Eminem Reconnects With Rihanna for “Love the Way You Lie 2”

Looks like Eminem will be reuniting with Rihanna for a song on her upcoming album.

Justjared.com has confirmed that the pop singer will include a sequel to Em’s chart-topping and platinum selling single “Love the Way you Lie” from his last album, Recovery, on her fifth solo LP, Loud, hitting stores on November 16.

When we contacted his publicist, Alex Da Kid, the producer of the cut, declined to comment to XXLMag.com on the track.

Late last week the Def Jam artist’s collaboration with Drake, “What’s My Name” leaked. Drizzy’s fellow Young Money label mate Nicki Minaj is also set to appear on the disc on the track, “Raining Men.” —Nicki Nahmeanez

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  • King

    More cracker propoganda. SMH

    • Boca

      Damn nicca u quick with da comments huh? lol

  • [-.-]

    nigga my dick reconnects with rihannas pussy in love the way you take pipe 2

    thats on allah niggazzzz

  • Chris Brown

    My fist reconnects with her face if she goes anywhere near that whiteboy again!

  • says

    lmao yall niggas is comedy central

  • Anonymous


  • Sha

    Ok. He will get the Grammies. MTV awards. ETC.

    Why rehash a song like this? Why not go to volunteer at a clinic for abused women?

    Funny how everyone is dick riding on Em and Domestic violence. Did yall forget he killed his baby’s mom over 7 different times in his albums? What about raping his mom?

    Eminem fans are some sick cats. I admire his skill on the mic. But his personal life? There is nothing about this dude I like. He’s a sick fuck.

    • Shady

      He’s not serious when he says stuff like that in his songs. He says it to make people like you mad.

    • Anonymous

      fuck nigga hy spend time bitching on the internet when you could be volunteering? hypocrit ass nigga

      • diskid


    • james


      You think everyone that’s slangin’ and killing is really doing it!?

      Because really hoods do it in silence, and don’t confess on stereo.

      Rakim, Wayne, Kanye and a ton of other cats in the game have said and it’s true. He’s hands down the greatest of all time.

    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

      yo Sha…

      I thought it was about the music…why are you concerned about his personal life? NOBODY is perfect…

      • Sha

        @Don mcCaine….

        You know, I thought about that. But then it occurred to me. Most of you guys jumped on T.I. when he was speaking to kids about staying away from drugs…. and then he got caught with drugs in his ride after getting a break from the justice system. I didn’t hear none of yall talking about “THE MUSIC” when T.I. got additional time. Yall were calling him dumb, stupid, jackass, and any other name you could (I did too).

        But with Eminem, all of the fans want to completely ignore the fact that this dude is a seriously sick person. He made a song about bullying and domestic abuse. So what? It doesn’t erase the fact that he did that other stuff…. He gets no pass from me. I call him out just as I did with T.I. It’s called KEEPING IT REAL.

        What dudes really need to understand is that there are no double standards to this shit called “Hip-Hop”. Call out T.I. for being stupid, you’d better call out Eminem and a host of others.

        I appreciate your position Don mcCaine aka $yk, but please…. be fair. Why is Eminem different than T.I.? In my opinion, he’s just as fucked up. Maybe more.

        • ?

          Eminem has rapped about killing his baby moms…keyword RAPPED. Did he go out there and actually do it? NO. Did he actually go tie her in the car and dump her body in the woods? NO. Its called fiction…poetic license. Learn how to seperate the fiction from reality. What other stuff has he done that he gets a pass for? Please let me know…The only thing Eminem has rapped about and actually dont is pistol whip his ex wife’s jumpoff and do a shitload of drugs. He and Kim both used to fight each other [[which doesnt make it right, but he wasnt beating the shytt outta her]]. Please know what you’re talking about before you jump on him.

        • Sha

          At ?……

          Ok. Random cats are speaking so let me go ahead and SHOOT HOLES IN YOUR THEORY TOO.

          First….. EMINEM HAS BEEN ARRESTED. Yes. He got arrested three times. Once for gun charges (same as T.I. although not to the same extreme)for carrying a concealed weapon, he also got arrested for brandishing a gun at Insane Clown Posse, and he also got a charge for fighting with some dude that was kissing his girl.

          I won’t even get into his admitted drug use (like T.I. too). Yep. Eminem admitted it.

          Before you get on this website talking your nonsense, do the knowledge. Your lily-white do-no-wrong Eminem is not above the fray. He and T.I. could be cell mates.

        • ?

          You’re an asshole because you havent adressed my question. YES we are all very well aware of his drug abuse. YES we are all very well aware of his assault cases. How does that make us sick fans? He hasnt really dont anything out of the ordinary. Your complaint was that her raps about killing his baby moms and raping his mother. HAS HE ACTUALLY DONE ANY OF THAT? No, so your argument is invalid. Do the knowledge? How does one “do the knowledge”? Enlighten me…

        • ?

          Okay I see xxl doesnt wanna post my comment. Firstly I never stated that he’d never been arrested and you have still failed to address my question. YES we are all very well aware of his drug abuse. YES we are also aware of his assault charges. However, your complaint was about him rapping about killing his baby mom and raping his mother, which to my knowledge HE HAS NEVER ACTUALLY DONE. So, your argument is still invalid. And how does one “do the knowledge”? Enlighten me on your nonsensical statment….

    • Anonymous

      Fans always make excuses for Eminem, I agree that Eminem’s fans are the sickest people on earth. I listen to death metal as well as hip hop and they don’t say the shit he says and they are suppose to be the sick fuck. You can only watch because you can’t force people to think, the only thing they’ll do is respond childish comments with no merit. Don’t forget he has a song about getting raped by his father and enjoying it.

      • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

        but do you care about your fave band’s personal life? your fave actor/actress? sports athlete? model chick? Or do you care whether they are good in their craft or not.

        I bet they ALL do sh^t you wouldn’t like.

        and it’s amazing how cats are going in on Em, but it’s for Rihanna’s album. maybe she wanted to do another one?

        • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

          And the thing is Sha, I don’t care about their personal lives. Never did, never will.

          Em has some marbles loose in his noodle, TI can’t stay outta the penal system, 50 talks massive ca-ca, Nas done smoked half of his brain matter away, ALL these dudes are crazy.



          The mgr of your bank may be the biggest fiend after work, but so long as he makes sure that those accounts ain’t fUx up, he’s gonna keep that spot, right? Because he does a good job.

          Angelina Jolie is allegedly a “superhoe”. Do I care when I see her in a movie? She adopted kids. Groovy, but still, so what?

          Look at these athlete dudes, who work around kids and do heavy charity movements, then catch DUI’s like cavities. Them suspensions ain’t sh^t, more money is made @ the gate when they return.

          Do you see where I’m standing? If we started counting cats’ flaws, ain’t gonna be anyone left standing. Let’s talk about the music, if it’s good or not, how well they perform their jobs.

          They are ALL music employees.

        • Sha

          @Don mcCaine….

          I see your point $yk. But you need to keep it a little more even keeled. You can’t comment on one rapper’s situation and personal life and think Eminem deserves to be left alone. That’s B.S. Fan or not. If you come on this website (which most of us do) to comment on the latest news, it is usually concerning the rapper’s personal life.

          I have commented. And I saw your comments. You have commented.

          And to say that the Rapper’s personal life isn’t attached to their lyrics is a silly argument. What about Rush Limbaugh? He straight says shit to hurt tons of people every day. But I seriously doubt he is like that behind closed doors. It’s about a paycheck. But that doesn’t erase the damage his words cause.

          Yeah. I feel you in that most superstars do dirt. But being in the glass bowl of entertainment was a choice. Eminem could have remained in a detroit factory. Nobody told him to become a world superstar. Good or bad, public scrutiny is part of the deal.

          I call out everyone. Nas is my favorite rapper. But you can quote me on this…. IF HE DOES SOMETHING STUPID OR BEHAVES STUPID IN HIS PERSONAL LIFE, I WILL CALL HIM OUT ON IT.

          You and I see eye to eye on a lot of stuff, $yk. But we differ too on a few things. And that’s cool. As long as there’s mutual respect. And I believe there is….


        Naw sickest fans onearth go out to death metal and black metal fans, you obviously dont listen to half the shit they sing about. Most of the shit Em says is tongue and cheek, though sick at times it is for amusement. Black metal and Death metal says the shit in seriousness.

    • http://www.theKONGLIST.com wwwtheKONGLISTcom

      Eminem’s raps can be considered SHOCK RAP…in other words, he’s spittin’ super-sarcastic rhymes to make you laugh or shock the audience…you know how Gravedigger’s were HORROR/SHOCK RAP…so please do your research before writing ignorant comments.


        ^^^ I couldnt have put it better myself

        • Sha

          Ok…. Explain the difference between what Eminem does and what Rush Limbaugh does. They are both entertainers. They both know the value of “shock” to their pockets. Rush Limbaugh says stuff to hurt minorities. But in the end he paid Elton John to sing at his wedding. So he isn’t the person he portrays on his radio station.

          But are you REALLY trying to tell me he hasn’t hurt black people? Hispanic people? Yeah, he says stuff for a dollar, but that stuff is very hurtful to innocent people.

          Eminem isn’t any different. How many times did he kill Kim? You think she wasn’t hurt? What about raping his mom? You think his mom wasn’t hurt? What about his ex black girlfriend that he called the “n” word in one of his rhymes. You think she wasn’t hurt? Do you really think his daughter won’t be hurt after she gets old and learns about what he said about her mother?

          Eminem = Rush Limbaugh according to you dudes.

          In my opinion, if you take up for Eminem and try to devalue his lyrics as though they are just jokes, you have to do the same with Rush Limbaugh.

          And in my opinion, if any of you dudes co-sign the bullshit that Rush Limbaugh pushes, you are straight jerks and assholes.

        • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

          I see you Sha…

          Of course we’re gonna discuss TI’s jail blotter, it’s news that’s posted for discussion. He screwed up, but he’s still a talented songwriter.

          But this post wasn’t about Em’s personal life. It’s about a music collab. Where does his personal life fit in to this? Y’all are talking alot of stuff about Em I don’t know about. Guess why I don’t know. That should quell the “I’m taking up for Em” noise.

          Like when the Nas situation came up, remember I said what does his personal life have to do with his business with Def Jam? The world knows about his CS case, but that doesn’t factor in to his music (do you have DR? Good album BTW).

          With ‘Ye, notice how I didn’t comment under that suicide stuff. These GOOD weekends have been banging in the car.

          And I just noticed, Em has sold close to 4 mil records in a calendar year (Relapse, Refill, Recovery). I ain’t mad at that accomplishment.

  • Chris Brown






  • Blues

    Sounds like a good idea.Cant wait to hear it

  • Chrissy Corey

    Em better watch out,next thing u know she goin b on barbara walters talking bout “em had no soul in his eyes”..FUCKIN BITCH


  • matreiya

    Yet another mediocre song….


    M&m dont get money nigga Im a bawluh!!!!!!!!!

  • Q461

    Not feelin the sequel trend. First albums now songs… This ain’t a movie dog!

    Em should just do a feature on her record as a return the favor type deal, new concept and shit. Just Sayin.

    • diskid

      YES! I agree with you on that one!

      Don’t fix what isn’t broken, leave Love The Way You Lie alone! haha

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  • cp

    they aint naming it love the way you lie 2…

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  • http://freshflyfuture.com he who wins

    dont do it… it must be a reason that there’s no Stan 2

  • Jim

    you guys are all assholes for judging eminem’s personal life. All u guys get are stuff from the news. You actually have to know a guy in person to know his true character. Yea eminem has song’s about raping his wife, but he also has sentimentally realistic songs about his love for his daughter such as in when im gone or in mockingbird. But is the guy truly a good or bad person? Nowadays people have become too attached to celebritys when in reality they are humans just like you, it’s just that they get publicity for WHAT they do. Would you judge a guy by his facebook statuses without knowing him in person? That’s what i think this is like, you don’t know the guy AT ALL so why is this even worth argueing….