ryan Leslie and Kid Cudi, among others.

As previously reported, the 35-minute clip for “Runaway” is set to premiere on MTV, BET, VH1 and their respective websites this Saturday, October 23 at 8 p.m. Kanye will also engage in a live question and answer period on both the television and online formats afterwards.

Narrated by Nicki Minaj and directed by the Chicago rapper/producer, the short film will also include portions of nine new KW songs.

’Ye will be appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show this afternoon with a preview of the highly anticipated clip. Check your local listings for show times. —Elan Mancini

View a snippet of the Ellen interview below

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  • Kanye West

    Suicide it’s a suicide! Suicide it’s a suicide!

    Nah nigga I just wanted to meet that Eyedea fellow and I figured this would be my only way to do that now.

    It’s Martin Louie the King bitches! I fucked yo mom in the ass while she listened to 808s on my gold plated Gucci iPod.

  • Elton John

    I’m killin’ this rap shit, niggas!!!!

    • Eminem

      Remember when we did that song at the Grammys? And then afterwards we made love all night under the moonlight?

      Why did you leave me for Kanye?

      • Elton John

        I moved the fuck on. Get over it bitch ass nigga!

  • Anonymous

    smh its too bad he didnt go through with it the world could use one less terrible rapper

    kill yourself faggot make some room for new niggas you been in the game to damn long biiiiitch

    • Anonymous

      fuck boy he put out his first joint in 04 didnt he? how the fuck he been in the game to long?

      dumb ass white ppl cant ever get shit right

  • newyawka631

    Itz da gay connect….Tight jean wearing faggot…

    • bx^^^^^

      you aint from ny you white piece of trash go drown in piss faggot

  • info by john doe



    • io

      its okay though nobody is as gay as you

  • Sha

    Damn! Once again it’s the pity party for Kanye. WTF?!

    Kanye, face the facts. You alienated a large portion of your “white audience” with that Taylor Swift moment. Get over it. Get on with it.

    Seriously…. If you were contemplating suicide because of this situation, you are hella weaker than I thought.

    I personally think this dude would have benefited more from volunteering at the local soup kitchen or drug abuse facility. Hell, he could have joined the peace corp. At least then he would have some research about VALID REASONS COMMON-FOLK CONTEMPLATE SUICIDE.

    Why doesn’t Kanyeezy just shut the F-ck up? Hell, hire me as your PR rep. I would have you talking more about the art of hip-hop and how you decided to get your favorite producers that influenced you on this album. The artform could use the shine and I’m sure those producers could. I’m and fan and this kills me to say this but…..


    • ignorant

      having the whole world literally hate you sounds like a valid enough reason to kill yourself.
      If dude wants to talk about his life instead of sharing music-related answers to questions that’ll be asked at another interview, i say go ahead. He’d be relating to more people than if he talked about the general art of hip-hop.

      fuck you sha

  • Anonymous

    haters out in full force today

  • Buff Bagwell

    Interviews with Ellen? Songs with rainbow booty ass Elton John?

    If that aint gay I don’t know what is….

    Them damn suits is turning niggas into homo hershey chasers

  • jtm

    this is hilarious.

  • Jstylez

    yeah i guess kanye thinks he has it rough.pffft..just cry away all them tears with your millions..Unlike kanye us niggas have to deal with the same shit but without the money and the fame…lame ass nigga

  • e weezy

    Nah even tho Kanye may got money that may not mean hes happy… shit he lost his mom his grandma and been threw alot, that shit aint easy to handle. ye just needs to come back with this album and he’ll be back on top. gaurnented

  • zayzkidd

    What’s happening to our lil black brothers? Black people never rolled like this. Suicide? WE NEED TO GET BACK TO BLACK.

  • BC

    His beats are still a lot better than most producers in the game. He was just named top producer turned rapper providing critical acclaim for his ability to still compete lyrically. I agree i think he will rise to the top again. For now its Drke, hov, wzy. 123 respectively.

    • Chuck D

      So your saying the best rapper in the game is Drake, maybe you should contemplate suicide.

      • nada


        kill yaself

  • Anonymous

    Is that flowers in the background with a man who needed 2 reach elton john while explainin it on tv. y suicide nigga u rich.. Hey buster fans support him and protect him from comments like mine.

  • ^^ I forgot

    Ellen hmmmm. BC ur opinion is feces

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Just because you have money doesn’t mean your immune to having thoughts of suicide. That’s like a homeless man believing that middle class folks don’t deal with problems because they have more money than them. In fact didn’t Big once say that the more money you get the more problems you recieve. Dude had his fans, enemies, racists, the media, and even the president on his ass for simply stating an opinion that most of us would only have the balls to say behind a screen on the internet. I’m not saying what he said was right but that clearly shows us that Kanye is a dude whose more vocal about his thoughts whether they may be silly or unprofessional. So maybe Kanye wasn’t REALLY serious about killing himself. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t depressed enough to have those ideas float in his mind. People need to remember Kanye is WAY TOO PASSIONATE AND SENSITIVE ABOUT HIS MUSIC AND HIMSELF. And I bet if more artists had half of the amount of passion and determination as Kanye, less wack shit would be released.

  • Rick James

    Good point. More opinions bitches

  • http://icecreamtapes.com mixtapes

    Kanye has been a force in hip hop since 03 . I cannot believe he is doing a track with elton john. I remeber when they made eminem do a song with elton on some awards show early in his career and em was like wtf

    • Chuck D

      I think you might be remembering that wrong, i don’t think anyone made Em do it, and i don’t think Em was like “wtf.” I seem to remember Em being the one who wanted to do the song with Elton, because people were accusing him of being homophobic. Elton is an incredibly successful and accomplished musician, nothing wrong with doing a song with him, having him on the hook or whatever.

      The homophobia displayed in these comments and hip hop as a whole is shameful.

      • Buff Bagwell