Jay-Z Song List Revealed for his Book, ‘Decoded’

Ever since it was announced that Jay-Z would be releasing his memoir, Decoded, that would feature explanations for some of the most discussed songs from his decade-plus career, fans have been awaiting to find out which tracks he would choose. Well the speculation has come to a close today as roc4life.com released the selections Hova will be going in-depth about in his upcoming tome. [See below]

As previously reported, Decoded, will hit stores on November 16. One day before he’ll be reading from the 336-page book at the New York Public Library. He currently has a scavenger hunt going on across the globe for fans to find pages from the book, hidden in special locations linked to the rapper’s past.

In addition to Decoded, Jay is currently working on a full-length collaboration album with Kanye West called, Watch the Throne. —Elan Mancini

Public Service Announcement
American Dreamin’
Early This Morning
Coming of Age
Coming of Age (Da Sequel)
99 Problems
Ignorant Shit
Most Kings
Can I Live?
Big Pimpin’
Streets Is Watching
Operation Corporate Takeover
Moment of Clarity
Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise)
My 1st Song
Young Gifted and Black
Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)
Beware (Jay-Z Remix)
Blue Magic
This Life Forever
Meet The Parents
Where I’m From
Minority Report
Dynasty (Intro)
My President Is Black
This Can’t Be Life
Soon You’ll Understand
Beach Chair
December 4th

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  • http://www.Twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    I’m glad it includes more than just the hits. Some tracks like “This Life Forever” are underappreciated (while many of his maninstream tracks are overappreciated).

  • http://deathbeforetaxes.tumblr.com 1deep

    Any person that would require Jay-Z’s lyrics to be ‘decoded’ in order to understand them fully should be rounded up and exterminated. real talk.

    you ain’t that complicated, bruh.
    [also, we get it; 'jigga' rhymes with 'nigga'. plzzzz stop]

    • nicholasdelorejo

      True but many big things start out small. Imagine if this becomes a big success. Next thing you know artists like Em, Big L, and Nas will get their own versions of “Decoded” and rap lyrics will be taught in universities and colleges. This might be the first step in Rap being truly taken as a serious genre of art.

      • matty21

        rap/hip-hop isnt already truly taken as a serious genre of art? i would argue it is and dis-agree with any1 who thinks it isnt…i think we are there, lots of artists 2day say: it’s not even as much rap n hip-hop nemore, its pop…its definatly crossed over, has had an impact on culture and young people overall for years now, and shitt: pac classes are taught at colleges… yeaa, think it already is taken as a serious genre of art, i mean n fuck how its taken! n what people wanna accept or think, it is a serious genre of art, it just is…and the rebellion factor is partially what makes rap, so fuck em, that is the art lol 4real…and off note, i know jay is trying/wants to progress da game and all that, he loves da game and wants to take it to new heights…dats awesome and i love that, i’m not denying that he really wants 2 do that..and that he already has done that and is doing that to this day, love his mindframe and his sincere care for the state of the game…he will continue to be successfull in doing that(in progressing da game) and he will continue to take it to new places, broaden it, put it on a bigger stage, progress it, and overall make it better…things can always get bigger n better, n things ALWAYS progress, cuz u know how young this rap game really is…but as far as da game being a serious genre of art, definatly is, no question(dats what it is, period)…and as far as it being “taken as” i believe it is, and any1 denying that just doesnt like it, want it, or wanna accept it…we here, its a young natured game, has been here and isnt going anywhere…its in good hands, and is in a GREAT state n place right now on top of that, in my opinion

  • T

    The devil.

  • gaddic

    Doubt that will happen but this is start
    I agree with jay-z doing this despite his lyrics are pretty easil understood

    Pharoahe Monch Nas and canibus need to release something like that!!!
    I don’t even get the first few bars of Nas”U gotta love it’-”Nastradaus ?lic….”

  • http://megagar54@hotmail.com it is what it is…

    decoding “big pimpin”?? wtf?!? these niggas are waaaay 2 arrogant these days… got damn!

    pac had a class at uc berkley ( the really good one, not that berkley collage from late night infomertials lol) on his lyrics like 10 years ago…

    unfortunately, no matter how much we like hip hop and try to make our artists out to be profound, the reality is that 99percent of all hip hop lyrics by nearly every artist (especially jayz) are just shit talking, or clever ways of shit talking.. finding a slick way of saying something doesnt make what you are saying any more profound…

    jay songs fall into a few catagories:
    hustlin, flossin, bragging his ceo power type status, complaining (his new obsession)

    that being said reasonable doubt had some super slick word play detailing the ins and outs of hustling that may not have been obvious if u werent knee deep in the hustler culture/language, but the rest of his shit is way way obvious…. like kanyes “movie” — how obvious was that last line about “your world doesnt accept blah blah” these niggas too obvious these days way too obvious..then have the nerve to be arrogant as fuck lol

  • Tre

    Sounds to me like you’re not too sure what to complain about

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  • troof sekuh

    da illuminati.

  • Delroy Mbofana

    Whoever Buy Jay z Albums, Books, Clothes and his things I feel sorry for you, Jay z is a Satanist Devil worshipper freemason who makes his money by abusing stupid people like you who buy his music and clothes

    go on youtube now and watch exministries
    the truth behind hip hop
    the truth behind hip hop jay z and beyonce
    jay z deception
    on youtube

    I will go and see the jay z deception

    • damion

      you’se a dumb ninja if you believe that jay-z deception stuff. so the illuminati (which doesn’t exist) is letting rappers in??? WOW. Nice! I wanna be down too.

      Dumb ninja. what would they gain from letting Jay in? Why just Jay? What about 50? Puff? Why stop at rappers. Let Bono in too. Cher. Christina Agulera. Justin Timberlake.

      Shyt, the head of the illuminati is Justin Beber.

  • BeerGangsta

    President is Black and Big Pimpin stands out the most!! Everybody heard both of these songs!! J you got a lot of Rappers mad at you. They don’t know how to become a real Bussiness Man!! They Fault LOL!!

  • JY

    i second that damion you da man

  • delly

    its all about d paper y dnt u ppl get it?

  • LM

    cant believe people believe that illuminati bs lol…
    wow…who do i get in…is there a monthly fee…

  • g

    THIS LIFE FOREVER???????? love that shit.. goes so hard.. i also need WISHING ON A STAR and youre only a customer..

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