[Day 3] Kodak Presents the XXL/Drake Scavenger Hunt

Drake has hooked up with Kodak and XXLMag.com to giveaway five Kodak Easyshare M590 cameras. The M590 is the world’s thinnest 5X optical zoom digital camera. It easily uploads to your favorite social networks, features HD picture and video capture and retails for $199.95.

XXLMag.com will be giving away five of the Easyshare M590 scavenger hunt style. In order to win the camera, fans will be given a list of 10 items that they must take a picture with and then send to XXL@harris-pub.com by Monday, November 1. Each photo is worth a specified point total; the five contestants who submit their pictures first and have accumulated the highest point total will win.
(Please refer to contest rules at the end of this article for clarification).

Check XXLMag.com every day this week for an updated list of the scavenger hunt items and their assigned point totals.

Items for Wednesday, October 27, 2010 are:
Picture of you with Drake’s So Far Gone Retail EP (2 points)
Picture of you with a poster of Drizzy (4 points)

Fans looking to catch up can visit here for yesterday’s items.

Check back tomorrow for two more scavenger hunt items. —XXL Staff

Contest Rules:
1. All submissions must be sent to XXL@harris-pub.com with “Kodak Contest” in the subject line.
2. The contestant must appear in every photo submitted to verify authenticity.
3. The contestant must submit all of their photos in one, single email along with their home address. Multiple email submissions will not be counted.
4. All submissions must be received by Monday, November 1, 2010.
5. At the end of the contest, the first five constants to send in their pictures and achieve the highest point totals will win.

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  • ChantelNicole

    Thanks for the update (: I’m on it.

  • mary

    Hi !! What is an EP?

  • kat

    EP basically means you brought it from a retail store

    • Mary

      Thank YOU!

  • jasmine

    waitttttttttttt do you send them in daily or do you send all the pictures at oncee in one email at the end of the contest???

  • Jess

    can you please please please let me know where to find the So Far Gone Retail EP in Toronto? ive been looking around for forever, and cant find it anywhere!