Harlem World Rapper Dies in Car Crash

Harlem World rapper Huddy Combs, AKA Huddy 6, was killed in a car accident on the George Washington Bridge connecting Manhattan and New Jersey on Wednesday (October 13), according to New York’s Daily News.

The vehicle collided with a truck around 5:20 a.m., closing the westbound upper level of the bridge for over 90 minutes. As of press time the cause of the accident is under investigation, but an official at the Port Authority confirmed the death of the rapper, born Andre Hudson.

Several friends of Combs, an associate of Mase and Cam’ron, took to Twitter today to speak on his unfortunate passing. “Can’t believe that,” Busta Rhymes wrote. “We just lost a good brother, friend and fellow comrade.U.R. already being truly missed! God bless your whole family.”

“R.I.P. Andre Hudson. Aka Hud6 HuddyCombs. Aka MR Harlem!” Ron Browz said.

“Damn it’s a real sad day right now that shit fucked my mind up for real can’t think str8 right now r.i.p huddy,” N.O.R.E. added.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as more on the story unfolds. —Elan Mancini

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  • Antek


    • antek is a hoe

      fuck u


      R.I.P. to a good Friend,he would be missed, The Mayor of Harlem Huddy6……..LINK 2 LINK FOR LIFE! PEACE FAMILY!

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  • Hannibal Cannibal

    Rest in Peace…Huddy Combs! People please some respect for this young brother when you leave your comment.

    • Anonymous

      lol no



    • G.Dope

      thas sum low shit you orangutang clit fidler. your i.p should get banned from XXl. your ass should get stabed 13 times for these 13days in october you lost peice of shit.

  • atlien

    i swear i wish i knew u. u would wish u was never born cocksuckin bastard

  • Anonymous

    r.i.p. huddy

  • Anonymous

    this internet make dweebs into gangstas i see show some respect bastard

  • ghidorah

    rip and all, but damn

    Harlem World Rapper Dies in Car Crash???

    They so lured you in thinking it was Mase or Cam, a little tmz on xxls part

    • CARTEL

      Not only is he from Harlem, but he was also in Mase’s group named HARLEM WORLD…that’s why the headline reads like that…

  • jtm


  • beaver

    R.I.P Huddy.

  • Anonymous

    rip huddy

    & shame on u lil skool kids talking out yo mouths

    go study

  • LEEK

    Hud6 threw me back a few they clap/ but i ate those them shits was Scooby snacks

  • Anonymous

    we in this bitch throwin gang signs maaaaaaaaan

  • Anonymous

    dam these niggas get on this shit with no kinda respect some ruthless mutha fuckas R.I.P

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  • yungsoprano



  • Micah Ferguson

    Hey, I’ma be honest, I’m from the south, so I don’t know this guy. But at the same time, this guy is someone’s dad, uncle, brother, cousin. So I must say R.I.P, do me a favor have a little respect for his family that might read this page…..Don’t speak ill on the dead please…..

  • PowerIBismillah

    R.I.P. to a true Harlem hustler Hud6 aka Huddy Combs. Dude was always smiling & joking & definitely about his paper.

  • Angie

    R.I.P Huddy Combs the good are taken young! I send my condolenses to his family and the whole Harlem World Fam.

  • G.Dope

    Rest.In.Peace. Hubby allways bee rememberd as a G

  • that nigga

    Damn Hud, gone miss you at the Gamblin Spot. R.I.P my nigga.

  • Anonymous


  • iamlegend100

    damn yall sad on here talkin down on a man that lost his life who cant defend himself all yall hating on that man need 2 die a slow horrible death u dead wrong str8 up.

    • Anonymous

      white faggot!

  • http://macjeffrecords.blogspot.com/ Lezzardman

    Rest in Peace Huddy. hope you find paradise at the conclusion of your journey. My prayers go out to your family and much respect given to a talented entertainer taken too soon.

    • Anonymous


  • t7sgh gangstaaaaa

    nigga da luminati wuz behind this nigga my cousin told me nigga no lies nigga that nigga wouldnt make no shit like dat up

    niggas got to realise da gvmt is against the black race an specialy rappaz

    nigga fuk da ilumanati!!!!!!!!!1

    • Crip

      Dumb ass nigga cant even spell illuminati. Shut the fuck up with that shit. Niggas didnt know what illuminati or freemasonry was until this year.

      R.I.P. huddy

      • Blood

        Bitch how racist can you be?


    I met Huddy once back in 2001 at a party. Homey didn’t know me from nowhere but popped bottles with the team and treated people like he knew them for years. Real dude….R.I.P HUD 6!!!!

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