Joe Budden Talks Child Support Case, Imminent Shady Deal

Joe Budden doesn’t seem to be all too worried about his appearance on the cover of the The Jersey Journal.

As previously reported, Budden was cited by the paper for owing nearly $13,000 in child support. He responded briefly on Twitter that morning, but spoke with DJ Envy on his Power 105 FM show in New York earlier today (October 26) and elaborated a bit on the situation. “That was horrible,” he said. “Now, the funny part about that is, the day before, it was in the paper. It wasn’t on the cover, [but] it was in the paper. I guess they just felt it was front page-worthy, so they put it back and that was wild. I woke up to a lot of madness that day. They put one of my old addresses out there, which was wild to me.”

Budden also spoke on the continued rumors of a Slaughterhouse to Shady signing, confirming the partnership while saying that nothing was finalized. “We are just about [signed],” he explained. “The great thing about it is that [Eminem] is just so passionate about hip-hop and lyrics and everything that this group is about. Everything that this group was formed around, he is in 200% support of.”

He added that the next Slaughterhouse album will be released in late 2011. Budden’s Mood Muzik 4 mixtape is available now. He will be performing at NYC’s B.B. King Blues Club tonight to celebrate the disc’s release. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Tay Holland

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE Wit that Shady backing is gonna run this game! hahahahaaaa!!

    I wish Royce could sign with Shady as a solo artist. Man he & Em sqaushin their beef is the best thing to happen in hip hop! Think about it, who could fyck with eminem? nobody. Who could could fyck with Nickle 9? nobody. To have those two lyrical gods working together in the same fam. That’d be some spiritual Hip Hop shit right there!

    • Royale

      @Tay Holland, I couldn’t agree more. Those two are the two biggest lyrical powerhouses in hip hop. I dont give a fuck what anyone else thinks, those two together are/would be unstoppable yet again. Street Hop was the best album of last year

      • Blues

        Agree with both of ya.Slaughterhouse on Shady will be crazy.Thats a lyrical group and there is no better place for them than Shady.Fuck,i cant wait for their next album,hopefully it has a couple of EM collabs on it.

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  • Joe Budden

    Y’all can prove the kid’s mine. DNA tests can be faked. JERZ!

  • Q461

    Hell ya waitin on that next Slaughterhouse record.with guest spots from m can’t go wrong……gonna cop that MM4 too…. Good lookin Joey on keepin niggaz updated…. They call it Slaughterhouse for a reason yall

  • sealsaa

    Bum-ass nigga.

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    Only thing on Shady records that ever sold anything on its own merits was GRODT and the second album, the name escapes me for some reason and I’m to lazy to search the “all powerful”. And it can be argued that 50′s success was LARGLY fueled by Eminem and Dr. Dre fans, but I wont argue that point, as I remember 2003 when he dropped and the people actually liked 50….. Unlike SH

    Yea Obie was ok, and I’m sure some of the other lesser knowns who I could not recall if you paid me were alright, but Shady records and all artist outside of 50 were a flop. Please dont mention anything by D-12 we all know any sales and interest can be attributed to Em period.

    So yea, we’ll see if Slaughter House can do number on Shady, outside of being his personal attack dogs for every rapper that throws him a diss, I dont see them selling anymore records or becoming anymore noteworthy than they all ready are, which is minimal at best.

    • swype-matic

      But if you actually listened to D12′s albums, you’d know that they were actually good, especially the first one, and they both sold, regardless of the Em connection or not.

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    They were alright, I cant front and say that D-12 didn’t have a few nice cuts on the first album, and of course Mr. Porter is a beast on the tracks, I mean the man did “Show you how to stunt” and P.I.M.P for Fif, so he’s good in my book. But minus Eminem, I dont believe anyone was clamoring to hear Bizzare talk about how he got raped as a child and how he worships the devil. Their boss Em, does that much much better. So no EM, no album sales for D-12.

    RIP Proof

  • Magnetic

    Can’t say that I care much for Em or Budden, but Ortiz is nice, don’t know much about D12′s catalog outside of their first album which was cool, don’t know much about Royce either but I heard a joint with him and Kuniva on Sirius where them two went ape shit, Royce’s verse was diesel so I’ll fuck with Slaughterhouse on gp

  • yoprince

    did they ask him about joell chiding him for being a deadbeat on twitter?

    SH = 4 punchline rappers slick talking about G-shit they never did, no?

    i don’t deny their talent at rappity ass rapping, but as a group they just stifle each other.

    go solo and learn how to make records people want to listen to more than once.

    • swype-matic

      Sounds like you don’t actually listen to them as a group nor as solo artists. “Rappity ass rapping”??? Sounds like a guy who’s very at home with Waka Flocka or Gucci Mane in his headphones, but is baffled and confused listening to any Lupe, Common, or anything else that takes more comprehension.

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  • Anonymous

    whoa 5’9 is ok…. but crooked i over some dre shit west up

  • Vern Lisk

    Is definitely blogengine better than wp in some manner? Ought to be since it is ever more popluar lately.