Freestyles & Free Throws: The 2010-2011 NBA Lyrical Breakdown

“You’re on earth in a lemon, I’m on Mars in a Porsche/And it’s a 9-11 like the bahondo of course/I ball, like playing Rajon Rondo in H.O.R.S.E,”Joell Ortiz, “Run This Town”

We’ve always known Joell Ortiz was a dope rapper, but XXL had no idea he was a psychic, too. When this freestyle dropped, the speedy Celtic guard was steadily proving himself on the court every night, leading a team of veterans and, in the process, making some tough shots—runners in the lane, three-pointers to beat the buzzer. But not until last February, during the All-Star break, did we know his true H.O.R.S.E. talents. Rondo hit shots from five feet behind the three-point line, the corner out of bounds and tricky lay-ups before ultimately succumbing to Kevin Durant in a shoot off. Let’s hope Double R put in enough summer work to finally win that elusive H.O.R.S.E. championship during the 2011 All-Star Weekend. Oh, yeah, helping hoist a championship banner in Boston won’t hurt either.

While the light on the sun’ll keep dimming, I’ma keep winning/Rookie of the Year,’bout a Buck, what up B. Jennings?”Joe Budden, “Money’s On Me”

Joey wasn’t the only one who thought Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings was a lock for NBA 2010 Rookie of the Year. While Jennings didn’t end up winning the R.O.Y. award—he came in third in the voting—he did have a solid case: he was the starting point guard on a playoff team, while the two guards that beat him out, Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry, were on two of the five worst teams in the NBA (they both did put up some ridiculous numbers, though). Still, look for B. Jennings to raise his 15.5 points and 5.7 assist per game total and once again lead the Bucks to the NBA post-season. T. Evans and Stephen Curry? Well, they will most likely be taking an early vacation while the NBA’s elite play in this season’s playoffs.

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  • t money

    I stay in New York, but never was the fan of the Knicks. -Big L

  • El Tico Loco

    Jay vs Joe Budden “pump it up freestyle”


    “Maybe I’m not the Mike Jordan of the mic recordings/Hovi you Kobe maybe you Tracy McGrady/ matter of fact you a Harold Miner/JR Ryder washed up on marijuana/ Even worse you a Purvis Ellis/ you worthless/ fella you ain’t no athlete ya Shawn Bradley”.


    “you a Tyus Edny/ I’m a standout like yao ming/ I’m what’s sparkin now/ like fallback Shaq/ I’m starting(er) now/ boys poppin it/ toys poppin spit/ I’m not from these parts I’m Stojakovic/ let me hear your man say I’m the Jordan of rappin/ he’s gettin fatigued girly his scorin is lackin/ his legacy is ruined and you don’t want that/ so pretty much learn from him don’t come back”

    • Fuerte

      For Joe Budden’s lyrics, it is “I’m starting now,” referencing the All-Star Game when Yao got all those votes from China to start the game, rather than Shaq.